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Developer: Haremon Dev Patreon - Itch.io
Version: Patreon
Release Date: 2020-05-05
Last Updated: 2020-05-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D Game, 2DCG, RPG, Male protagonist, Loli, Harem, Furry, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Monster girl, Titfuck, Anime, Combat, Fantasy, Turn based combat

Haremon is a game about assembling a team of monstergirls and training them to fight evil... as well as seducing them along the way. There's also titties, so there's that!​

Major additions/changes
  • Added Annie's first H scene! It was drawn by Ninamo, and it's one of the most beautiful, wholesome scenes yet. See below for how to activate it.
  • Added Ash's basic H scene! It was drawn by Tomathao. This scene can be activated by a text from Ash, which you'll receive in the morning once you've completed Chapter 2 and unlocked her selfie.
  • Added voice acting for Ash in battle. She's voiced by Kari Chuu, who also voices Miruku.
  • Added voice acting for Daisy in battle. She's voiced by Fefe Delacroix, who also voices Clarabelle and Laurel.
  • Revamped the crafting interface. It looks very stylish now, and it's also easier to select valid ingredients. See the in-game tutorial for more info.
  • You can now zoom in and out on the dungeon board (with mouse wheel, trigger buttons, or S/D). You can also now right-click and drag to pan the dungeon board (in addition to using the right analog stick or IJKL).
  • You can now un-learn Kinks at the Chapel.
  • Added a new feature to the laboratory that allows your Haremon to learn/transfer techniques. Basically, you can collect discs called "VR Modules" and use them to teach your Haremon new moves. You can find a few of these discs in treasure chests, and buy others in the Shard Exchange, once you've unlocked this feature. But the main function of this feature is to copy a Haremon's move to a module, essentially letting you transfer moves between Haremon at the cost of Shards. You can activate this feature by completing a short sidequest (see below).
  • Added some new techniques, some of which can only be found as VRMs: Wish (VRM), Last Resort (VRM), Whirlwind Strike (used by Scarlett when she's at low health), Flurry of Cuts (learned by the kitsune), Sing (an alternate upgrade to Charm-- Captivate has a new effect, and Sing has Captivate's old effect.)
  • Added a short sidequest called "Tech Support". It's activated by a text from Annie. Completing this quest unlocks both Annie's first H scene and the VR option at the lab. To receive the initial text message, you'll have to complete Chapter 1 and receive Annie's selfie.
Minor additions/changes
  • On certain menus, you can now press X (keyboard) / B (controller) / right-click to return to the previous menu. Additionally, when you face a yes/no decision, you can usually use that button to select the negative option.
  • Status effect immunities are now displayed on the Scent screen.
  • When a Haremon enters a tile occupied by a monster, the two will move to opposite sides of the tile, a "!" will appear, and the camera will zoom in on the tile. This also applies to when a monster enters a tile occupied by a Haremon.
  • Haremon and monsters now move faster on the dungeon board when traveling longer distances.
  • Applicable Scout Effects, Dungeon Abilities, and Keepsake Effects are now displayed on the Status menu in battle.
  • Increased the maximum number of autosave slots to 99.
  • You can now use the mouse to confirm loading/deleting/overwriting saves.
  • Whenever you're prompted for a number, you can now use the number keys on the keyboard to enter a number.
  • Altered the intro of the restaurant date on return visits so it's not played as shocking when the waitress shows up.
  • Affection gain after battle will now always be at least 1 for every pair of Haremon, even if their compatibility is low. Also, Delilah's Panties will now always give at least a +1 bonus to the affection gained.
  • Stained Panties can no longer be equipped. (This also affects dialogue in certain events, like "Soaked")
  • You can now un-equip a girl's panties from the Haremon app by pressing V (Y / Triangle) or clicking the unequip icon
  • Altered the "Desperation" event to prevent Jet from acting like Circe, because... yeah.
  • Scout tiles now appear in set locations, and have a set maximum number in each dungeon (1 in small dungeons, 2 in medium dungeons, and 3 in large dungeons). These locations are always near the entrance, since their effects are less useful if activated near the end of a dungeon.
  • After saying goodbye to a girl in your bedroom, you now return to the bedroom rather than heading out into the street.
  • Added Flaunt to the kitsune's moveset.
  • Angelic Hymn now raises Power in addition to Fortitude.
  • Added a little jingle to all singing moves, and shuffled around their animations a bit.
  • Nerfed some moves that raise/lower Speed: Hype Up boost was lowered to 25-75%; Crippling Strike reduction was changed to 25%; Baton Pass boost was lowered to 25-50%.
  • All outfit item descriptions now offer a hint on which girl the outfit belongs to.
  • The "Mistletoe" effect now applies implicitly when a girl is your Lover (she will always greet you with a kiss when invited over).
  • Nerfed Tantrum from 50x5 damage to 30x5 (the same as Rampage)
  • Various other minor tweaks and additions.
  • Fixed a bug where The "Doomed Researcher" quest could fail to trigger under certain circumstances, thereby softlocking story progression.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when attempting to plant seeds.
  • (Probably) fixed a crash that could happen when viewing the Kink list if your Haremon had more Kinks than Techniques.
  • (Probably) fixed a crash in "kink_active" that could happen at the very end of battle under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where you could use the mouse wheel to cheat the event selector.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't use the Shovel+ in the metal detector event.
  • Fixed the Lure Bell having no effect in the new dungeon system.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some moves from being learned through manipulation.
