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Tech Devil

Developer: Sored Patreon
Version: 0.5
Release Date: 2020-03-17
Last Updated: 2020-04-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Male protagonist, Real porn, Interracial, Small Tits Big ass, Big boobs, Anal sex, Masturbation, Handjob, Vaginal sex

This is the Kingdom of Triplex. Here women value strength. We train hard at sword fighting and learn ancient magic in order to become the best warriors.
we are called the "Princesses". If you want to win the heart of a princess, first, you must defeat her in combat. A Princess only offers her body to a man who can make her stronger.

New content
-Added 239 new pictures.
-Added 1 new Princess: Abby (Crystal Boyd).
-Added 9 random encounters.

These are replacing redundant series of pictures that were used for both a boss scene (or event at home) and a random encounter. You won't see these scenes as random encounters anymore.

Also took out one encounter with Alexis and half an encounter with Uma, replaced by new pictures.
-Added 1 new place, Snow Town, and 1 new special event, "Staying warm with Riley and Abby" (2 scenes).

Explore the Cold Plains to find it.
You now need to buy warm clothes to enter the Frozen Maze.
-Added story and dialogues to 16 (!) random encounters (Forest and Lake).

Used the v-word way too many times again.
-Added story and dialogues (and a few pictures) to the first part of the Piper Dragon scene.
-Reworked story and dialogues for all events done last update (bosses, special events, home). Lots of small changes, spelling, etc...

-Replaced the "Return Home" option in dungeons by a "Leave" button, that sends you back to the zone you were in.
-Added "spell" and "use item" options to a few more places.
-Added a menu when you come back to the Infinite Dunes after visiting once. Now you don't go straight to searching sand princesses anymore.
-Reworked early dialogues (Caprice tutorials, quests from Lily and Elsa). Changed presentation to make it easier to read.
-Took out the tip for fighting bosses in Caprice's tutorial since atk boost and def boost are not required anymore.
-Changed the color of elixirs for something less awful.
-Added a visual for the main menu when you start the game: the secret door. It may change at some point.

Big balance changes. Trying to make magic less OP.
-Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind and Poison now deal 12 base damage (down from 20).
-Fire now burns for 4 damage per turn (down from 10).
-Reduced defense of most ennemies. Melee should be more viable now.
-Increased HP gained when leveling up for level 6 to 12.
-Decreased chance to get an item for all random encounters and random events in the Lagoon and later zones (droprate was way too high).
New content
Currently in the process of adding story and dialogues to all events.
-Added story and dialogues to all boss sex scenes.
-Added story and dialogues to all special events.
-Added story and dialogues to all events at home with Caprice, Lily and Elsa.
Feedback is needed on the writing. It might be awful. Not sure at this point.
Still have all random encounters (56) and random events (105) left to do...

-Finally found a plot device that could explain why the hell you would teleport into random bedrooms while exploring a forest or a desert. It involves science, wormholes, and something called "Super Goo".
-Remade the dialogues of the faerie event so you could actually have sex with her. No corresponding pictures unfortunately.
-Added more pictures to the Piper scene after defeating the Dragon.
-Added more pictures to the Lily striptease scene at home.
-In the Sunken Temple, changed the picture of Lily used to explain the Dungeon.

Added 1 new spell:
-Deus Ex Machina (teleports you back home).
Changed the way some of the damage spells work:
-Fire, Wind and Poison now all cost 6 mana.
-Poison now deals 20 damage every turn (used to be 5).
-Fire now deals 20 base damage, and burns the target for 10 more every turn (burn can stack, same as poison).
-Wind now deals 20 base damage, and lowers enemy def by 5.

Added 4 new items:
-Atk Elixir
-Def Elixir
-Magic Elixir
-Speed Elixir
Elixirs increase your stats until end of the day.

