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Developer: slaen Patreon
Version: 1.6
Release Date: 2020-02-17
Last Updated: 2020-04-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, 3D game, Animated, Character creation, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Animated, Big tits, Combat, Gay, Lesbian, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Monster girl, Fantasy, Sandbox, RPG

A role playing game for adults that will combine elements from Skyrim, Fable, and Corruption of Champions.​

-The minotaur is roughly in the game. He needs a full set of new animations still. The retargeting on his placeholder animations didn't go so well and his feet have trouble touching the ground.
-Dynamic spawners are in the game and should be working properly now. Enemies that are dynamically spawned and then defeated will respawn at that same location after a day or two of ingame time has passed. This is the most basic gameplay loop. The player can leave town, defeat enemies, take their gold, then return to town to heal and wait for the enemies to respawn, and then repeat the entire process.
-Lots of environment work. The rough blockout for an old mine has been started and gets progressively rougher the deeper into the mine you go.
-The first quest has been started. To try testing it out for yourself speak to the bartender in the tavern. Only two solution paths are currently implemented - the player can solve the quest through dialogue or through violence. The quest ends when the girl teleports back to the tavern. I still need to do the after effects, faction relation changes, quest rewards, and all that sort of stuff.
-Quests have dialogue hooks, separate quest stages, a new functional tab on the players' inventory screen, plus some other stuff I'm sure to be forgetting.
-Factions have gotten a bit of love and for testing purposes in this build attacking ANY character will decrease standing with that character's faction. When the faction reaches a negative enough level members of that faction will attack on sight.
-Imps have facial expressions ready but still need sex animations and scenes.
-Title screen should display the character from the most recent saved game.
-Saves still don't work between versions - yet! I'm working on a character export/ import system that should work in the short term so people won't have to keep recreating characters each new build. Then hopefully I can figure out how to make the saves carry over without to much hardcoding stuff.
-The narrative sex scenes aren't completely ready yet. They tie in with so many other triggers and character behaviors that I disabled them to not completely break the current sex scene functionality.
-Adjusted running speed, sprint speed, and ducking movement speed. I'll keep tweaking these numbers to find something that feels "right" plus at some point I'll give them proper animations. There still isn't a cap on stamina use though - just to save people some time running around and looking at the new content.
-Trading systems and UI should all be working. Items will cost gold and can be sold for gold.
v1.5 Concept:
  • Tease/Stun attacks initial testing version
  • Grapple System initial testing version
  • AI has a basic concept of if the player has a weapon equipped and readied
  • Slime girl full animation scenes
  • Slime girl texture polish
  • Implemented a few sounds
  • Dialogue option to skip directly to sex scenes
  • Vendor system was updated so that vendors will pull inventory from an actual container - the blacksmith is currently the only one with this setup. Gold isn't being charged yet so that testing is easier.
  • Character creation polish - new color preset options for some categories and UI layout tweaks
  • Tavern has blockout temporary assets for interior props
  • Spawning after being defeated in combat should work now
  • Hotkeys for speeding up time (insert), slowing down time (delete), pause (end), reset timescale to normal (home). Also added an unlock camera with a weapon readied (equals), and toggle HUD(backspace).
v1.4 Concept:
  • 5 new face shape presets in character creation
  • Blacksmith outfit
  • AI now understands and uses objects in the world based upon time of day
  • AI will dynamically follow assigned waypoint pathing
  • The system is in place for dialogue barks (short one sentence lines "you know what's wrong with Skyrim these days?" sort of thing) Still need to write and implement them though
  • Map Optimization and detailing
  • Post Process updates - depth of field and color grading
  • Resting / Waiting bug fixes
  • Flowers
  • Misc. fixes to environment collisions and textures
v1.3 Concept:
  • Male imps are in the game. Still an early implementation and the animations are placeholder until I can get the time to figure out how to handle that tail.
  • The tavern has gotten a layout pass and was the test bed for the new modular interior building assets. The visuals haven't changed a whole lot but everything on the interior has been reworked with the new modular assets.
