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Hello! I'm Making Atlantia, a Text-based Erotic Game


I am a game creator, working on the text-based erotic furry game Atlantia!

The game features a character-creator, an easy to use interface, and is built in the Unity Engine. The current builds will always be available through my Patreon page. The focus of the game is text-based furry erotic content, with the player being able to fully customize their gender, body, and identity within the world. There are currently around 16k works written within the game, including around 12k of erotic content! Please feel free to give the game a go, and test it out, exploring the content. I'm eager for feedback and bug-testing, and to find audience for my work. I definitely want to get a page for the game here, and get some public feedback.

Thank you!

Ami. I dont know if I count as an old member, but hello, anyway. I and a few others are the Voice of Reason here- feel free to join.