-Changed the Dunes: now you'll get a new random dune picture everytime you search for a sand princess, instead of getting a new one only when finding a ring. Added 17 (!) dune pictures for more variety (22 total).
-In the zone selection screen, once a zone is unlocked, the next one now appears as *Locked*. This is to prevent an issue where players wouldn't realise that they have to do a little bit of experience grinding in order to unlock the next zone.
-The very first time you explore the Forest will always be a random encounter. This is to prevent the possibility of not getting any encounter for a while at the start of the game.
-In each zone, changed the "go home" option into a "back" option (that sends you back to the zone selection screen), to avoid having to return home everytime you want to change zones.
-In the Haunted Castle, when you push a button successfully (when you hear the *clic*), the option to push it again now disappears. This should make the puzzle slightly easier.

-Reduced significantly the amount of experience needed for lvl 9 to 12. This should reduce the amount of grinding in the later parts of the game.
-Slightly increased the amount of experience gained during the Miss Kitten event.
Magic is overpowered at the moment, melee a little bit too weak. It will be fixed in the next update. Mages can rejoice until then.
-Fixed an issue that was causing a crash when trying to "sell items" while having stamina potions in your inventory.
-Added a missing picture in an event with Remy.
New content
-Added 439 new pictures.
-Added 5 new Princesses: Milena (Milena D Sunna), Remy (Remy LaCroix), Scarlett (Scarlett Bloom), Uma (Uma Jolie) and Sherice (Sherice).
-Added 19 random encounters.
Each zone now has 8 random encounters total. Fighting the same princess multiple times in a row should happen a lot less frequently.
-Added a Dungeon to the Cold Plains: the Frozen Maze.
-Added 6 special events:
"The Slutty Faerie": Explore the Forest to find it.
"Boat ride with Sherice": Lake.
"Miss Milena Kitten": Mountain.
"Boat ride with Riley": Lagoon.
"Amazing Amazon": Desert.
"Spooky Ghosts": They guard the secret door in the Haunted Castle.
-Added story for the Deep Woods boss (Super Adria). Now you'll know how she became a monster.

Added 2 new spells:
-Super Heal

Added 6 new items:
-Super Health Potion
-Super Mana Potion
-Super Bomb
-Stamina Potion

-Added the option to use healing spells and items out of combat in dungeons.
-In the dunes, added the option to go back to Ava to check how many rings you have (and, obviously, ask her for more nudity).
-Switched boss 4 and 5 (Dani and Dakota). It makes more sense now considering the background of those scenes and what the models are wearing.
-Switched a bunch of encounters and random events to avoid having too many events with the same princess in a given zone.
-Combat text now properly display "they" when fighting multiple ennemies (against the Temple boss, and for the Spooky Ghosts event).
-Dying in Siren Island or the Haunted Castle, or leaving those dungeons before the end won't reset your progression in said dungeons anymore. Now they only reset when you actually finish them.

-Reduced the stats of all bosses significantly so that atk boost and def boost wouldn't be required to beat them.
-A lot of small changes to ennemies in the late game (increased attack, reduced defense).
-Reduced the mana gained per level in the early game.
-Increased the number of starting health potions to 2 (was 1).
-The earth spell now reduces enemy atk by 2 (was 1).
- Added 390 pictures.
- Added zones 6 and 7: the Arid Desert and the Cold Plains.
- Raised level cap to lvl 12.
- Added 7 new Princesses: Ava (Ava Sparxxx), Foxy (Foxy Di), Gina (Gina Valentina), Kenna (Kenna James), Kiara (Kiara Cole), Kylie (Kylie Quinn) and Riley (Riley Reid).
- Added 30 random events (15 for each new zone).
- Added 12 random encounters (6 for each new zone).
- Added a dungeon to the Desert: the Infinite Dunes.
- Added a Boss to the Dunes.
- The last zone (Cold Plains) doesn't have a dungeon yet, just the entrance, it will be added in 0.3.
- A few other things that I forgot / didn't bother to write down.
Version 0.1 - First release

Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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