  • New waiting mechanic to quickly pass time. Currently set to the 'T' hotkey.
  • Dynamic spawn points. Singular spawns for one off encounters as well as larger group spawners are in and working. Take the road out of town into the green fields and walk towards the 2nd tower. Stay on the road and the spawns will trigger. The distance is kept small so it's very noticeable when the player triggers the spawn. There are still more features to implement to handle going from the exterior world to interior spaces but this is the basic foundation.
  • Hotkeys can now be changed in the options menu.
  • A few bugs were fixed. First person view was previously losing the body morphs while playing scenes. That should be fixed now.
  • Eyelashes now have an intensity slider in the character creator.
  • The 2nd tower heading out of town is also where I'm testing a lot of things and why the artwork is all placeholder for it. It's the blockout version for figuring out a basic multi level encounter, the minimum spaces required for that encounter, how the AI should handle the encounter, and planning out different playstyle solutions to the encounter.
  • AI also has a basic understanding of useable objects in the game world. If an AI notices one of the street lights is out they will walk over and turn it on then go back to what they were doing. Nothing complicated but it's the beginning implementation for idle behaviors for AI.
  • The most basic gameplay loop is implemented. Start in town, travel to the 2nd guard tower, clear and loot the tower, travel back to town to heal at the tavern.
v1.2 Concept:
  • Placeholder footstep sounds. They were free on the marketplace and I wanted to see what the process for hooking them up was.
  • Slime girl. First pass on her assets. She has basic functionality but no combat or scene animations.
  • 3 new outfits. There's two sets of bandit armor and a tavern keeper outfit. I'm testing out cloth solutions with these armor sets. Bandit armor 1 has a dynamic cloth sim applied to it but there are a few issues with it. Bandit armor 2 the loincloth is static right now and I want to test dynamic joint chains which means a quick rigging pass. The same with the tavern keeper apron is static until I resolve how I want to handle cloth.
  • Combat I'm trying to slow down the pace of combat just a little. When a character has a weapon ready their movement speed will slow down a little. I also lowered the damage from melee strikes it should take 7 or 8 melee hits to knock someone down. Then I wanted to differentiate the difference between the knockdown state and the ragdoll state more. Now after a character is knocked down it will take 4 melee hits to make them ragdoll and completely inactive. Once this gets a bit more finalized I'll add in hit reactions and fx, right now it's difficult to tell if the melee hits are landing on a knocked down opponent.
  • AI perception has been updated to included hearing events. AI will now hear other characters in a small radius around them. The player will make noise when they are running or walking but they can sneak (ctrl key to toggle) and remain unheard. The sneak skill, speed, animations, will all be updated in the future this is just the initial functionality pass.
  • Pickpocketing is also roughly implemented. While the player is sneaking they can access other character inventories. Skill and detection checks will come in a future update but for now the player will always be successful while pickpocketing.
  • Starting a dialogue with a character will now pause their AI so they won't keep walking while in a conversation. They will also turn to face the player and after dialogue is finished go back to what they were doing.
  • The trading UI can also be opened through a placeholder dialogue. It should open the player and NPC inventories and allow the player to trade items back and forth. The next step is to add gold values to objects and then add or subtract gold when trading items.
  • Lots of little environment updates and assets. Did an LOD pass for most existing assets and updated the lighting. Should bring the framerate back up a bit.
v1.1 Concept:
  • Title screen added
  • Ranged weapons with windup time
  • Player can block while a melee weapon is equipped (hold right mouse button)
  • 6 new hairstyles
  • 8 eyebrow options
  • 2 new face complexions
  • NPC on NPC auto scenes (testing)
  • Day night dynamic lighting cycle lighting tweaked
  • Added dynamic fog
  • Goblin girl
  • 2 victory scenes
  • 2 loss scenes
  • melee functionality
  • ranged weapon functionality
  • basic ai
  • Early faction implementation and related ai
  • World map basic functionality
  • Trees, grass, and foliage updates and optimization
  • Collision added to most trees
  • Test areas for evergreen forest, and green fields
  • Interactive street lamps
v1.0 Concept - Initial release


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