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Tech Devil

Developer: Mr.C Patreon
Version: 2.05
Release Date:
Last Updated: 2020-08-29
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
3DCG,Male protagonist, Male domination, Incest, MILF, Corruption, Slave, Harem, Drugs, Mind control, Big ass, Big tits, Exhibitionism, Handjob, Oral sex, Religion, Titfuck, Voyeurism, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Group sex, Mobile game, Pregnancy, Urination, Netori

The girls in the game are becoming increasingly depraved and enslaved. You can see different events for each corruption level.​

- Dr. Anne, Amanda Enslavement Scene
- Slave Amanda Talk scene in Lobby
- Nurses Enslavement Scene
- Slave Dr. Anne Talk scene
- Slave Dr. Anne Patient examination scene
- 'Knock somebody up' scene at Front desk
- New lounge scene
- New Nurse Discipline Scene
- Hospital slaves election support speech scene in cityhall

- Secretary new level scene
- Secretary 'Trap' event scene
- Secretary sex scene
- Newscaster new level scene
- Mayor's family new level scene
- Mayor's family TV interview scene
- A new scene of pregnancy mothers in park
- Julia, Lucy, Lily added to the club bar
- Julia and Twins Slave ceremony scene
- Julia and Twins 'Go shopping' scene (1 animation) in private room
- Julia and Twins 'Family Dinner' scene
- Slave Julia and Twins new talk scene in garden
- Slave Twins 'Play Tennis' scene
- Slave Twins 'Bathing together' scene
- Slave Twins night scene in their room
- Slave Julia 'Gate Show' scene
- Slave Julia 'Go Driving' scene
- Slave Julia night scene in her room
- Slave Jenny and Nicole new scene in living room

- Added Nicole's Gallery
- New Diary system
- New Main title screen
- Computer password: 1546
- Night Living room Jenny and Nicole scene (1 animation)
- Living room scene in daytime (Jenny, Nicole TV interview)
- New Mrs. Simpson's house event scene
- Amy and Bella's mom pregnant sex scene
- Sophia new level scene
- Sophia Talk scene
- Sophia new 'Call Mrs. Robinson' scene
- Mrs. Robinson new level scene
- Emma and Grace 3 new level scene
- Emma and Grace 2 daytime scenes
- Mrs. Robinson 3 nighttime scenes
- Added 'Day Pass' menu in MC's room
- Added Gallery system in MC's computer (Only Jenny now)
- New Characters: Emma and Grace ( First meeting at Mrs. Robinson's house)
- Computer password: 1546
- Dana and Becky Slave event scene
- Melissa Family Pole dance scene in Utopia stage
- Melissa Family pool date scene (1 animation)
- Melissa entertain guests scene in my club
- Dana entertain guests scene in my club
- Becky entertain guests scene in my club
- Michelle open-up scene in my club
- Mrs. Simpson open-up scene in my club
- Resident area wives new scene (Need new item of adult shop)
- Dana and Becky 'Go out' scene in day time
- Slave Melissa family dinner scene in evening time
- New playground scene after 'Pet Play' with slave Maria
- Added Michelle in my club mini-game
- Added Mrs. Simpson in my club mini-game
- Added Melissa family in my club bar
-Mrs. Simpson Slave Event
-Mrs. Simpson Slave Initiation Scene
-Mrs. Simpson Talk Event
-Mrs. Simpson Class Inspection Scene
-Mrs. Simpson Yoga Private Room Scene
-Melissa (Principal) Slave Event
-Melissa Talk Event
-New Staff Meeting Event/Teacher Enslavement Scene
-New Morning Assembly Event/Student Enslavement Scene
-School Support Campaign Speech Scene
-Lifeguard Slave Scene
-Girls in Principal's Office Impregnation Scene
-Girls in Principal's Office Pregnancy Announcement Event
-New School Hall Scene w/ Pregnant Girls from Principal's Office
-New School Toilet Scene
-New Gym Scene
-New Computer Room Scene
-New Pool Scene
-New Lifeguard Scene

New CG: 119
Newbies' mom new level scene
- Newbies' mom new jail scenes
- Newbies' mom blow job scene
- Newbies' mom slave scene
- Newbies' mom pregnant scene
- New campaign support speech scene
- New scene of Mrs. Simpsons' house
- New scene at convenience store
- Election Broadcasting Debate on TV-Station
- Michelle cycling scene in a private room
- New airport and in-flight scenes
- Private room Michelle bug fixed
Introduction of New Characters:
Bella's (Police Newbie) Father and Mother
Amy's (Police Newbie) Father and Mother

New Location:
Bella's House

-Police Chief Newbie Training Scene
-Michelle Newbie Street Patrol Scene
-Michelle Slave Event Scene
-Michelle Private Room (No Scene Yet)
-Police Chief Slave Event Scene
-Police Chief Officer Convene Scene
-Michelle Newbie Street Patrol Scene
-Look for Newbies Scene
-Bella and Amy's Mom Corruption Scene
-Bella and Amy spanked in front of moms.
-Bella and Amy's moms kiss in front of dads.
-Bella and Amy spank their moms.

Each scene is very short, and thus is a standard update for Mr.C. Not large but enough to string along his patrons.
Total CG added: 144
-Mrs. Robinson new level scene
-Mrs. Robinson house work help scene
-Mrs. Robinson night drinking scene
-Mrs. Robinson new animation
-New elevator scene
-New fast-food restaurant scene
-Slave Jenny and Nicole visiting grandma scene in living room
-Sophia new level scene
-Sophia, Jenny and Nicole caress animation
-Sophia new kiss scene
-Sophia and Mrs. Robinson meeting scene
-Added mayor story line in City hall and mayor's mansion
Computer password: 1546
v1.55 Bugfix
Michelle new level scene
Michelle street patrol newbies training scene
Michelle subway patrol newbies training scene
Chief gas-potion event scene
Amy punishment event scene
Bella punishment event scene
New jail event scene
Look for newbies scene
New subway women-only car scene
Increased computer bonus money
New character: Amy, Bella
New world map: TV station
New MC's room menu: Watch TV
Computer password: 1546

Console codes:
Computer password: 1546

To open the Console press Shift+O then type the command and press Enter.
To get the console if you don't have it I recommend using UnRen because it's easy to use and it offers more options.

change the "x" with the number you want
money = x
day = x (by adding or removing days you change the days of the week, for example if you want to always have "Monday" and you have lets say 421 days and you are at "Night" set the day to 420 and do what ever you like to pass the night and in the morning you'll be at day 421 on Monday morning)
time = x
were x is :
1 for "Morning"
2 for "Afternoon"
3 for "Evening"
4 for "Night"

potion = x
gas_potion = x

Internet Mod:
Replace the comp.rpyc file in the game directory.
You can access the cheat menu via the computer in your room, just click the "bonus folder" icon in the top-left corner.
You can cheat money, potions, change your name and edit stats of all characters, including the bar hostess and Alice (the store girl). The sex values are set so you can view the transition scenes easily, for instance, if you set a character to level 2 and give them a potion, you'll see the transition scene 2->3 unless it isn't implemented yet.

The script is designed to work in future versions as well, just make a backup copy of the original "com.rpyc" in case it doesn't.


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