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Developer: Khroma
Version: 0.1
Release Date: 2021-01-23
Last Updated: 2021-01-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Character Creation, Text Based, Simulator, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist

Sex-related: Masturbation

Are you interested in one of the best colleges in the country? Maybe you are interested in one of the best paid positions in a good company? Or are you just coming to visit the most beautiful places?. Then let me welcome you to Golden Leaf City, a prosperous city that gives oportunities to anyone who is willing to take them.
Golden Leaf City is based on a more futuristic world than ours, but not by that much so don't expect flying cars or completely functional androids.​

V0.1: Public "release".
First version released so people can test the game.

Developer Notes:
Hello there! This is my first game and my first serious project. I'm a programmer so sorry if the story writing is bad or makes no sense sometimes (adding to that, english isn't my first language).

What is currently in the game?
  1. Clothes: Buy clothes and wear them.
  2. Map: Navigate between the streets of Golden Leaf City (Places in the map have a placeholder image).
  3. Jobs: Earn Credits in Frozen Jar.
  4. Shop: Spend your hard earned Credits in available shops(Grocery and Clothes).
  5. Skills: Doing things related to skills/your hobby will give you exp(WIP, leveling up doesn't give you any benefit, except for cooking).
  6. Food and Recipes: Learn recipes, lvl up your cooking skill and the result will have better "stats".
  7. Day and Night: Some places are open at night, others are not.
  8. Sex: You can masturbate at some places in your house, some options are limited on your "arousal" level. Doesn't give any benefit nor is tracked(for now).
Will the game have any art apart from the icons?
I would love to have custom art for the game but unfortunately I can't pay any artist and my drawing skill are null.

The banner and those icons are some masterpiece.
Yes I know, I made them. Programming is my only "skill" and is the thing that I have more fun when I try to do something. Writing or drawing wears me out after 2 hours so yeah...

What fetish will be included?
Many of them but dont expect scat, vore, transformation or hard bdsm.
I don't want that each fetish just get a bit of content here and there. I play to matbe dedicate one update entirely to 1-2 fetish to give them some content, so you don't have 20 fetish, enabled 6 and just get 12 minutes of content in total.

They will be optional?
Of course, you can opt out and if you come across any of that content and you opted out there will be a subtle reference to something is odd there or something like that.

How many updates per hour will be?
Updates per hour I don't know, but per mont it can range between 2-3 (not including hotfixes) or maybe more. It depends if I need to write (takes me too much time) or programming (takes time but at least I have fun).

There will be more places, streets or the likes?
Yes I plan toa dd a library where you can learn a bit about the city. And other places too of course.

Can we upgrade our house(s)?
I plan to but not until the game has developed a bit further.

Why some of the places in the map have a "PH"?
PH as Placeholder. I'm not an artist and drawing takes me a lot of time and effort but I end not liking the result so I decided to release it without wasting time in them. If anyone wants to help with icons it's welcome.

The game is in any repository/git website?
Yes, in GitHub. I will release it to the public whe we get to V0.2.

There is a Discord server?
Yes but I won't make it public for now. If anyone wants to join because they truly want to help, you can send me a message.
Important: Saves from 0.1 may not work with any other versions that will come, why? Because this is just a "public" testing so I can gather feedback in what to change or add so if you are downloading this is because you want to help to test it :). If you encounter any bug please send me a pm.
And of course, this is just the first release so things will and may change in the future. If anyone wants to help me with proofreading I'm all ears :).



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