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[HTML] Futaland [v0.1.2] [mord]


Tech Devil

Developer: mord Patreon - TFGameSite - Discord
Version: 0.1.2
Release Date:
Last Updated:
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Futa/trans, BDSM, Gay, Lesbian, Sissification, Transformation (M2F), Masturbation, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, BDSM, Mind control (Hypnosis), Sex toys

The basic story is about your revenge. When You was a little boy, your parents killed, and when you grow up, you want to destroy the company who killed your parents. To do that you have to transform yourself into a woman. Different quest needs a different body to do it so you will keep changing your body and your mind. Nios is the new text editor/writer. He starts improving the texts in the game.​

- Chanel not finding the professional spycam anymore
- Gloryhole problems fixed and tested
- You can take off or wear every jewellery separate at your dressing table.
- The tracking quest last screen at Bonnie bugs fixed
- Male body serum also remove any hair, makeup, nail style modification. If you change from female to shemale or reverse you keep them.
- The shower is take 20 mins and give you 10 energy
- day without orgasm counter added
- added a jewellery shop background picture to the jewellery store
- fixed the bugs in the interactive sex scenes with chanel at living room and venus at hr office
- The daycounter, body hair grow, swimming, sauna and yoga problem after the first transformation quest is fixed
- Female, shemale body check screen - face shave changed to tweezer
- Email system code changed
  • Owned camera counter added to inventory
  • Clothing store stats bar bug fixed
  • Female clothing in your wardrobe bug fixed
  • Female body maid cleaning crash fixed
  • Watching spycam time and arousal bug fixed
  • Email system bugs fixed
  • You will cum after you watched porn and not before
  • Other typos fixed
  • You can buy spycam from Bonnie at PC shop
  • You can install spycam in Mariana`s and Chanel`s bedroom
  • You can not peak anymore on Mariana when she masturbating, but you can watch her with spycam from your laptop
  • Laptop Browse web menu updated: You can check the patreon website, Honours board added including the Expert patron's name, and you can watch the installed spycams from here
  • Breasts serums bugs at bodycheck screen fixed
  • 3 masturbation videos added from Chanel. You can watch it with spycam from your laptop
  • Chanel find the spycam and if you not doing chores for her you will be kicked out from the town and game over
  • You have to buy a maid outfit and clean her room once a week
  • Adult shop created
  • Message system created
  • Chanel giving you orders via messages
  • Selfie picture added with 3 different body transformation
  • Maid outfit added
  • Fade effect added for sleeping
  • Chanel`s room maid cleaning chores added with 3 random clips for each body type
  • If you didn`t clean her room game over at the moment.
  • New chores from Chanel. You have to go to park and take a flashing selfie
  • Selfie picture added with 3 different body transformation
  • Wardrobe redesigned
  • Super spycam added. You can keep spying on Chanel with this
  • Beauty salon created
  • 40 women and 20 men hairstyles added
  • 10 nails style added and 10 toenails style added
  • 10 eye makeup added and 10 lipstick added
  • 10 necklace 10 rings 10 earrings added
  • Dressing table added to your room
  • You can change your jewelry at the dressing table
  • Gloryhole shemale body masturbation bug fixed


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