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Developer: NikitaSca96 - Discord. New.
Version: Ep. 2 Full
Release Date: 2020-01-24
Last Updated: 2020-01-24
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, Russian
Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Incest

Music, Drama, Multiple paths

The main character lives in the city "Crimson Rivers". He owns this town. He is a member of the mafia. The mafia is a family.
The hero of the game owns a casino, a mafia "Bloody Sunset"and a brothel "Night Delight".
The game has five girls, three of them are important plot. Your actions affect the outcome of the story and the relationship with the girls. You decide how you will: evil or good, cruel or forgiving.
This game is a prequel to the game "Rainy Season".
Ep. 2:
The game is now only in English
5 new songs.
22 new videos.
63 new pics.
2 sex scenes with Brenda.
1 sex scene with Lena.
1 event with Bella.
1 event with Karina.
Some interactive scenes (also in sex scenes).
Ep. 1:
12 new videos.
End sex-trip with Lena and Brenda.
Added F95Zone's watermark and icon.
Added my new discord.
Added F95Zone's link in game.
Added LewdGamersParadise's discord in game.
2 new songs.
18 videos.
New girl. (Brenda).
1 part of big event. Rest outside the city
Event with Lena.
Event with Brenda.
21 videos.
Event with Lena.
Litlle event with Bella.
New pics in phone with Lena and Bella. (Need points).
21 videos.
3 new songs.
Big event with Lena.
Big event with Natasha and Jennifer.
6 videos.
1 new song.
Event with Karina. (only dawn points!)
Event with Jennifer.
Game in casino.
7 videos.
Event with Lena in phone. (Sunset and love points)
Event in the phone with Bella.
Event with Bella (dawn and love points)
Event with Natasha (dawn points)
1 new song, 6 videos.
Acquaintance with Karina.
Event with Karina. (The way of the sunset or sunrise)
Event with Lena. (Sunset and love glasses)
Events in the phone with Karina and Lena.
intro, 3 songs, 6 videos.
Version 0.3:
1 new song, 7 videos.
Event with Jennifer. (Group sex).
Event with Bella. Need dawn points.
Event with Lena. Need sunset points.
At the end of version 03, you will have the option to use the phone.
Event with Bella on the phone.
Event with Lena in phone.
Cheats in the phone (read the warning!!!)

Actresses in the Game:
Lena: Gina Gerson. Twitter
Karina: Alexis Brill.
Bella: Litlle Caprice. Instagram
Natasha: Hannah Hays. Instagram
Jennifer: Janice Griffith. Instagram
Brenda: Mysweetapple

How to change language:

Walkthrough Ep. 1:
If dawn is more than 100,000.
You will meet Brenda.
"It was my idea for him to leave you."
"You need a distraction."
There will be sex.

If the sunset is more than 100,000.
Rest with Lena and sex. No choice yet.
If the sunset is more than 100 000, then you will go to Lena.
"Buy sexy lingerie for my sister. (85,000).".
Then there will be sex with Lena.

If dawn is more than 100,000, then you will go to Bella.
"Buy new luxury furniture for her house. (350,000).".

If Natasha is at home - "none of your business". = + 1 evil point.
"I spent time with someone close to me."there will be sex.

If Jennifer is at home - "I'm not going to spend money on my whores."=+1 point of evil.
"Of course I give it to you."there will be sex.
"I'll kill him. Lena is my sister. I live for her." = you went the way of evil until the end of the game. Plus sex with Lena. Lena is your girlfriend now.
"Boris is my friend. I will try to understand this situation personally." - you went the way of good to the end of the game.
In the end, sex with either Jennifer or Natasha.
If Karina is open, she will write to you. Need dawn points.
If dawn more 10 - "Take her to a restaurant." = + 1 the point of sympathy, "Go to the zoo." + 10 sympathy points,"To reduce the Carina shopping."=+ 5 points of sympathy.

At the office.
"Increase the budget by five million."+10 dawn.
"Leave it as it is. But introduce fines for dissatisfaction with the authorities."+10 sunset.
"Cut the budget. Take some of the money for their needs."+20 sunset.

