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Developer: Kenningsly - Patreon
Thread Updated: 2021-02-03
Release Date: 2021-01-30
Censored: No
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
3DCG, Female protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Futa/trans, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral sex, Simulator, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism
Working at the Paradiso Resort has always been your dream. It has a certain sexy reputation that you would like to take full advantage of. You send in your job application and to your surprise you actually get hired. Will working at a resort that includes a nude beach, a nudist sauna and a pool for skinny dipping be as amazing as you hope it is going to be? Or will all the sexual excitement become too much for you, which could result in you getting fired? Enjoy the freedom of working at the Paradiso Resort in the gameplay loop of Futa Paradise. Work whenever you feel like it to make sure you have enough money to pay your bills and use the rest of your time to explore the resort and its many sexy opportunities.​
1. Extract and run.
This update only adds content for Madam Irene, but it adds quite a bit.
* Added 1 new scene for failing to pay rent to Madam Irene
* Introduces a new storyline with Madam Irene containing 4 scenes (as of now)
*The new content works in both the Gameplay and Visual Novel mode. To start the new content in the Gameplay mode, fail to pay Madam Irene a total of 2 times and then fail to pay her again (which will trigger the first new scene). In the Visual Novel mode you just have to keep reading scenes until Madam Irene's new scenes start. It couldn't be simpler.

* 2 new scenes with Laren
* 1 new scene with Roxanne
* 1 new scene with Alexandra
* Fixed an issue that could lead to a strange narrative 'bug', for lack of a better word, in the visual novel mode of the game. With this I mean that you can no longer choose to 'ignore the noise' during the scene that's supposed to introduce Madam Spooky, which would cause you to not get to see the scene in which you meet her (while the rest of the scenes in this visual novel mode would ignore that choice and Victoria would act like she did in fact meet Madam Spooky that night)

The promised day has arrived. Here is v0.2 of Futa Paradise, everyone!
And here, for those that are curious, is a short list of everything added:
* Reception job at the Southside Section
* Bartending job at the Luxurious Section
* Sex Shop job at the Luxurious Section
* Cleaning job at the Luxurious Section
* Access to the Luxurious Section from the end of week 3 onward
* Introduction of Madam Spooky's storyline
All new content is available in both the Gameplay and Visual Novel modes of the game.

Here is a 'small' update to v0.1 of Futa Paradise. If you've already played through the entire game, this is probably not worth downloading as it does not add new content.
A few people have requested for the game to be playable as a more traditional visual novel, so that is what this update adds. You can now play the game in two modes: The regular, gameplay mode and the new visual novel mode. The visual novel mode simply takes control away from the player and removes randomness and grinding. It goes through all the jobs/training opportunities/events in a pre-chosen, static order without input from the player.
As this changes how some of the game's core functionalities function at a fundamental level, a simple patch cannot be created as that would create massive script errors. So if you want this update, you will have to redownload the entire game. Save files from version 0.1 should work though (but you will automatically be on the 'gameplay mode', so nothing will change if you don't start a new game).
Developer Notes:
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