  • Fixed a bug where the "reveal treasure" chance event granted food for already-discovered treasure tiles.
  • Fixed the wrong sound effects playing for QTEs.
Changelog (
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent you from receiving a package under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when erasing Kinks at the Chapel
  • Fixed some bugs in the VR feature at the lab.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Kira from completing her weekly task under certain circumstances.
  • A few other minor bugfixes
Changelog (
  • Fixed a crash when using Scent on a Toad.
  • Fixed some more issues with the VR feature.
  • A few other minor bugfixes
Changelog (
  • Added a debug command available to all patrons, for anyone who's still having trouble accessing Annie's H scene: open the console (shift+`) and type sexannie, then hit enter.
  • Fixed a crash in a certain relationship vignette in the dungeon.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the "unequip panties" button in the Haremon app.
  • (Probably) fixed a crash that could occur when using Whirlwind Strike, and fixed some weirdness in that move's animation.
  • Fixed a bug where some effects would display above the textbox/choice bubbles in dungeon interactions.
  • Fixed several issues with the Wish technique.
  • Fixed a bug where cursor memory in battle could cause the automatically selected technique/item to be offscreen when opening a menu.
  • A few other minor bugfixes
Changelog (
  • Fixed a bug where Lover scenes could fail to trigger.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen in the "Soaked!" event with certain characters.
  • Fixed a bug where a girl's clothes could be torn by attacks she's immune to.
Fixed a crash that happened when triggering a Warp tile on the Pilgrim's Path.
Fixed a bug created by the previous hotfix that made the Eternal Rivalry quest impossible to complete.
Gave the Fairy Wand a new effect: it now reduces the Allure requirement of all Manipulation techniques by 1.
Ash's scout ability now permanently scents enemies.
The Chewing Gum item now has an effect identical to the Slow Metabolism skill. The effects stack.
Fixed a crash in the Truth or Dare event.
Fixed a crash when selecting "nevermind" from the Shard Exchange menu.
Fixed a bug where you could gift a girl the Heartsone in exchange for her own gift.
Fixed an oversight where saving the game while you have unread text messages and then loading that save would cause any quest/scene triggered by that text to become completely inaccessible. Yikes.
Fixed a bug where the Perfect-fit Panties and Shielded Panties had no effect due to the change in QTE damage calculation.
Fixed a bug where certain techniques would randomly fail against bosses, including Scent.
Obscene Odor now applies its bonus to Cat Scratch Fever.
Fixed a bug where the Scent info didn't display properly upon initially Scenting an opponent.
Removed the Third-eye Panties, since they're pretty much useless now.
A few other minor bugfixes
Major additions/changes
- Added Ash (the cerberus)'s Lover H scene.
- Completely revamped Daisy (the bunnygirl)'s first H scene with a brand-new CG and about 100 new lines of dialogue.
- Added a simple minigame for mining, fishing, and bug-catching.
- Added the Shard Exchange to the Guild Hall. This is just a way to give Shards some use once you've maxed out your Haremon's moves, by letting you trade Scarlett some of your Shards in exchange for rare items. You can activate this feature by visiting the Guild after accumulating a ton of shards.
- Added a new option to the Bedroom: the TV. You can watch a variety of channels; this will cause time to pass, but has several unique effects like unlocking recipes, buying unique items, improving certain skills, and more. NOTE: only 3 channels are currently implemented. The rest will come in the next build, or maybe even in a patch to this build.
- Added a Gardening system where you can collect seeds, plant them, fertilize and care for them, and then harvest a variety of useful items. You can access this feature by visiting Longwood Gardens during the day. The gardens are unlocked by speaking to Delilah at the ranch. (This location will be available for Dates in a future update; right now, its only use is for gardening.)
- Added a limitation to Awakened forms, due to the new one being OP as hell. There is now a "fatigue" meter below their health bar, which grows when you deal damage, and depletes during the Wait phase. If the meter fills completely, the girl will be forced to revert to her base form, and she won't be able to transform again until the bar is empty.
- When a girl invites you home to give you a gift, you can now choose to respond by giving her a gift of your own; this offers a small boost in the Affection gained from the gift, and also ignores the "one gift per day" rule.
- Similarly, giving a girl a gift may now cause HER to give YOU a gift in return, if she's able to. This also serves as an additional way to obtain a Haremon's "craft" item.
- Added an "Attention" mechanic to the bedroom. Basically, when you invite a girl to your bedroom, she'll start with a number of Attention points. Most actions you can take in the bedroom either raise or lower Attention, basically serving as a more intuitive limitation than the old "she doesn't like you enough to do that". Maximum attention increases with Relationship rank, thus allowing you to do more intimate things and ask more personal questions.
- You can now select a "Let's chat" option in the bedroom, which includes four options: "how's it going?", "what's on your mind?" , "make small talk", and "tell me about yourself". That last option lets you ask Truth or Dare questions in the bedroom; this uses the new Attention mechanic. This means that you can also ask NPCs those questions now, including learning their Secrets.
- Added unique backgrounds to the "Pulling Out" and "Watery Tart" events, including the ancient swords that you find there. ("The Sacred Grove" will have unique art too, it's just not done yet.)
- There is now a way to talk to Kira in your bedroom: by asking her to stick around after her weekly visit. However, many options (strip, kiss, etc.) are unavailable due to the nature of your relationship and her future role in the story.