Stop by the brothel, check out = sex with Jennifer.
If dawn is greater than or equal to 5, then you will go to visit Bella.
Otherwise you will go to the " Night Pleasure"

Buy a camera.
If Bella's liking is greater than or equal to 15 you will have an event. Plus 10 points of love.

In a brothel. If you scold Natasha, then plus 10 points to sunset.
If you joke that she is fat, then there will be sex.

In the evening on the phone.
if Bella likes more than 15, then when flirting she will send you a photo.
If sympathy Lena more or equals 30, then under flirting she will send you photo.
Dawn is the way of good. Sunset is the path of evil.
The path of Dawn for Bella and Karina.
The path of sunset for Lena.

"I agreed on the supply of goods." + 1 the dawn.
"I took a mafia member to the woods."+1 sunset
"Let him give the money in installments to a charity."+1 dawn
"Send the guys to shake every penny out of him."+1 sunset

If dawn = 1 - Bella you is happy.
If twilight of = 1-Bella you not is happy

"You'll be more careful next time."+1 sunset
"Don't worry, I'll make it up to you."+1 dawn and sex with Natasha

A brothel with Jennifer: Find photos, drugs and only then click on the bed. If you take the money = + 1 sunset. If leave = + 1 dawn.

If you found drugs:
"I'll kill him."+1 sunset
"Let Bloody sunset teach him a lesson."+1 dawn
"Fuck that bitch."+1 sunset
"Forgive her."+1 dawn

If the sunset is greater than or equal to five, Lena will be glad to see you. + 5 sympathy for Lena.
If less, she'd be angry.
If Lena's sympathy is 5, then you will receive an SMS from Her.

If dawn is greater than or equal to five, Bella will write in the morning
If the sunset is greater than or equal to 5, Lena will write in the morning.

"Transfer half to my sister's account and the rest to the city." + 5 sunset and + 5 Lena
"Take the entire budget for yourself."+5 sunset
"Transfer all the money to upgrade the city."+5 dawn and + 5 Bella
"Transfer all the money to modernization, but raise taxes." sunset +1

"Buy a new diamond necklace." For Lena!
"Buy a new picture of the famous author." For Bella!

If the sunset is greater than or equal to 5 then you will go to Lena. If the sunset is less than 8, then she will be upset. If sunset is more than 8, she will be happy. If there is necklace, then plus 5 sympathy Lena.
If dawn is greater than or equal to 5, then you will go to Bella. If the dawn is less than 5, she will be not happy. If more than 10, then she'll be happy. If give bouquet,then sympathy Bella's +1. If the picture, then +5

"Group sex for free."+1 the sunset.
"Offer her a Threesome for 300,000."+1 dawn.

The PHONE at the end of the 03 version!!!
Read the warning if you use cheat menu in hero phone!!!
Lena: if sunset is greater than or equal to 11, then flirt = photo, plus 5 likes. Talk = + 1 sympathy.
Bella: if dawn is greater than or equal to 11, then flirt = + 5 likes and photos. If to talk, then sympathy +1.

Phone in the morning.
Lena. If the sunset is greater than or equal to 10, then Lena will call to visit.
With Karina simply conversation.+ 1 point sympathy


"Buy her a bouquet of fresh flowers (300 000).": + 1 sympathy point.
"Buy her a box of Swiss chocolate (50,000).": +4 points of sympathy.

If the sunset is greater than or equal to 5, you will quarrel with Karina and you will never see her again.
Other: you will get to know Karina and increase her liking depending on the gift.

If the sunset is greater than or equal to 10, then you will go to Lena.
If sympathy is greater than or equal to 15, there will be sex. +5 sympathy for Lena.

Phone at the end of version 04.
Lena.if the sunset is more than 15 and the sympathy is more than 20. Ask photo breast, ass or simply flirt = +5 sympathy.

Songs in game:
Kanye West - CudiMontage; Loc-Dog - Делать дело; Killstation - Lota; 30 seconds to mars - Savior; Brennan Savage - Cold Tile; The Weeknd - Starboy; The Weeknd - Stargirl; Killstation -Unconditional; Bones - CallMeBackWhenYouGetThis; Killstation - Exelsior; Killstation - Obsession


Episode 2

Win/Lin - MEGA

Episode 1
Win/Lin - MEGA

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