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Tech Devil

Developer: LokiArt Patreon
Version: 0.3.1
Release Date: 2020-04-02
Last Updated: 2020-04-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Big tits, Sex toys, Masturbation, Simulator, Small Tits, Voyeur

The story is played in an alternate universe which is similar to ours. Here your male character who is a university student decides to join in an exchange student program, where two universities from different countries exchange students. These students will spend one semester in their new institution. All of the exchange students will live at a host family and the university decides who will go to which family. The story will focus on the main character's life at the host family. Unfortiunately his name is usually given to girls in this new country and because of this he was put to a host family where they were expecting a female student. And this is where his story will start.

The first round of the release will happen in the next 10 hours so here is the changelog and a lot of boring text.

Okay so…I won’t throw numbers at you like „there are X-times more images and WORDS’N SHIT in this update”, you will see these when you play through. (Btw the file size jumped up by 500mb.)

Let’s talk about what is new in 0.3.0 .
- Continuation of the story for both girls. - No need to explain this.
- Expanded options during the day. - I’ve added some options to do depending on the room you’re in and on the time. Also you will have conversation options for both girls. BUT most of them will open when you reach the end of 0.3’s story. The reason is that you will unlock more and more options to do with the girls as you progress the story. (Idea behind this: Before kissing a girl IRL you should have some sort of connection with her or you will be slapped in the face.) Because of how the story is developing, there are way more options for Lily, but keep in mind, MORE WILL COME later for both girls (I mean a LOT!).
- Branching. - In this update you will have a crucial choice. Depending on what you choose the story with one of the girls will drastically change! (If it's not obvious at first I might change on that.)
- I changed how you trigger most of the events. - It won’t be like in 0.2 where if you completed the requirements of an event it would just trigger and jump there. From now on you will recieve some sort of hint at the end of a conversation and you actually have to go there. I highly advise to read at least the last couple of sentences of the conversation to know „what you should do” or „where you should go”.
-Not a bit deal but there is hidden lust system for the MC. As the day go on you will build up lust which you have to deal with...if you know what I mean. It is based on IRL thinking when there are normal chill days and there are days when you could fuck anything that moves.
- After reading through most of the texts I fixed a lot of grammar issues and at some points I even changed the whole conversation so it will make more sence. But it’s still far from perfect. I'm working on it.

Since I changed how events will trigger please read the texts carefully. It might not perfect and might be confusing at first so here’s some tips:

- For Lily watching movies are crucial! If you think you can’t progress with her just talk to her when she is in the bedroom. Also some of the events are repeatable, doing them might open up new choices and events.
- For Molly most of the events happen after you come home. If you feel you stuck try to talk with her.
- After recieving the „end of the story” message for one of the girls you can do various things with her. Mostly available for Lily.
v0.2.1 Fix

After redoing some of the code I accidentally left a tab in the wrong place and it made Lily's movie night skip to the morning after talking with her. I fixed it and now it is working propperly. I played through the game a couple of times and didn't find any other issue.

Option to change the MC's name.
Changed the events so it will be more clear on what to do next. (Although there will be one somewhat hidden event for Molly) And added some new texts to some so hopefully it will be more clear on what to do.
After finishing all the events for the girls you will receive a text that you have reached the end of the update.
Added two other options for you to advance the ingame time.

FIrst Release


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

509167_509022_L2_mtalk1.png 509168_509020_L6_2bitlip2.png Capturefdhhhdfdhfaafs.jpg Capturegdfhdfhdfhdfiu.jpg Captureggjjggsdsgdsgdyu.jpg Capturejffjffjsgdgsd.jpg Capturejgffjgfjjjfui.jpg L8_horrorsleep2.png L11_10.png L5_6.png L11_18.png M6_8.png L15_21.png L18_take_2.png LGFroom1_talk1.png L20_6_2.png L20_7.png Lpeek5_1v3.png M2_5.png Mshower_dildo_v2_1.png Snappali_fap2.png
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