Minor additions/changes:
- Added a "flash reduction" setting that disables certain flashing-light effects that might be problematic for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
- Added a "cursor memory" option. If enabled, the battle menu will remember which option you chose last, and will highlight that option automatically on your next turn. This applies separately for each battle category, and for each girl. (Note: this information isn't preserved between battles.)
- The special passive items you get from your Lover are now categorized as "Keepsakes". You can now only have one Keepsake effect active at a time, and activating one will deactivate the one that's currently active. To compensate, a few of these items have been buffed/changed. (Note: woops, I forgot to change the item descriptions... so they're actually called Memento effects for now)
- Changed the effect of the Witch Hat. It now adds a small chance to negate elemental damage (party-wide effect).
- The Fairy Wand now automatically scents ALL enemies instead of just one.
- Sigil of Destruction now targets allies in addition to enemies. (I'm sorry, but this was always the intended behavior.)
- Added a new technique: Noble Aura. This move is learned by the kitsune, and boosts your party's Fortitude.
- Added screenshots to the tutorials that were lacking them.
- The ranch interface can now scroll to the left and right, since there are now too many Haremon to display them all on that screen.
- Added a few new topics of discussion to the "Let's talk about..." option for each NPC.
- Scarlett will now thank you when you visit her after completing Chapter 2.
- Removed the "use japanese slang" setting, because who would ever turn that off? (you can still change it in the INI file if you want to for some reason)
- Added a "textbox opacity" setting, with a default value of 90%
- Added height and weight to the information you can learn about Haremon and NPCs. For now it's in Imperial (American) units, but I might add an option to use metric units in a future build.
- Added a way to switch between Annie's hairstyles from the bedroom menu (once you've unlocked her alternate hairstyle).
- Changed the name of the "crush" relationship level to "confidant" for NPCs. I have my reasons.
- Added a new debug command: "attentive". This toggles a cheat that lets you bypass the Attention cost of actions in the bedroom.
- The pips at the bottom of the Haremon app now grow larger when your mouse is near them, making them easier to click.
- You can now scroll the To-Do list with the mouse wheel or directional keys if it goes past the bottom of the page. (You would not believe how long this took to get working right.) You can also now hold up/down in the settings app.
- Collecting all the outfits from the Prize Wheel now removes the Outfit space.
- Ranch activity progress now only advances on days where you've visited a dungeon, made progress in a quest/guild job, or completed a date. This is to remove an exploit where you could just sleep for weeks and make tons of cash.
- Nerfed the Chastity Belt and Chastity Belt+.

