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Developer: Tim.E.Pants Games Patreon - Discord
Version: 0.2.1
Release Date: 2020-02-07
Last Updated: 2020-02-25
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Gay (Optional), Trans/futa (Optional), Adventure, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Humor, Graphic violence, Group sex, Handjob, Oral sex, PoV, Trap

Foot fetish, Middle Eastern, Medieval, Viking, Pirate, Muscle girl, Femboy

Exiles is a fantasy adventure taking you from a 1001 Arabian Nights style land to far colder climes across the ocean to the other side of the planet (and maybe off of it) as the fate of the world hangs in the balance! You grew up a penniless orphan on the streets of Dumat al-Julfar, never expecting what fate had in store for you. Taken into the service of a rich patron, you'll rise from lowly servant to epic (at least somewhat) hero! The story doesn't take itself too seriously though. Along the way you'll meet three primary supporting characters/love interests:

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1. Kadijah, a mysterious femme fatale who may know more about what's going on than she lets on. Is she manipulating you or is there something real underneath her facade? - Female

2. Tahir, a surprisingly friendly (and feminine) member of a rival gang. Quick on his feet and quicker with a blade, he's a worthy friend (and perhaps something more?) - Guy/Femboy

3. Astrid, a warrior from the other side of the world serving as a bodyguard for the Sultan and his family. Stoic and taciturn, there's definitely more to her than meets the eye. But can you get her to open up? - Trans

Also there will be banging. I stress that you don't need to get into any sexual situations you aren't comfortable with. Only wanna sleep with Kadijah? That's fine! Only Tahir? Good too. Astrid exclusive? Perfect! All three of them? Sure why not? Sleep exclusively with non-main characters? Maybe! Nobody at all? Not sure yet!

The three primary characters will still exist and contribute to the plot though as they make up the core of your traveling party. There will be plenty of opportunities for "excursions" with side characters across the gender/sex spectrum though. The genders and sexual preferences of some of these flings will be up for voting by patrons.

Current fetishes/sexual situations scheduled for inclusion (will add more as I think them up/dependent on suggestions):
BDSM (consensual)
Straight sex
Gay sex
Trans content
Transformation (of love interests, not main character)
More as I figure out what people are into!

Ch. 1 Complete v0.2.1
Added over 400+ Images
Continuation of story.
Introduction of new love interests

Ch. 1 v0.1a - Initial Release

Developer Notes:
This is the first version of the game I'm releasing. I spent a couple of months learning Ren'Py (Poorly and I have the horrific mess of coding to back it up!) as well as Daz Studio (Hence my terrible lighting skills). The first chapter, of which this is the first half, will be entirely free. I hope people enjoy it and aren't too put off by the humor of the game. Eventual plans include custom music if I can afford it and real animations if I can figure it out!


Win/Lin - MEGA

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