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Developer: Sid Valentine Patreon
Release Date: 2020-01-20
Last Updated: 2020-01-22
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other game: Staying With Aunt Katie Cursed
3DCG, Male protagonist, Corruption, Voyeurism, Blackmail, Incest, Big tits, Bukkake, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Titfuck, Sleep sex, Pregnancy, Masturbation, Cheating, Drugs, Groping, Group sex, Rape, Exhibitionism

You play as Calvin who now lives with his niece Megan, and the goal is to corrupt her. It's a fairly modest game. While it's technically an RPG Maker MV game it plays nothing like a regular RPG as it is pretty much purely menu based with a point-and-click system.

- After you've seen both the cafe BJ and the store sex mall scenes then the next time you go to leave Calvin's room during the Noon period and you choose to take Susan to the mall a new option will open up: having sex in the alley.
- After you've seen the mall alley sex scene then the next time you choose to call up Susan during the midnight period you should get the option to do either the usual living room sex scene or a new one.
- Repeatable versions of the above.
- Fixed a few issues people reported over the last few months.
- Cafe blowjob & store sex scenes. After you've seen the repeatable version of Susan's office sex scene (if you've already seen it you'll have to go through it again to activate a newly added trigger) then the next time you go to visit Susan (via clicking on the 'Door' tag in Calvin & Megan's room during the Noon period) you'll take Susan to the mall and get a choice between one of those two.
- Repeatable version of the above. After you've done the first mall scene then anytime you go to visit Susan at work during the Noon period you'll get the option of having sex in her office or going to the mall with her.
- Office sex scene. To see this you'll have to do the repeatable version of the late night living room sex scene with Susan again (I've added a new trigger to it at the end). After that, in the Noon period, an event should automatically play that has Calvin going to Susan's office.
- Repeatable version of the office scene. After you've seen the above then when you go to call Susan you should get the option of either visiting her at her office or having her come home for her usual, older scenes.
- Living room sex scene. After you've seen the office scene then the next time you go into the living room at night a scene should automatically play.
- Repeatable living room scene. After you've seen the above then the next time you go into the living room at night you should get a choice about whether or not Megan is there. If you select that she isn't then the repeatable version will play. If you select that Megan is there then you'll be able to do Megan's usual late night living room scenes.
- Group sex prostitution scene.
- Continuous sex prostitution scene.
- To see the above two scenes you'll need to do the repeatable regular sex prostitution scene. If you've already done that one you'll have to do go through it again as I added a new trigger at the end. Afterwards once you go to the mall with Megan a new scene should play with Calvin bringing up the idea of her doing multiple guys at once. Both scenes turned out pretty long, with the continuous one having six pictures.
- Prostitution Titjob. It's now part of the list of prostitution services Megan can do at the mall alongside blowjob and handjob.
- Prostitution regular sex. There's now a hidden counter to how often Megan prostitutes herself. Once it reaches three (by doing any of the handjob, blowjob, or titjob prostitution events; doesn't matter which you do so long as you do three) a new event will pop up when you go to prostitute Megan at the mall. Calvin will ask if she's ready to have sex and you can answer yes, which will unlock the new sex scene and later group sex events, or answer no, which will lock Megan into just the handjob, titjob, and blowjob events.
- After doing the above then you'll be able to select 'sex' from the list of Megan's prostitution options at the mall.
- Re-worked the triggers needed to start the prostitution event-chain. You'll now need to turn on the prostitution content (which will now automatically be set ON during a one-time background auto-event during the morning in Megan's bedroom; after that you can turn it on or off in the content options menu) and you'll need to have done Megan's repeatable missionary sex scene. If you're at the point where you can have repeatable sex with Megan without a condom, then when you click on Calvin's bed and call Megan over for sex, select the 'Missionary' sex option (which requires her lust to be at 100) and the trigger will turn on at the end of the event, no matter what options you pick during it (condom on or off, cumming inside or outside). After all that go to the mall and everything should start. If the prostitution content was already working for you then you probably won't have to worry about any of this.
- When you go to select the prostitution options in the content options menu you should now get a message as to whether you have the content triggered on or off.

