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Tech Devil

Developer: Komisari Patreon - Discord - Itch.io
Version: 0.1.1 Build 1
Release Date: 2020-05-30
Last Updated: 2020-06-03
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, Spanish
3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Ahegao, Big tits, Handjob, Harem, Masturbation, Milf, Oral sex, Spanking, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Dating sim, Fantasy, Humor, PoV, Romance, Sandbox

In Hero's Harem Guild you're a simple poor guy who becomes a community hero for surviving a powerful demon attack. You'll lead a Guild full of beautiful adventurers willing to work, train and fight for you. Upgrade the Guild, repair the town, seek new members, build relationships, and complete quests in this RPG-themed world to unlock fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes.

v0.1.1 Beta
  • Removed Kami
  • Added 8 new characters to the story
  • Added 7 new girls to unlock.
  • Added 79 new events
  • Disabled the power-save feature that was enabled by default This made the game laggy for some.
  • Removed the CLEAR GUI text style (No name with dialogue in color representing speaker):
  • Now you’ll always see the speaker’s name with white dialogue.
  • CLEAR GUI and BLACK GUI now only DISABLES/ENABLES the black background on dialogue.
  • Now there’s no auto-change between BLACK GUI and CLEAR GUI when you have CLEAR GUI selected and the scene involves a new character.
  • Arrows will be used to move between places, instead of “invisible”, clickable walls. Except for doors.
  • Cinematic Mode:
  • The cinematic mode will trigger automatically. It only works in 1 event, so far.
  • While in cinematic mode, you CAN’T skip or click to continue. (You can rollback. The rollback will lead to the start of the “cinematic”.)
  • This is made to have an “anime” effect in some events, making the music go together with the scenes/effects to give more… impact on the scene?
  • It desynchronizes the audio a little if the user pauses. If people like this feature, I’ll try to fix this.
  • This is a test. If needed, it will be deleted completely or implemented as an optional feature. (It will be determined during pre-release, for sure.)
  • Jimmy:
  • You can talk to him at the entrance of the market now.
  • Every time you interact with him, he will talk about recent events, if possible. He will give you advice and pointers that may help you… Or maybe you’ll learn more about the world you live in.
  • Added 13 different dialogues.
  • Inventory:
  • Added 20+ Items
  • 27 slots -> Unlimited
  • You can scroll now.
  • Items now properly stack
  • 3 maximum popups -> Unlimited popups.
  • Girls:
  • Quick View:
  • You can now enable/disable the quick view feature from the girl’s cards, right-clicking the image to enable/disable it and right-clicking the quick view to disable it.
  • The design was changed completely.
  • If you hover the mouse over you can see the affection needed per level, and if the affection goal was reached, you’ll see the TIP of the girl.
  • Affection:
  • Little tweaks in the affection levels, here are some examples:
  • To level up from 4 to 5 -> 4 affection needed
  • To level up from 7 to 8 -> 6 affection needed
  • To level up from 12 to 13 -> 9 affection needed
  • To level up from 17 to 18 -> 14 affection needed
  • tldr; First levels need less affection.
  • After 5th level of Lucy, you’ll gain x2 affection when you spend time. This is made to make the game less grindy and simulate the other ways to get affection that are not implemented in the game yet.
  • Rates may change in v0.1.2
  • Lucy:
  • From level 3 to level 10
  • Added 8 events
  • 2 new gallery scenes
  • Little tweak to her card background.
  • She was the winner of the Girl Content Poll; She didn’t receive more events/levels but the events last longer than other girls’.
  • Fara:
  • From level 5 to level 10
  • Added 6 events
  • 2 new gallery scenes
  • She was the winner of the Girl Content Poll; She didn’t receive more events/levels but the events last longer than other girls’.
  • Added an option to sleep with her instead of performing fellatio during the tradition. Manners make man.
  • Luna:
  • From level 4 to level 10
  • 6 new events
  • 2 new gallery scenes
  • New Card thumbnail and background.
  • “Human” ears removed. And now the fur color of her cat ears is like Lucy’s hair, just as Lucy stated. Rework of her v0.1.0 events will be done later!
  • Shino:
  • From level 4 to level 10
  • 6 new events
  • 1 new gallery scene
  • Rebecca:
  • From level 3 to level 10.
  • Level 3 changed. You’ll start from level 2.
  • Added 7 new events.
  • 1 gallery scene.

