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Developer: Milda Sento - Patreon - Twitter - SubscribeStar
Release Date: 2020-04-27
Last Updated: 2020-05-01
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Incest, MILF, Big tits, Big ass, Shota, Dating sim, Groping, Humor, Voyeurism

A boy back to his countryside to continue his study. Let's follow him to enjoy beautiful rural life.​

* Old saves are not compatible with this version *


- Enable right-click menu (I disable it on the previous version).
- Add quest system.
- "A" to quick open questlog.
- Redraw characters bust.
- Fix the school gate locked bug.

New Content:
- Anna milk the cow. (4 PM)
- Can have some fun with the cow after you learn how to milk.
- Anna H-scene at night when you learn how to milk.
- Daisy's Friday laundry day. (Can take the quest when Daisy in the Barn 7 AM)
- Daisy at the kitchen on Laundry Day.
- You can "dive" when having meal at home now. The image will change according to the character and their outfit.
- Daisy Sleep together. (When Daisy at the mirror)
So I spend the whole morning to remake all of the events in-game and over 9000 checks every event so it would be fine now. This is kind of my un experiment. I'm really sorry about this. Next time I will double-check before its release.
If there are still bugs in this version... I will fix it in the next update.

Add Event Marker to let you when event available.

This is all scene you can do right now:

- Daisy at Daisy's Barn morning.
- Anna changing clothes in the Bathroom at 3 PM on a workday (school day).
- Daisy Mirror at 9 PM and Daisy Sleep at 10 PM in Daisy's Room 20 Friendship points to acquire.
- Anna Sleeps at 22 in Anna's Room 20 Friendship points to acquire.
- 1st school event will start on Monday.
- School Swimming Pool between 4 trees at 1 PM on workday (school day) first event is Betty event, then Peeping event there are 3 images and it's random 1/3 chance.

That should be all of it, the game is still in it dev so nothing much you can do now.
New Map and locations:
- The class will start at 6,7,8 AM (your choice) end at 11 AM. The club will start at 1 PM.
- 3 outside locations: School entrance, Courtyard and Swimming Pool.
- 4 inside locations: School 1st and 2nd Floor, Old Infirmary Room and MC Classroom.

New character:
Ms. Betty, Ms. Emmi, Marie, Brad, and some unfinished characters.

New image and animation:
- 4 images and 2 animations.

Add Event Marker to let you know when the event available. Currently, only in School map, I will add it to Daisy's Farm Map next update.

Future plans:
- So we have a School map and Daisy's Farm map. So I decide to stay here a little bit. Add more characters, more scenes, more locations, ...
- A little bit rework of all images, mostly faces and some drawing issues.
- Fix some bug.
- Increase Anna and Daisy's schedule and conversation as well.
- Add some restrict to prevent players from entering events too early. Increase the Night raid atmosphere.
- Daisy's Farm
- 6 Locations. (For someone wants to explore)
- 1 Location lock for later later on use. (Barn's Room)

- 5 Images.
- 5 Animations. (not include small animations)

*There's a scene you can unlock by increase Daisy's Friendship point. (Mirror)*

- You can now change MC's name.

- Loop increase point choice. (Fixed)
- My bad grammar. (Fixed)
Initial Release

Developer Notes:
Hi. I'm Milda Sento. This is the first release of Daily Lives of My Countryside. I hope you enjoy!
If you find a mistake in the game, please leave a comment describing the issue.
If you have some thoughts, suggestions or even questions - feel free to contact me or leave a comment.
The game will keeps getting better with your help.

- Milda Sento.


Win - MEGA

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