- Fixed a crash when attempting to respawn a monster in the Plains during the Trial and Error quest.
- Fixed a bug where Sigil of Flame and Sigil of Destruction's added effects never triggered.
- Fixed a bug where the speech patterns of Awakened Haremon could override the speech patterns of their base forms.
- Fixed a bug where you could craft Test Serums after their associated quest was over.
- Fixed a bug where the effect of the Red Glasses could be applied twice on the same dungeon board.
- Added Delilah's H scene. It can be activated by inviting her to your bedroom and asking her to fuck.
- Added a cute story CGs that is unlocked when you finish Chapter 1. If you import a save where you've already passed that point, the CG should be unlocked automatically.
- Added a bunch of new voice clips for the witch, holstaurus, and the kitsune
- Added a new page to the Haremon app, which displays your Haremon's relationships with each other, including their current opinions of each other. You can also replay bonding scenes from this menu. There are a few known minor graphical bugs with this display, which I'll attend to soon.
- Added some new techniques, mainly to improve enemy movesets: Spore (lowers target's speed; usable by Plump Helmet), Life Drain (drains HP from the target; usable by Shrieking Violet), Drill Horn (upgrade of Gore), Smolder (burns an opponent; learned by Vex), Bulk Up (raises Power but lowers Fortitude; learned by Jet; also replaces Scarlett's Iaijutsu, since that move doesn't fit with her), Heat Wave (increases the power of Fire-type moves for a few turns; learned by Vex)
- Added 8 new Research Notes, each pertaining to a species of monster.
- Added the ability to Disassemble items in the crafting menu. This lets you destroy an item and recover one of its components (even if you didn't craft it). Also, the ability to Analyze and Disassemble items is now locked until you've learned a certain number of recipes, to provide some sense of progression to the crafting system.
Minor additions/changes
- Added a new dare where your Haremon will snoop through your phone.
- You can now initiate Lover H scenes without waiting on RNG. Simply texting a girl from the bedroom while she's your lover will initiate the scene (requires that you've unlocked her other 3 texts first). These scenes can still be activated the old way, too.
- Changed the name "O'Queef" to a slightly less awful pun, "Stinking Violet"
- Added some dialogue to Vex's first H scene explaining the whole soul-sucking thing better.
- Added a "sunset" variant of the town screen background for evening.
- To normalize progression somewhat, you must now unlock a girl's first H scene before she'll confess to you.
- Added a new kink: Double-Team. When active, tagging out will boost all of the tagged Haremon's stats. This kink is learned from a magazine which can currently only be obtained from Kira's "clean my room" task.
- Added a "petals" command, which sets a girl's Passion Petal count. This functions identically to the "shards" command.
- Added an item called "Passion Blossom", which gives a Haremon 100 Passion Petals when used. (There is currently no way to obtain these through normal gameplay, but you can access them via the "give" debug command; though there's really no reason to do so.)
- Added a "scent" command to the debug console, which Scents all opponents without ending the turn.
- Fixed a bug where the nameplate on the textbox had a one-pixel gap in it (yes this is extremely minor and not even worth mentioning but it was bugging me for a long time ok)
- The Mysterious Lens now turns off when you load a game.
- Changed the functionality of the Tsundere kink; it now converts half of received Pleasure into Rage.
- Changed the kink of all Mr. Leaky enemies to "Raw Dog", which boosts Allure when Fortitude falls.
- Added a confirmation dialogue when overwriting a save file, and when loading a save file from anywhere other than the main menu.
- Nerfed Ignis from 15 damage to 10, in preparation for future moves. To compensate, its Rage cost is now lower.
- Changed the functionality of Burn. Now, once a Haremon's clothes have all been burned away, she'll continue to burn, losing health each turn like Poison. This means that burning enemies now causes them to take damage each turn, too.
- Nerfed Illuminate. The boost is now 25-50% instead of 50-75%.
- Removed the 10% random variance on healing moves (because apparently that was a thing? lol)
- Lowered the amount of affection gained on the Bonding screen.
- Aqua can no longer learn Righteous purge (she can still learn it through Manipulation, but there's no enemies who can teach it iirc)
- Added some gross gooey sounds when fighting Mr. Leakys.
- Changed the nomenclature for transformed Haremon from "Awoken Haremon" to "Awakened Haremon" because English is stupid and grammar is hard
- Slightly lowered the damage done by the Poison status effect.
- Added a "maxbonds" debug command, which maxes out all affection between your Haremon (note that this will only advance them to Companions at the moment, since the other scenes haven't been written yet!)
Major additions & changes
- Added the Gargoyle's first H scene. This will be integrated into the story in Chapter 2, but for now you can activate it by inviting her to your room and asking her to fuck.
- Added a ton of voice clips for the kitsune (battle lines and basic interactions)
- Added more voice clips for Miruku (some new reactions in battle, and various interactions outside of battle)
- Added two new Guild Ranks, complete with over 25 new guild jobs to complete! (a few are in earlier ranks)
- Completely revamped the Mood system. Instead of a Haremon's mood being a single point on the triangle, it is now a triangle itself. This means that each mood attribute has its own value, so you can (hypothetically) have every mood maxed out simultaneously. There's too many specifics to explain in detail here, so check the in-game tutorial for more info! Additionally, Seduction techniques now have a Pleasure requirement, to make Lewd stance actually useful and make Seduction characters less OP.
+ Added the ability to re-order techniques in the Haremon app.