  • *Reworked* Evie:
    • Evie got a complete rework.
    • From level 0 to level 10.
    • 13 new events.
    • She’s one of the main girls.
    • 2 gallery scenes.
    • New card and card background
    • You will unlock Evie after Luna and Shino.
  • *Reworked* Sunny:
  • Sunny is back, but has seen some changes.
  • 6 levels and 8 new events
  • 1 gallery scene
  • New card and card background
  • You’ll find her mostly on the beach.
  • You’ll need her to be level 6 to unlock the end of the prologue.
  • *New* Maria:
  • You’ll be able to level Maria up to 5.
  • She’ll be mining during the day and tends her shop in the evening.
  • To unlock her, you have to get level 5 with all guild girls and Rebecca.
  • Both her “talk” and “shop” animations will be done later, together with all of the girls.
  • *New* Elizabeth:
  • You’ll be able to level Elizabeth up to level 1.
  • To unlock her, you have to progress on quest “Prologue”.
  • She’s doesn’t do much all day, and doesn’t appear in evening, night and midnight. (This is because in v0.1.2 all girl positions and how positions work will be reworked.)
  • *New* Leticia:
  • You’ll be able to level Leticia up to level 2.
  • To unlock her, you have to progress on quest “Prologue”.
  • She’s doesn’t do much all day, and doesn’t appear in evening, night and midnight. (This is because in v0.1.2 all girl positions and how positions work will be reworked.)
  • *New* Ari:
  • You’ll be able to level Ari up to level 2.
  • To unlock her, you have to progress on quest “Prologue”.
  • She’s doesn’t do much all day, and doesn’t appear in evening, night and midnight. (This is because in v0.1.2 all girl positions and how positions work will be reworked.)
  • *New* Narissa
  • The Fisher:
  • You will meet her the first time you go to the market.
  • Yeah, she has a name now.
  • She will be at the lake all day. You can ask her about fishing.
  • She will be a card in future updates, and you’ll be able to unlock her after the prologue.
  • *New* The Fish Vendor:
  • You will meet her the first time you go to the market.
  • She will be at the market all day. You can sell fish and buy baits and hooks in her shop.
  • You will need to buy the fishing rod from her.
  • *New* The Clothier:
  • You will meet her the first time you enter her shop.
  • She will be at the market only during the day. You will be able to buy/craft outfits from her in the future.
  • She will be a card in future updates, and you’ll be able to unlock her after the prologue.
  • And others...
  • Locations:
    • *New* Beach:
      • The beach is now available! With 6 different locations to discover.
      • Random girls will appear minding their own business! You can’t interact with them, yet.
      • But you can watch them… (Editor Note – Can you hear the sirens, too?)
  • *New* Ruins:
    • You’ll be able to unlock the ruins after buying a canoe from Maria.
    • There are 7 different locations in total, in which 4 of them you can mine.
    • And other stuff…
  • *New* Witch Shop:
    • Will be unlocked after you meet Leticia, again.
  • Market:
    • Added 5 extra locations to the market, including The Park.
    • Moved some props for future use.
    • Bar closed, for now! (Editor Note – Time to sober up, gentlemen!)
  • Town Stairs:
    • Added 2 extra locations.
  • Bicycle Parking:
    • Tweaked the background…
  • Player Activities:
    • *Reworked* Fishing:
      • It was changed completely.
      • Now you must reel to catch a fish, you have X time to do so.
      • Every time you fail to catch a fish, time passes and you need to wait to a couple of seconds. If you catch it, less time passes and you start fishing again automatically.
      • There are 3 values: Auto-Fishing, Reeling and Time.
      • Auto-Fishing is how fast you catch a fish without reeling.
      • Reeling is how fast you catch a fish every full reel.
      • Time is how many seconds you have, to catch a fish.
      • Both can be upgraded by buying baits, hooks and buoys at the shop. (This will be replaced by perks later.)
  • *New* Mining:
    • To mine in caves, you’ll need to buy a pickaxe from Maria.
    • Everyday random ores spawn in the cave. You’ll have to select the ore and start clicking at it.
    • Every pickaxe has their own durability and damage.
    • Every time you click, time slowly passes. You get resources while mining and after breaking the ores.
  • *New* Shops:
    • Added 3 shops to the game.
    • You can buy, sell and *craft items there.
    • Every merchant will have a limited amount of money, but it will replenish bit by bit everyday.
  • Fishing Shop:
    • You will be able to buy the fishing rod, fish, hooks, baits and buoys there.
    • It’s the only place where you can sell fish.
    • *In the future, you’ll be able to craft consumables for your adventurers, helpers, or you to raise their fishing skill.
