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Tech Devil

Developer: Cr4ck Patreon - TFGameSite
Release Date: 2019-08-28
Last Updated: 2020-03-27
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Language: English
Male Protagonist, Corruption, Lesbian, Male Domination, Pregnancy, Ahegao, Lactation, Mind Control, Rape, Sci-fi, Text Based, Transformation
You're in control of a highly sophisticated virus capable of turning any man into a sex starved beast and any woman into a cock hungry slut within a matter of seconds. You will start of small, corrupting anything you can get your hands on but as your horde of oversexed servants grow you will move onto taking over small towns, cities, countries, continents and eventually the entire world and repopulate it with nothing but mindless slaves who can think of nothing but to fuck. The game mostly focuses on transforming other people around you against their will but does have some self transformation as well.


  • All buildings which previously generated no panic will now always at least generate a bit of panic when infected
  • Lowered the panic generated when infecting the Mechanic, the Post Office and the Pub
  • Increased the panic generated when infecting the College, the Anderson Residence, the Zimmer Residence, the Hairdresser, the Veteran’s Residence, the Abandoned House and the Miller Residence
  • The Radio Station is back solely for functional purposes and can be infected when the proper requirements have been met however it’s still a WIP and as such doesn't have any story/sex scene yet
  • The Church, the Fire Station and the Radio Station will now reduce panic once infected
  • Lowered the amount of cracked gained through breeding and passive location infection
  • Upgrades in chapter 2 can no longer be upgraded immediately for free once the lab has been unlocked
  • Sarah will now gradually offer upgrades to the player over time so be sure to check in with her from time to time if you're finding it hard to infect specific buildings due to upgrade requirements
  • Each upgrade now features conversations between the player and Sarah like they did a while back, each conversation has been updated to make sense for the new/changed upgrades
  • The "Tips and Rumors" option when talking to Sarah has temporarily been disabled while it's getting a revamp (Not to be confused with the "Trivia" option)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from Hibernating properly
  • Main sex scene of the Gas Station in ch1 has been updated
  • Updated the formatting of the Gas Station to lower the amount of clicks needed to get through it
  • Added a Panic System to chapter 2 that increases when infecting certain buildings/locations/people
  • The Panic system is supposed to give some sense of urgency and strategy to the player and cause them to think about which locations to infect first and in which way. Currently only a few locations increase panic as many locations only have one way of infecting them so far but as more of them get fleshed out properly most locations will have some form of panic attached to them upon infection.
  • Worth noting as well is that right now all the upgrades are available as soon as you unlock the HQ lab however this wont be the case in the future where you will instead "purchase" the upgrades from there as you go, allowing more strategy for what to upgrade in order to be able to infect which locations and still keeping the panic low
  • The Radio Station has been temporarily disabled as it's due for a rework and is quite outdated
  • Hotfixed a bug preventing the player from hibernating and effectively locking off a lot of the game


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