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[Unreal Engine] Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft [v0.29] [Project Helius]



Developer: Project Helius Patreon
Version: 0.29
Release Date: 2020-09-01
Last Updated: 2020-09-04
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Game: Fallen Doll
3D Game, Sci-Fi, Bestiality, Animated, Anal Sex, Voiced, Handjob, Vaginal Sex, Sex Toys

The Paralogue is a series of transitory game builds serving as a full scale upgrade of Fallen Doll and a concept prototype of Fallen Doll's sequel. As a frontier research and military base revolving Yuggoth, the newly discovered Kuiper belt dwarf planet unbeknownst to human race until late 21 century, Archimedes orbital station harbors a pair of sentient military AI mainframes which can project their sentience unto any synthetic body with a positronic brain: Erika (Electronic Recon-Infiltration Combat Agent) and Alet (Assault-Type Lite).

Previously known as "Paralogue"​

Additions: This update focuses on Dr.Anya's sex scenes.
New partner: Elder Thing
New Sex Scenes:

Anya+Elder Thing V 01
Anya+Elder Thing V 02
Anya+Basatan V 01
Anya+Dreamer V 08
Anya+Dreamer A 02
Anya+Basatan V 01
Anya+Hybrid V 01
Anya+Byakhee A 01
Alet+Dreamer A 04
Erika+Yith A 03
Reworked all Erika+Byakhee scenes
Various animation tweaks for previous Anya scenes
New Erika dress changing visual effects

Reworked Ahegao Mode (Expressions are tweaked and no longer static. Now only triggered after reaching multiple orgasms without switching to another pose.
Can be turned off in the options)
Better jizz on skin visuals
New Erika voices
Remade the stockings and heels for Erika's Night Maid set
Fixed a display bug when byakhee is set as transparent
9 New Sex Scenes (Full list in the download links)
Anya's new costume: Banya Bathrobe
Suffocation and new facial expressions (Still a wip so you may see some unpolished suffocation expressions)
Ahegao can now be triggered by reaching climax 3 consecutive times. Softcore intimate actions, such as handjob, do not contribute to ahego progress. To resume to the normal status, press Clean Scene button.
Improved tongue shader
Previous animation reworked: Anya Deep One Accept, and a few more
The operation bed in the lab is no longer a collision object (you can move your camera through it now)
Operation Lovecraft 0.26
New Enemy: Lloigor
New Location: Workshop
9 New sex scenes
Added screen scaling option
Added stable mode and FOV settings for POV camera

New sex mode shortcuts:
Q, W, E, corresponding to the sex phase buttons (start, pause, return, cum in/out)

UI and shadow casting improvements
Erika can take off the heels while keeping the stockings on with maid uniform dressed
Fixed Alet's eye highlight
Fixed a issue when select return during a sex act in VR
Erika's Night Maid clothing material and physics
Better sweat visuals for Erika and Anya
0.24 and 0.25 Animation fixes
Improved Anya's in-mouth shading and lip sync
Improved Anya's breast and butt jiggle physics (now adjustable in the custom menu)
Default camera angle and dressing limitation adjusted for some scenes

- Sweat visual added
VR - Body/Outfit Customization no longer causes character error
Voice and climax visual fixes
Animation name fixes
Head track no longer causes character's head to behave abnormally in some circumstances
Fixed an issue preventing Alet's dress from being changed
Erika's New (Old?) Outfit: Night Maid, tailored to match the body of her MK-IV model, with improved details.