  • Ores Shop:
    • You will be able to buy ores and pickaxes there.
    • It’s the only place where you can sell ores.
    • *In the future, you’ll be able to craft Ingots or better pickaxes for your adventurers, helpers, or you to raise their mining skill.
  • Clothing Shop:
    • You will be able to buy most quest items here.
    • It’s the only place where you can sell Amianite.
    • *In the future, you’ll be able to craft/buy outfits for your girls, to raise their sex-appeal. kappa
* = Further updates.
  • Quests:
    • “Chapter 1”:
    • Now changed to “Prologue”
    • You will unlock the quest after the second dream.
    • You will unlock 5 new girls by the end of this quest.
  • “A Room For An Elf”:
    • The quest is not in development anymore.
    • You get a new guild location and a new gallery scene by completing the quest.
  • “Where’s Jiro?”:
    • Deleted.
  • “Where’s Jimmy?”:
    • Changed completely.
    • 6 steps to be completed.
  • “Guild Update”:
    • Now you need to travel to the library to complete this quest.
    • Added a really long description of what you need to do to reach the library… Very long…
  • “The Quintuplets”:
    • Now is completed after you meet them.
  • 1 new quest.
  • Cheat Codes:
    • For now, there are only 2 cheat codes. One to always have max affection with every girl and the other to get 10 gold.
    • Whenever stuff like perks, levels and etc. are added, more cheat codes will too.
  • Guild Board (Girl’s work):
    • Now you will get more money per request. But girls gets tired. Every day they consecutively work, will give you half the money of the previous day.
    • Take care of your waifus and go get some money by yourself >:c
  • Discord:
    • Now whenever you start the game, discord will show that you’re playing the game.
    • Maybe you don’t give a fuck, but I am very excited about this for some reason.
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • The ambient sounds were still playing when opening the map.
    • Whenever you load a save you get random pop-ups.
    • Lucy’s second event triggers anytime, not only during the afternoon, like it is supposed to be.
    • Rebecca’s first event triggers even if you don’t unlock her card.
    • If you wait in the bathroom before a girl enters, you get kicked out of the room with a black screen.
    • The popup events trigger randomly.
    • When you name your character in advanced options and you leave the name by which people call you blank, it won't stay as "Zack" and will go blank.
    • Whenever you click an item, their “tooltip” appears behind the characters on-screen.
    • Gallery scroll value remains the same when switching girls.
    • Evie is not cute enough to be alive. (Editor Note – She has successfully been silenced.)
  • Small, insignificant changes:
    • When a quest is new/updated and you open the quest menu, that quest will be selected automatically.
    • Now the quests are optimized for translation.
    • Now morning events triggers after a “dream”.
    • Changed some dialogues and scenes of the Demon God to make her look a lot less… Evil. (I mean, someone has to “do the deed” some day.)
    • Now the quest rewards show the unlocked girl after you unlock her and not her black template.
    • Now every event’s music won’t change that fast when ending an event. This is made to keep the “atmosphere” and not to change drastically.
    • Changed affection pop-ups outlines
    • Whenever the door is broken by the Quintuplets, the MC says that he can enter, even if the door is broken. This is made for the players to know they can enter and they don't need to fix the door.
    • Some events now stay with the “menu” on.
    • Fixed the Gallery Thumbnails. They should look good now.
    • You can fast access the quest from the girl’s tip screen if a quest is mentioned and the quest is unlocked.
    • Added an icon to fast travel to your room from the map.
    • You can now skip the tutorial if you already completed it before. (Skipping the tutorial will lead you to after having met Lucy.)
    • Added a dynamic “description” for some items. (The description changes while the story progresses)
    • Added some QoL features to the gallery.
    • Added arrows to the guild map, literally the third search result for HHG in google was how to reach the library. (Editor Note – … and I bet that people will still keep on asking.)
    • Changed description of Fara’s levels, the second search result of HHG in google was about how to get Fara’s wednesday event.
    • Added more than 30 background music themes. And remastered some others.
Remember: This update is NOT a CONTENT update. It’s a solid update ready to ADD content. v0.0.1 was the demo. This is technically the first version of the game!