After reading various changelogs and posts here, decided to write up a general guide on how to advance the game. There are no stat numbers listed here on 'when does she do this?', as the way to advance events should be explained in the guide. While there are some number requirements, especially for Susan, in general it is better to find any events you haven't seen yet until you have done everything, and then repeating any events that raise points by a lot.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Buying aphrodisiacs can cause unfortunate circumstances as you won't have a choice of whether you want to use them or not in a certain scene and there is a good chance you can just game over if your suspicion is too high and you aren't prepared. Only buy items when you need them, with the exception of the waterproof camera as you should buy that asap. Items can be purchased from the computer after a few days.**

General guide/tips to advance the game:

1: Money is required to advance the game and as such should be a top priority, especially early on. If you get kicked out for being broke, that sucks. Affection, Lust, and Lewd are all great to advance, but keep in mind that Affection seems to have minimal importance (buying stuff at the mall will easily raise it and my file ended with it 'only' being 500 or so), Lust caps at 100 (and is mostly only required for scenes where she orgasms), and Lewd is great for any scene where you are the dominant (such as blowjobs). Fortunately, you apparently have a healthy diet or take drugs when no one is looking, and there is 0 limit to how often you can 'perform'.

2: Going to the mall with Megan (the daughter) and buying her stuff will get you 'favor points', these can be used to initiate adult scenes that she may not be comfortable doing otherwise. The best overall item to buy is the new game system for $200 for 50 favor points, but if you want an 'infinite' amount with as little working as possible, starting the morning off with complex work and going to the mall immediately, you can buy all of the clothes she wants for $165 and earn 42 favor, meaning you gain $10 profit every day (not enough to avoid being kicked out, but you aren't losing money every time at least)

3: That last part is important because in order to advance the scenes, you NEED to see specific scenes in some kind of order. While raising stats is important, you can have 50 billion in lewdness, she still will be shy if she sees you naked in the shower. Checking the shower cameras does not pass time unless a new event is seen, and you'll need to see her masturbate until she gets to the point where she says your name so keep checking when you can. As a note, you can engage in any possible repeat sex scenes/"training" (such as kissing/groping), by clicking on your bed outside of early morning/late night and selecting it as an option. While these are great for raising stats and generally enjoying the scenes, they should be done 'at least' once just to check off any kind of event tracker just to be safe.

4: The shower and Megan's Room, if you click on 'menu' in the bottom right, are the two places where you can perform these 'favors'. I have not seen any in the living room, kitchen, and aside from the eventual bathroom addition at the mall they don't seem to be anywhere else. She will never turn down a favor, though she may not feel up to sticking the whole time if she isn't lusty enough and she may oppose doing certain things even as a favor like stripping her underwear and lose affection. (side note: shower favors don't seem to have numbers, but I think 'chest' is around 30, and 'full body' is around 100-120)

5: While the taste test and strip are something most of you found already in the bedroom as favors and are likely required, the big event most of you are missing is in the shower where you have a favor to wash her chest. After this, you will see just how fast the game snowballs as it tosses you all the events you were wondering about. After you wash her chest, you can now bathe with her properly and do a 'full body wash' (which as noted previously, is 100+ favor), both of these may be required to continue.

6: Megan has to reach a certain level of corruption/sex in order to start with Susan (the mother). Eventually you can drug Megan in the evening (to purchase drugs or other items for you to use, click on the computer and click "order items") and have sex with her (taking a massive suspicion hit), but if you start to notice that you can't do it anymore, it's because she disliked you cumming inside without her permission. Buy a condom and ask again.**

7: Once you've had protected sex with Megan, you can prompt her for sex in the shower (I think it was just 'bathe with Megan', but may be a favor), at which point you are well on your way as afterwards she'll accept sex without a condom and she may be willing to have sex every night if you click on her while she's sitting on her bed at night by this point.

