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Developer: Five Against One Patreon
Version: S1M04 0.4
Release Date: 2020-03-31
Last Updated: 2020-04-01
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, MILF, DILF, Gay, Romance, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Harem, Cheating, Sleep sex, Voyeurism, Sissification (Not the MC), Corruption, Mind control (Hypnosis), Swinging, Futa/trans, Group sex, Handjob, Oral sex, Exhibitionism, Trap

Selectable sexuality, MF, MM, MS, MMF, MMM, MMFF, Straight, Bisexual, Slice of Life, Blowjob, MFF, Seduction, Public Sex, Cuckold, Crossdresser, FILF, Aliens, MSS, Appearance changes, Chubby

For years you have lived your life alone and "very good, thanks!". Enjoying as you want, drinking with friends, sex without commitment, flexible jobs... Until the daily life of your new neighbors begin to remind you of a past that you tried to erase from your life. To make matters worse, it seems like part of your past is about to return to your life. Is this new life compromised? Will you be able to deal with the whole situation? Or... "Isn't a big deal"?

S1M04 0.4
- If you're using "New Game" there's a fix at day 19 but I also fixed the "New Game" about Ivy error.
- Everything will be linear now till 0.6. Everything goes according to past decisions, where's choice it's for your personal taste, don't have any impact in the story.
- A twist bringing "fantasy" to the story.
- As there's no need of WT now I use the change log for tells a little about each day (only about romances/lewd):
--- 16 => [A/S/B] If caught with Scarlett, everything goes fine. All the talk is according to your path and past decisions. [A/S/B] If had sex with Scar, morning sex. if having sex with FRM, morning sex. [A/B/G] if having sex with MRM, morning sex.
--- 19 => [B/G] Ed. [A/S/B] if having sex with Bea, at club and a surprise (depending on your past choices). [A/B/G] Ivy, extended scene if Girlfriend path.
--- 20 => [A/S/B] if no problems with Alice, dawn sex. [A] if you let her enjoy Lyn (do you remember it?), her sissy ex-husband will join (and she will fuck him too and more) if not you may have a chance with him alone later. [A] if problems with Alice, a chance alone with her sissy ex-husband. [G] that chance.
day 16 = 156 images
day 17 = 196 images
day 18 = 113 images
day 19 = 306 images
day 20 = 131 images
0.4 = 902 images + 77 videos
S1M04 v0.3
- A fix for a few players that's having problems in Alejandro paths. Just select No if you didn't had problems.
- Rest = Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise, bitcheeeees! \o/
- GUI improvement.
- We can call this version: 3some version.
- Linear all the time, only 2 paths have 1 or 2 choices to suit your personal taste.
- 80% of the 3somes have prerequisites in past (not the spin-off) choices and/or path.
- And more...
S1M03 v0.6
- Fixed 0.5 bugs
- The conversation with Alien may seem to make no sense, but it does, I just didn't find the best English words to explain what I wanted. Sad but true.
- Davinia is back!
- Peter is back!
- Lucy is back!
- Alejandro Don Juan in this version is for A S B
- Alejandro Best Friend, a new subpath: Cuckold. It's up to you or past decisions.
- Derick (Alice ex-husband transformation).
- And more...

Past v0.7
+470 images [3970 total]
+32 animations/videos (8min) [238 total (1h02m22s)]
S1M03 v0.5
+760 images and +64 animations/videos (15min13sec)
- Fixed 0.4 bugs, errors...
- I will no longer update Filter Mode and will be removed in S1M04, which will not even be able to start a new game. I will explain more in another post.
- The last day would not happen at 0.5, I added because of my delay with you, also the start of Scarlett 2 stage and Ivy girlfriend.
- Some videos I had to further reduce the quality of the game to try to avoid lag, but all non-sex images are of higher quality than the images made so far.
- And I started to change the hairstyle of some characters as I do near the end of the month in the game.
S1M03 v0.4
- Fixed a bug that gives an error if Alpha player didn't accept the male roomate handjob in Fetish Club (DJ Vader). If you are getting this error, load a save before day 6 and fix it at start of day 6. Then, interested or not is up to you. It's a weird solution but better than tell you to play the S1M02 again since was at the end of the S1M02 when I put vars to change old things. Why only Alpha? Alplha romance with him started different from Bi and Gay.
- Consequences (you may like or not) with Donna if you slapped her face .
- Ivy spoiler of her future gf path.
- Some fun with Lyn's new pet.
- Beatrice will go with you to the new house if not Game Over.
- Beginning of Romance by love or lust with Scarlet [A] or
- Beginning of 3some branch with Female and Male roomate if [A] or .
- Beginning of the next stage branch of Male Roomante if [A] or [G].
- Beginning of the next stage branch of Female Roomate if [A] or .
- Freddy confessions [G].
- Mary, fate and biology [A].
- Jenny's whereabout clue.
- Ed corruption 2 [G].
- Ceci is back [A] or .


Win/Lin - MEGA
Incest Patch - MEGA

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