This game is REWORKED! It will crash instantly!

First Game and Main Menu:
  • You’ll now have an intro when you first enter the game. You’ll see this intro only 1 time. Doesn’t matter how many saved games you have.
  • The main menu was changed. Showing all 12 girls.
  • And a beautiful button for patreon added uwu
  • Added a confirmation screen whenever you try to exit the game. With links to patreon, discord, and itch.io.
  • Added a presplash
  • Reworked completely the prologue. Adding 2 new characters.
  • Removed the “Blur” effect from the prologue.
  • Added sounds and effects!
  • Now the game gives you a tutorial whenever you unlock something.
Black Gui and Clear Gui:
  • You now have the option to use the clear guy or the black guy.
  • You can change this easily in the options menu.
  • BLACK GUI: A line cuts the screen, showing a white dialogue with the name of the character talking in the upper middle. All characters have white dialogue. This screen is shown in every scene.
  • CLEAR GUI: No line cuts the screen. No name is shown and the characters has color names representing the character himself. When a new character is on the event, it switches automatically to black gui.
The inventory system:
  • No longer works just for quests
  • The inventory disappears automatically if another action is done
  • From 3 slots to 27.
  • Items now have name, description, type, and rarity.
  • You can now USE the item when clicking them.
  • The inventory sorts automatically according to type and rarity. It follows this order: Quests, Tools, Items(Legendary,Epic,Rare,Uncommon and Common)
  • Currency now appears in the inventory
  • Added animation and sound to the open/close inventory action
  • Added animation(popups) and sound when you get an item.
  • Added animation and sound when you get money.
  • Added sound when you use money.
The Quest System:
  • Now every quest have is own background and icon!
  • You can see detailed information about what’s your actual objective, together with a description of what happens or what you need to do.
  • You can now see the rewards of that quest.
  • Quest in developments appears as “QUEST IN DEVELOPMENT” only when you reach the developed objective.
  • The quests don’t sort automatically, but you can disable/enable: Completed quests, locked quests, and quest in development.
  • Added a notification on the quest icon when you update a quest.
  • Added animations(pop-ups) and sounds when you discover a new quest, complete a quest and complete an objective.
The clock:
  • The clock is completely new. You can see clearly what day is, what weekday, the time you’re actually (Morning,Noon,Etc.) with both a picture and text. You can lock/unlock the text clicking the picture.
  • Added a WATCH to pass time in the place. Hurray!
  • Changed completely where the arrows are.
  • When you’re inside the guild, a bedroom button appears. Teletransports you to your bedroom. Leaving your vital organs in disrepair
  • When you’re in your bedroom, a Contract button appears. It teletransports you to the board. With the same miserable destiny.
  • GUILD MAP -> You can now buy a Guild Map from the Quintuplets to fast travel in the guild and access new zones!
  • Added a new zone: The Library, you can access it only if you have the guild map.
Map and zones:
  • Changed map, it now has trees! ♥
  • Added a new explorable zone: Lake, you can fish there.
  • The old market was completely deleted.
  • Added a new market with 5 new zones inside. (For now, obviously)
  • Added a bar :)
  • Added a fishing post. You can sell the fish you get on the basket.
  • More easy and simple to understand.
  • You don’t receive the coins automatically every morning. They keep saved on the board. Go and claim it!
  • Lucy is not an Adventurer anymore.
  • Luna and Evie are the only ones capable of making contracts
  • You can fish to get money in the early game.
  • You can sell the fish on the market.
  • Yes. You can skip that 4 seconds sequence if you hold CTRL while clicking the rod. You’re welcome
Girls system and cards:
  • Now every girl has levels! Starting at level 0! Every level is one event.
  • Affection is the same as EXP. You need affection to level up the girls. You can get affection passing time with them.
  • When you reach the necessary affection, you need to wait one day to unlock THE TIP and being able to see the event and level the girl.
  • Added animation and sounds when you meet girls! It is like catching pokemon, but with waifus.
  • Added animation(popup) and sounds when you level up a character.
  • Now scenes that implies multiple characters give you affection. For example, In an event when you level up Shino, you get affection with Fara.
  • Cards suffered a complete and beautiful rework. Completely animated cards with some info about the character, a circular bar of exp, and two new options;
  • You can activate Quick View from a girl's cards to see her progress in the top right corner of the screen. If you touch that icon, the card of the girl opens.
  • You can add girls to favorites. The girls in favorite will be on top of the Quick View and the Cards List
  • It’s easy af to get affection. For now.
- Changed Evie's dialogue size from 25 to 30. (Normal characters have 33)
- Changed Shino’s color name to represent her hair, not her clothes.
- Added the “Kami” Character. Represents the developer and tells you whenever one zone or feature is being “built”!
- Added some new characters that will join the Harem :)

  • Ari and Leticia were completely reworked.
  • Elizabeth had some small changes.
  • Sunny was disabled in this version due to a big change to her. She looked a lot like Zara, from Azur Lane. She’ll be available in the next updates.
  • Maria, Narissa, Leticia, Ari, and Elizabeth are not available due to lack of time and problems in pc performance. I’ll buy a pc really soon. They will be available soon.
  • Disabled future events of Fara-Luna and Evie-Lucy. They will be back when needed in the future! No more future events!
  • Evie only can join the guild and work.
  • Lucy Max Lvl = 3
  • Rebecca Max Lvl = 3
  • Fara Max Lvl = 5
  • Luna Max Lvl = 4
ADDED SPANISH LANGUAGE. It's in beta. So it has some bugs.