10 New Sex Scenes:
3 Alet+Deep One
Erika+Great Race
2 Erika+Hound
Erika+Deep One

Revised animations added in 0.24
Wrong voices fixed
Polished Anya's appearance, physics and expressions
Sweat visual fixes
Body seam fixed
Added Anya's custom menu
Male transparency setting now works as intended in VR

Known Issues:
The handcuff in Anya&Basatan scene is missing.
A new character: Dr.Anya
4 new sex scenes for Dr.Anya
4 new sex scenes for Erika
2 new sex scenes for Alet

Outfit and body model fixes
New UI sound effects
New scenes are highlighted
Known Issues:
We are still fine-tuning Dr.Anya's appearance and physics parameters.
New enemy: Deep One Hybrid
10 new sex scenes:
Erika-Spawn of Basatan
Erika-Great Race of Yith
Erika-Hound of Tindalos
Erika-Mi-go Nymph
Alet-Deep One Hybrid

Motion blur effects

Skin pressing effects

Enable POV switch among multiple actors
Added confirmation check for resolution change

Textures become blurry with low graphic quality setting
Model clipping with Erika's stealthsuit
Animation and sound effect fixes
Fixed a rare crash issue
Fixed lighting flickers

As in 0.21, AMD 5700 series card users who installed an out of date driver may encounter fatal error

This issue has been confirmed as a conflict between AMD RX5700 series graphic cards and latest Unreal Engine builds.
Please update your graphic card driver at https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-19-12-2
If the issue persists, please extract the installer with 7zip or a comparable program, opens the path\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B349181(19.12.2 ver.)
I extracted and uploaded the dll file for your convenience, you can download it here
Copy the atidxx64.dll to Paralogue0.22\WindowsNoEditor\Paralogue\Binaries\Win64
  • 8 new sex scenes for Erika (7 Dreamer, 1 Hound)
  • 1 new sex scene for Alet (Dreamer)
  • New title screen UI
  • A new consensual sex voice set for Alet
  • A new forced sex voice set for Erika
  • Dynamic tears in deepthroat/forced scenes
  • Improved squirting visuals
  • Improved Great Race sperm visuals
  • Hair color customization is now enabled
  • Love juice splashing is now visible after reaching climax once
  • Dress changing visual effect fixes
  • Body parts no longer turn invisible when camera clips with the model
  • Stocking denier setting no longer appears in male's custom panel
Known Issues:
  • Cannot save Alet's hair color
  • Two positions are unavailable
  • 9 new sex scenes
  • Alet's new outfit set: Nyx Stealth Suit
  • New Monster: Mi-Go Nymph
  • Revamped squirting visuals for Slyph and penetration scenes
  • Now you can press U to hide UI
  • Advanced shadow casting render solution (wip)
  • Added outfit changing visual effect
  • General skin/apparel texture and model improvements
  • Now you do not need to drag the girl's body to enable climax or pull out button
  • Auto Pose is more effective when activated
  • UI improvements
  • Stocking Nylon Denier is now customizable
  • Penis now gets wet during sex
  • Squirting effect for Slyph's vibrator scenes now works as intended
  • Cum stains no longer slide on clothes
  • Expression, clipping, animation and voice fixes
  • General bug fixes
  • No longer conflicts with windows 10's "beta: unicode utf-8 for worldwide language support" feature
  • Effectively eliminated false positive from anti-virus applications and firewalls.
New features:
4 Sex Scenes for Erika
More realistic cum stain
Combat boots for Erika's Adjutant Uniform
Autosave function for outfit custom
Male skin color custom
Added saliva dripping effect for blowjob scenes
Added soft cloth physics for Alet's shirt
Alet will now squirt as intended in Slyph's vibrator mode scenes
VR: Added title page and control manual
VR: Added vertical rotation for camera
VR: In POV mode, male head will be hidden (for dreamer only)

Improvements and fixes:
Accessories and hair model quality improvements
Lowering male transparency in custom panel will now enable transparent male mode
Visual improvements on male's muscle
Fixed jittering balls in certain poses
Fixed some clipping issues with costume dressed
Fixed misplaced cum stains
Blowjob voice fixes
Animation fixes
VR: Missing Spawn of Basatan animation added
VR: Fixed scene cleanup feature
VR: Improved menu selection method

