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Developer: Toffi-sama Patreon - Blog
Version: v0.35
Release Date: 2020-05-30
Last Updated: 2020-06-04
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Futa/Trans protagonist, Animated, Bdsm, Combat, Platformer, Side-scroller, Futa/Shemale, Footjob, Oral Sex, Tentacles, Monster Girl, Fantasy, Female domination, Lesbian

For the longest time, the realms lived in harmony. They were governed by the Angels, beings with immense magical power, who guided them with love – but also strict rules. One of these Angels was Marielle. She lived her life according to the teachings of her sisters, guiding those who would pray to her and making sure to pass on the teachings she herself received.
But she didn’t feel satisfied living this way.

It was forbidden for Angels to visit the realms below. Marielle didn’t even know who was praying to her or what the realms looked like. For the longest time, she didn’t question these rules… but one day, her curiosity got the better of her, and she went out to visit one of the realms below. This trip would change her life forever.

Marielle for the first time saw the suffering and corruption of the people inhabiting the realms below. It was incomprehensible for her how the Angels would allow for these things to happen. There was war, poverty, starvation and disease… things the Angels could very well fix with their magical powers. But they chose not to. “Why?”

Marielle rushed to Archangel Michaela and pleaded for a change. But, instead of listening to her request, Michaela punished her for her lack of loyalty. Going to the realms below was a grave violation of her teachings and Marielle received no pardon. Her wings were ripped of, her magical powers sealed and she was thrown into a lone prison cell, never to come out again.

Years went by. Being alone for so long made Marielle lose track of time. But, on the other hand, having so much time to ponder allowed her to find the answer to her question herself. It wasn’t the realms who were corrupted, it was the Angels. Sitting on their high throne they lived their life in comfort, holding their subjects on a tight leash.

But Marielle wasn’t going to be part of this anymore. Spending years in prison, her hatred for her sisters grew each day, as did her cynicism. She was eager to break free from her prison; but without magical powers, all she could do was train her body and wait for the right opportunity.

This opportunity presented itself after a few years, when Archangel Michaela visited her prison cell. “I am willing to pardon you for your crimes, if you take on a mission. One of the realms was corrupted beyond our expectations. We can’t remedy the situation from here, someone has to go down there to bring back order. If you do that… I’m willing to welcome you back as family.”

A smile formed on Marielle’s lips. This was her chance. Without hesitation she made her way to the corrupted realm. To the Angels it must have seemed like she was eager to atone for her crimes, but Marielle’s goal couldn’t have been more different.

What awaited her at the end of her trip was a giant tower formed by magical energy, shaping form almost like a living being. There was no doubt this was the center of the corruption. As Marielle set foot into the first floor, she pondered how she could use this tower in her quest for revenge against the Angels...

As you requested, I’ve made Game Over Screens for the other half of the enemies as well. 15 new ones, bringing the total up to 36. This update also includes a number of misc. changes, most of which were requests from you guys. These are: a Gallery which includes missing animations, so you know where to look, Game Over Screens added to the Gallery, Bosses now taunt Marielle while fucking her, a new shortcut from the Graveyard to the Cathedral, a Credits screen. Also a few other alterations and fixes that don’t need any extra mention.

The Cherub, with 1 Sex-Animation and 1 Reverse-Animation,
The Nun, with 2 Sex-Animations and 1 Reverse-Animation,
6 level-layouts,
all new animations added into the Gallery,
new Bestiary-Entries for all enemies encountered in the Cathedral


Most of the new stuff that’s in this demo I already outlined in the last post, so I won’t repeat them here. It’s a lot of misc. stuff and also lots of bug-fixes.
And of course, some new Sex-Animations as well. This time around, Anna and Tina get their time to shine; my little take on a cheesy christmas love-story, so to speak… without the christmas part.
You can unlock the new event in the Love-Room after completing the Shrine-Area. You’ll set it in motion once Anna has a big “!” above her head.


There is still a lot to do for the new Area, but the majority of the content is now there.
Similar to how I handled the release of the other Areas so far, I’ll split the content into two/three demos (one would just be too big for this). This is the first of those updates.
All the graphics are done. There is one test Area now in the game, which you can access directly from the Basement once you have beaten the Swamp-Area. If you’re lazy, you can also just use cheats to instantly get there.

This new Area so far includes:
  • The Geisha with two Sex Animations (not new), but with a new attack,
  • The Ninja with two new Sex Animations,
  • The Cow Demon with two new Sex Animations.
I wasn’t really content with my current design for the Wet Woman, so I left her out of this demo for now. The tentacles will also follow in the next demo.
In the Castle-levels you’ll also find the Magician now, with two new Sex-Animations.
So, to summarize, this update includes 3 new Enemies with 6 new Sex-Animations, as well as a new upgrade/attack for Marielle (beat the Swamp-Area to get it).


Win - MEGA

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