Changelog v0.1.0 BETA -> v0.1.0 BETA 1x
  • Tweaked some writing errors.
  • Fixed the map bug when you're in *Bicycle Parking* and *The Bar*.
  • Fixed Rebecca's "Talk" option crash.
  • Fixed the crash when you open Sunny's Quest
  • Fixed the crash when you try to enter Rebecca's room after finding Jimmy.
  • Now you can't fish while the map is open.
  • Translated correctly most of the game, except the map icons.
  • Fixed all(or most) typos error.
  • When you use an item, the popup appears in spanish now.
  • You can open/close the inventory with the "E" key.
  • If you have a fishing rod while having the inventory opened, you can use it with the " 1 " key.
  • Added a little mouse icon in the Guild Map which shows that it can be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
Changelog v0.1.0 BETA 1x -> v0.1.0 PRE-RELEASE
  • Tweaked some writing errors.
  • Fixed a bug where the board rewards per contract were at the same position when you take one contract. They now display correctly
  • Fixed a bug when you click the contract icon in the bedroom. No “Rooms” zone event activates! Now even you teleport yourself to the board, if a event is available in the ladder, it will happen.
  • Fixed the Quest 10, now it should unlock properly.
  • Changed the game menu style background.
  • In the prologue, you can now access the map while in the back of the house. Some people were confused about it.
  • Changed ALL screens and GUI to the game to make it easy to translate! ♥
  • Added the archer contract.
  • Added mouse style. (An option to disable this will be implemented in the future)
  • Added a new gallery.
  • You can’t access the gallery from the main menu, it has to be from a save.
  • You see all the replay options. If they are locked, they will be blurred.
  • You can sort that replay scenes using the girl’s menu below.
  • Optimized so users that played the BETA will get their scenes unlocked automatically.
Changelog v0.1.0 PRE-RELEASE -> v0.1.0 PUBLIC
  • Tweaked some writing errors.
  • Rebecca and Shino name now are displayed correctly.
  • Now is more clearly when there’s no content left.
  • Changed the game icon for something more… God Like.
  • Changed card background.
  • Changed card background.
  • Changed card thumbnail and color name.
  • Changed card background.
  • Changed card thumbnail.

Developer Notes:
Sorry to everyone.

BETA is what the name says, a BETA, and it's obvious that It'll have some bugs and errors. Despite my warnings, the game got leaked anyway. So I'm rushing in making quick-fixes and this is not the best way or platform to do it. And on top of the cherry, I have to wait a lot of time every time I do a fix and pack it.

Just for everyone to know, there's a continuity error and you're able to meet Evie(The pink-haired girl) before the others, and in her events, you see the people that you maybe don't even know yet. That's not how it is meant to be.

I don't mind if my content gets leaked as long as everyone has a polished and good update to play.
I love this game, and I want everyone to play it, but not this way, this gives a really bad first impression. And it's not what I'm looking for.

Next time, please, take into consideration this, I don't want to be like crazy and anxious all day because I need to do fast as f fixes for everyone and knowing than most of them will just close the game the moment they got 2 errors. Not because I want you to go and pledge 20$ and make me rich. It's because this is not a final product, and you all are the final customers. Already more than 4k people looked into the thread and just thinking about half of them having crash screens and continuity errors just make me really nervous.

I changed the MEGA link of the patch to the latest fix.
Replace them in the game/ folder.

The game has been reworked in v0.1.0.
V0.0.1 savegames won't work! Don't try to update it!


Patch Beta 1 Win /Lin - MEGA
Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac (0.1.0 B1)- MEGA
Android (0.1.0 B1) - MEGA

583732_lux3bX.png Capturettjtjtjtj.jpg 503446_sample3.png 503445_sample2.png 503451_sample6.png 583768_adwdawdawdaw.png 583757_adwwad.png 503450_sample5.png 583734_ID0FkE.png 583735_K8UGD.png 583746_luna_event4_29.png 583763_adwwadawddaw.png Capturegjfgfgjgjgjfjiu.jpg Capturehkghkgkhghf.jpg Capturejffjjfggdsgd.jpg Capturejgjggjgjgj.jpg evie_event2__19_.png luna_event1__36_.jpg shino_afternoon1__4_.jpg shino_event2__9_.jpg sunny_event1__21_.jpg
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