Minor additions & changes
+ Added an option to the bedroom menu at night that allows you to replay any sex scene you've unlocked.
+ Added a "Take off your clothes" Manipulation command, to make it possible to tame Haremon without dealing damage.
+ Add a "total damage" popup after multi-hit moves
- Made many Guild Jobs MUCH less frustrating/RNG-heavy, in two ways: the required item for fetch quests is guaranteed to occur in its associated event, and the necessary event is (theoretically) guaranteed to occur next time you visit the appropriate dungeon. For example, accepting the "Entomological Educator" job will ensure you trigger the Bug Catching event next time you visit the Plains, and will ensure the bug you can catch there is the correct one for the quest.
- Added new kinks: Gold Digger (+50% gold from manipulation) and Muscle Worship (+25% shards gained). These are learned from magazines obtained as Guild Job rewards.
- Removed the annoying "loneliness" mechanic that caused Haremon to lose affection if you left them too long at the ranch
- Removed the date verification system due to bugs and frustration. Seasonal content will simply be patrons-only until launch.
- "Sort by recent" now puts recently obtained items at the top of the list instead of the bottom
- A few tweaks to the Curse system: Avarice no longer increases the value of sold items (for real this time), the penalty for the Gluttony curse no longer scales with your curse level, the chance of a Haremon retaliating under the Wrath curse was boosted, and the penalty for the Envy curse has been changed to "increases your enemies' success rate with manipulation"
- Removing a piece of clothing in battle will now always actually remove clothing (previously, outfits with fewer "layers" could sometimes result in no visual change when clothing was removed)
- Added an "actor scale" setting, which lets you choose how near/far characters appear in VN scenes. Default is Far. For now, this setting is hidden (since it can cause some weirdness with certain scenes and effects) but you can still change it by opening the game's "haremon17.ini" file (located in %localappdata%\Haremon) and changing the value of "actor scale" from 1 to 2 or 3.
+ The tiles and events at the Beach are now in set locations, with only a couple tiles offering the chance of an alternate event. Annie's shop now always occurs on the last tile before the exit.
+ Added a debug command that lets you change your name: "changename [x]". Unlike most commands, this one is available to C-cup patrons as well as E-cups.
- Haremon's info on the Contacts list will now reflect their current Form. This means you can invite an Awoken Haremon over to your house. However, they cannot be taken out on a date.
- Removed the "Check" command in battle. Instead, selecting "Scent" will let you check already-scented enemies without ending your turn.
- Significantly reduced the time limit on most guild jobs.
- Removed the "Captivating Beauty" guild job. This may cause some problems with imported saves, so make sure you don't have this quest active when importing your save.
- Changed the effect of the Sapiosexual kink; it now lets you ignore the Focus threshold of all moves.
- Scene popups (item obtained, affection up, etc.) are now added to the backlog.
- The backlog now persists between scenes (it is still cleared when loading a save file)
- Added a particle effect to the "Desperation" scene for... well, you know...
- The "lost alchemist" can now only be found during the associated Guild Job. Also changed the way her advice works, to make the Mushroom Hunting event more useful.
- Added a (hidden) second use for the Mysterious Lens
- Added a "Special Thanks" section to the credits app
- Added "item added" and "item removed" popups when accepting/canceling certain jobs at the Guild
+ Input icons will now only change due to detected controllers the FIRST time you start up the game (previously, they would always change on startup if there was a controller detected)
- Removed several superfluous settings from the settings menu. They can still be edited manually from the INI if you absolutely need to. This also means your settings will be reset upon starting the new build.
- Added a "resolution" setting to the settings menu. You can choose from 7 preset resolutions, or just stretch the window.
+ Resizing the game window will now maintain the game's aspect ratio.