Known Issues:
Typo in news screen
The collision system of Erika's vagina occasionally fails to work
10 new sex poses
New facial expressions for Erika
Dreamer Muscle Custom
Male Sound/Transparency Toggle
Visual improvements on Female Hair
Accelerated max sex speed by 25%
Audio Volume Settings
Depth of Vision Settings
Help Screen Added
Title and News Screen Added
General performance optimization
Revised Breast Physics system
Revised Female Model and texture
Revised Erika's Uniform
Revised Hound's Sound Effect
Revised Sex SFX's fall off range and playback logic
Experimental: Fixed an issue with cum stains slidng on the skin
Experimental: Fixed an issue with cumshot projectory
Experimental: Revamped VR control solution
Other Minor Bug fixes
Fix: Alet's breast jiggle doesn't work
Fix: Alet's fringe jitters unnaturally
Fix: Occasional model disappearance when switching character
Fix: Erika's cornea clips with eye socket
Fix: Replaced sock material and tweaked broken outfit parts
Fix: Great Race of Yith's POV camera position
Fix: Missing SFX added
Fix: Missing chair added in VR
Improvement: Animation improvements
Improvement: Head track now has an independent UI button
Improvement: Various sound effect adjustments
Improvement: Now you can hide the character selection UI
Improvement: Now you can pan the camera by click and drag left mouse button (You can still use middle mouse key)
Improvement: Dreamer penis texture rework
Improvement: Now you can customize camera's zoom in/out speed
Improvement: You can toggle the male actor's transparency in VR
Improvement: Most customization can be achieved in VR
Improvement: You can switch to POV camera in VR
New Sex Scene: Tentacle Anal Penetration (This pose is for testing the visual effect when cumming outside on the girl's body)
New sex partner: Dreamer
New sex partner: The Great Race of Yith
11 new sex poses
Anus reworked (again)
Erika's body revised
Breast physics simulation system improved
3 new outfits
Mood Tags (Resist/Accept/Indulge/Succumb) have been assigned to each sex pose. They currently have no impact on the gameplay.
General animation adjustments.
Added POV camera mode.
  • Experimental VR Support. Press Menu to select sex partners and trigger to confirm.
  • Added 5 new sex poses
  • Breast physics improvements (wip)
  • Hair physics improvements (wip)
  • Skin material overhaul
  • More realistic cumshot outside effect (wip)
  • General animation fixes and smoother genital collision simulation
  • Added a variety of new facial expressions during sex (wip)
  • Sex sound effects rework (wip)
  • Added transparent male actor switch
  • Added female eye tracking switch: (Eye Track: Genital/Head/Camera/None)
  • Added skin customization options
Known Issues:
  • Skin texture seam near crotch region
  • Boobs jiggle rapidly in certain poses
  • Upper eyelid artifact when eyes are closed
  • White question mark in black diamond error message pops up while launching the game on non-English versions of Windows 10. The solution can be found HERE. We are taking measures to rectify the problem in the next update.



_4f7f0c4b3906f3fb2fac6d70fad05c10.jpg _05a6e5583207a5594808a6be5aa830d7.jpg _15dd77381a8455f8df3b294f4166ac31.jpg _32a79a3fb956ace0a69ee9f5b001802e.jpg _66e6a98a10768e1a467baacc9fc76bc1.jpg _77accad15a6bd6c74ad3b896b47383cd.jpg _227ea3534e4bc7bd34c278e854bc0407.jpg _836ec6e65b45f9e8caeb860a69e21ab6.jpg _07177bbf4da78dfd4dd4d515cb5d5789.jpg _732262880ea85a61ee3f3fd0b5e5d08f.jpg _4324832510cdecbf46fb9d561b93dad6.jpg _a048f7767cfb408f6531719eaca1ca16.jpg _a920cd93861162d8c4d5816c6ddb9d40.jpg _ab2d0730a390dd09443c0980669225fa.jpg _b8a5de57d01f923b560a8738f5206bae.jpg _ca6cfaf0084b9d4a3b4a4f2d529a7252.jpg _d1254ce6df9e685941765369d0d574b5.jpg _f15caed2aa973345fcae68c5791f491d.jpg 359494_D8fqLRFX4AAlHYU.jpg Capturekghkghkghdhf.jpg Capturekhgghkhkgdf.jpg Capturelhgfh.jpg pic__18_.jpg 454444_0.195.png
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