8: !WARNING!Going to the living room after Megan is corrupted to a certain point will cause you to perform actions that are extremely 'suspicious', as there is no time left in the day after this and it is impossible to reduce before bed. On a similar note, Megan giving you a blowjob in her room when she's watching TV will also raise suspicion... for some reason. This is unlike all other events in her room aside from first time sex, and since you can just ask for a blowjob at any time anyway by this point this seems pointless unless you specifically like the idea of being on the couch watching a movie and getting a blowjob. Event may be required seeing at least once in order to kickstart further stuff so see once if you can, just be advised on suspicion.**

9: Once you corrupt Megan enough, Susan's stuff is extremely straightforward and you can read the changelog to see the 'guide', but the general gist is that you need to overhear about a "James" in the living room in the morning *AFTER* your character spies on her in the shower (random event after Megan's corrupt enough I think, she will be masturbating, this is not the event where you see her shower in the morning). From there, follow what your character says, just know that until Susan is drugged completely and giving you a titjob/up for sex, you will incur massive suspicion hits. You can call Susan from "Cal's Stuff" when Megan is on the couch in her room, and eventually during the night when you can't leave the room and Megan is sitting on her bed.**

10: At some point you'll be prompted to put aphrodisiacs into the food during the evening so that you can initiate threesomes. You can basically do anything in the game once this is achieved.

**Misc Suspicion tips:

1: Clicking on 'Menu' will show you what day it is in the week. Due to some insane reason, your suspicion drops down to 0 NO MATTER WHAT as long as you can pay on time. As such, if you are high on suspicion and concerned, you can do whatever you want on day 6, including massive hits to suspicion like early parts of Susan's corruption or full-blown sex in the living room, but as long as you have $350 by the next day, you'll lose all suspicion and be in the clear.

2: If you are wanting to do these before you get to that point, know that having affection with Megan will usually help clean the dishes for -8 suspicion, family dinner will be -10, and watching in the living room (any time in the morning or late night IF Megan isn't corrupted enough... though you should not need to go to the living room at night for suspicion reasons) for a whopping -12. Later in the game you won't be able to do the living room as you'll have to drug Susan in the kitchen before she goes into work and by that point at night Megan will be too lewd to the point of you gaining suspicion, as there is no way to not have some kind of sex by that point.

3: Applying any drugs to food, such as sleeping pills at night to have sex with megan while she's in bed asleep, or the aphrodisiacs, will raise suspicion some. The more you apply, the more you get.

Glad you got to the end but wondering if there's some event you missed? Well, here are some things that don't have any followup in this section I call:
"Is that all there is to ____?"
1: As far as I'm aware, you cannot have sex with Megan in the kitchen, nor can you enter her shower while she is in there by herself. If her affection is high enough and she's already in the kitchen, she seems to always help with dishes.

2: Aside from the masturbation scenes that you have to see, there does not seem to be any reason to check the shower cameras once Megan calls your name, and once Susan calls out James.

3: You do not see James again, nor can you do anything with Kevin (the father), at least not directly (you do drug him as part of Susan's corruption, but you never see the results and it's just to keep him limp)

4: While some events do change depending on how lewd/drugged the characters are, please know that the two favors in the bedroom (taste test and strip) do NOT seem to change no matter how lewd Megan is. She can be naked in the shower with her mom as they both get drilled, and she will still be shy about stripping. Similarly, no matter how much you work on her shoulders with that back massage, it never goes further.

5: There are no special events at the mall as far as I've seen, and purchasing items for Megan does not seem to do anything aside from favor points (i.e. buying her a game system won't unlock events where she plays Mega Hop Siblings with you, nor will buying her new clothes change the ones she has). Also, there is no event where you mess with her in the cafe or do something in the changing rooms.

6: Depending on how early you get to threesomes, you may have a lot of time left. This is mostly free time, but as far as I'm aware the threesomes are the 'final' hurdle in the game, so you can do whatever. If you just want to skip to the end by that point, work complex jobs on the computer as they advance the most time, then spend the rest of your time doing whatever you want.

7: Sleeping Megan, as in early in the morning while she's lying in bed, can be drugged with sleeping pills the night before and done. As she is not up for these events, I don't believe they are required for advancing the plot. Since she's not willing to have sex at that time, you also can't ask for sex or perform sex on her while she's asleep. That said, there is a work around where, if you go into the shower, you can still call her in.

8: You can spy on Megan and masturbate to her either when she's waking up in the morning or when she's going to sleep at night and getting dressed. This is the closest you can get to sex at night super early in the game, but if you get 'caught' you take a 15 suspicion hit. There is nothing else to the event and even a fully lewded Megan won't take your spying any further, only point of the scene is to see her strip as she doesn't even get any stat changes herself.


Win - MEGA
Linux (1.0) - MEGA
Web (1.0) - MEGA

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