Bug fixes
- Fixed a crash when a Haremon uses the Breastmilk technique
- Fixed some bugs in the "Napping Horde" event: returning from battle no longer sends you to the wrong point in the scene, the background is no longer absent, the fox ghost sprites are no longer cut off at the top, and the counter now decreases only when you KO a spirit, not the foxes themselves.
- Fixed a bug that caused you to obtain a contact for an Awoken Haremon, meaning you could date her in her Awoken form
- Fixed several clothing-related bugs: Vex now wears her earring at all times; aqua no longer wears her collar with the wrong outfits; the kitsune now removes her socks before her bra as intended; Jet no longer takes off her bra early; Miruku's maid collar is now removed when her dress is; Miruku now wears a collar with her swimsuit; Aqua's bra straps are now visible beneath her dress in her default outfit
- Fixed a few buggy Truth or Dare interactions, like Jet not telling you her secret, and Miruku telling you the wrong birthday.
- Fixed a bug where you could have Miruku in your party in both forms.
- Fixed a bug where you could fail Guild Jobs that weren't even active.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Passion Petals from being gained
- Fixed some bugs with the Lucky Bell and Red Glasses.
- Gather tiles now properly display their Star count.
- You can no longer get duplicates of certain Gather items (panties, totems, etc.) using the Scavenger ability.
- Fixed a bug where texting Scarlett for the second time would fail if you were at guild rank 0
- Fixed a crash in a certain story-related battle.
- Fixed a bug where Shadow Circe's active kink was shown as "NULL" and you could learn a "NULL" kink from her
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't close the Load screen on the main menu (also removed the flash that happens when you do this)
- Fixed the hitbox on tutorial buttons in battle (the camera movement made it almost impossible to click them before). Also, hitting "back" on page 1 of a tutorial now closes it (only when viewing from the Help app or the battle menu)
- Fixed a bug where the wrong voice clips could play on the victory screen
- Fixed a bug where quest-related items weren't removed from your inventory when you cancel an active Guild Job, or when one expires.
- Fixed a bug causing some settings to be impossible to alter without the mouse
- Fixed a bug where the Kink menu couldn't be navigated without the mouse

- Fixed a crash when opening the Kinks page of the Haremon app
- Fixed a bug where a certain event in the Caverns would send you to the beginning of the game

- Fixed a freeze in the Imp fight
- Fixed a crash when beginning the Beach date
- Fixed a bug where the events at the Beach (and possibly other areas) didn't work
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't gain Passion Petals (for REAL this time!)
- Fixed a bug where Mood stats could fall below 0, making all moves un-usable
- Fixed a bug where the Fast Forward toggle didn't speed up attack animations

- Fixed all crafting quests
- Fixed a bug where the witch could appear in a certain scene as a floating pair of eyeballs.
- Fixed a bug where enemies wouldn't recover from being overwhelmed.
- Fixed a bug where you could scroll too far on the Kinks screen on the Haremon app.
- Fixed the color of icons on the Bag menu.
- Fixed the default actor scale being set to 2 instead of 1.
- Fixed the Graphics settings menu changing the wrong settings when using a keyboard/gamepad.

- Fixed a bug where girls would appear nude in the flashbacks during the "Story Time" event
- Fixed the Beach and Temple events not working (for real this time!)
- Fixed a bug where your party couldn't be overwhelmed

- Fixed a crash when viewing the Kink menu in battle

- Fixed a bug that made the Crimson Katana quest impossible to complete under certain conditions


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