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Tech Devil

Developer: orange~ - Twitter - Tumblr - Discord
Version: 1.3.0
Release Date: 2019-09-11
Last Updated: 2020-02-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Dark Fantasy, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Graphic violence, Loli, Fear--Hunger, Horror, Roguelike, Orgy, Nudity, Group sex

Fear & Hunger is a horror dungeon crawler set in the dark and hopeless dungeons of fear and hunger. Four misfortuned adventurers dwell deeper and deeper to the darkness and uncover the secrets this ancient fortress holds inside. The fortress works as an ancient nexus for different planes of existence. The depths are in an eternal turmoil as both old and new gods struggle for power, it’s up to the players to choose their position and stance in all of this.



- A rather big combat rebalance
- The double coin toss system from F&H:Termina to reduce the rng
- The Gauntlet has a decent sized area expansion
- The Void has a smaller area expansion
- Interactions with Trortur are expanded, including a rather unique
reward at the end of that quest
- Penance Armor
- A couple of new regular enemies
- A new late-game boss
- Graphical updates
- Some small additions here and there
- The Ending A boss has got a slight tone shift and graphical updates.
- Some fixes ofc

Some might notice that there are now hidden achievements too. They were meant to be part of the update, but unfortunately I ran into some issues. I'll try to investigate it and hopefully the achievements will be coming along in a couple of days!

The update doesn't have any new content per se. It's just there to fix the biggest problems the last update brought. Namely the battle with the Tormented one should be fine now. (Let me know if this is not the case!) And also the Phase step magic is hopefully functional now...


Win - MEGA

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