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Developer: Balthamel Patreon - TFGameSite
Release Date: 2020-06-01
Last Updated: 2020-6-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
2D Game, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Transformation, Very Big Tits, MILF, Domination/Submission, Bimbos
In a future where job opportunities are seemingly endless one man is having trouble finding a respectable career. With colleges and universities strung all across the galaxy, surely there's at least one school that will accept this social outcast...
CNT University! is an RPG blending CYOA elements of story progression following Harold Cummings on a journey through his education at a school specializing in transforming "plain Jane" into busty bimbos! Still confused as to how Harold is accepted into an all girls' university? Surely, no one would try to trap Harold in his own sexual fantasy...

I've combed through everything and I've corrected the other bugs I found in the game. I apologize but I have to ask you to please start a new game (just to ensure you don't carry any bad data with you).
-I've been playing with some plugins and the results for better (or worse) are for you to decide and give your feedback on. You social status is now displayed in the upper right, and you also can scroll through stats to see what level your skills are at.
-Social Status: like currency, consists of Hearts, Belles and Bows. Hearts are by far more prolific than the others, but all of these are needed to cash in to complete your classes. These are usually achieved by "romantic" acts with your liaisons and some faculty.
-Skill Achievements: are not quite visible but at critical story points (mainly the Wet T-Shirt Contest), the character's skill levels will become an important deciding factor in how well the character succeeds. FYI, there is a slim chance of beating Pink Hart to #1 place in the contest. Skill achievements may require further adjustment after successive play throughs and feedback.
-CYOA: I've added many more dialog options. Some may appear based on your Bimbo, Nerd or Skill level. Some are there to add background details or an opportunity to raise a particular skill level. As part of this, players now have the ability to decide how they move from one class to the next in their day. Options include bathroom, listen to gossip or simply move on to your next class but are meant to offer more flavor and the possibility of skill improvement through exploration.
-Dialog companions: Saturnxart has been working furiously to bring us dialog companions, which I have begun to implement in this edition. I will attempt to work these figures in to accompany the dialog heads which provide a full body profile (much like the attached image). The can mainly be found in the library, and talking to Tiffany to sign up for the Wet T-Shirt Contest in the university foyer on Saturday.
-Tattoos: have now been added thanks to the amazing work of Saturnxart. Presently, the player has a choice of 3 different tattoos for their breasts. Saturn and I will continue to discuss tattoo and piercing options for future updates.
-Locations: the Ink Pot tattoo parlor, Wet HEAT Apparel masturbation parlor, CNT elevator, CNT Library and weekend locations have been added with additional content.
-End of Content is shortly after the Wet T-Shirt Contest. Monday of week 2 has not been written (much to my dismay). My goal is to complete two or three more weeks at CNT, give the main character a break to go home and visit their Mother, and after arriving for the next "year" receive her next upgrades. The framework for all of that, and the sandbox feel of CNT have been a major part of this update.
No doubt you will discover bugs, the first of which to be fixed is the club over the weekend where the Honey Squad table and the dance floor glitch out a bit. Any glitches will be fixed by the beginning of December in addition to a lovely piece of artwork Saturnxart is finishing fro the Wet T-Shirt Contest.
-Artwork by Saturnxart:
Classroom, Cafeteria, Masturbation, Yoga and Clubwear artwork added.
-A new introduction for the game (this among other things will require a new game).
-The Weekly system:
The system starts off on Monday and the player has the ability to determine the level of effort the character makes in their school studies. Maximum effort will increase Bimbo, sex drive and various skills. Minimum effort will prevent accruing Bimbo points but without a minimum level of participation you may end up going to the Weaver.
The Weekly system wraps up Saturday with a conclusion as to how your week progressed on a good/passable/fail resulting in dialog for each result. Think of it as a d6 result: 1-2 is a fail, 3-5 is passable and a 6 is good (critical success!).
Numerous class scenes are a part of the weekly system.
-Added new romantic encounters Monday night at The Water Nymph.
-Added texting/sexting during class time depending on who your character has sex or a crush with.
-You've got a letter from Mom.
-If you're friends with Jojo it's possible to learn a little more about your school.
-Various dialog and logic corrections.
The files for CNT should not be saving in the CNT folder (for the greater good). If you are having save issues please message me and I will look into it.
-Completed the girls first night out at the Water Nymph
Can unlock Elijah as a romantic interest (this will eventually offer the ability to change your major, marry Elijah or undo the transformation at the end of the game. This is where it all of that begins.)
Can slut it up with Caleb, Brett or Elijah (but not Alex).
-fixed more bugs
-added artwork for Amber's face and Jordan's face (good improvements).
-preparing launch into the First Semester.
Developer Notes:
CNT Development Conversations...
This is a link and a repost of my response to a conversation regarding the direction I've taken with CNT University! I think it's relevant but more importantly I just wanted to share with all of you what I've said on the matter, the link is below:
I wholeheartedly agree that for now it is mostly story, in fact the direction I see this going in is a CYOA story adventure built from RPG Maker MV because It would be outside of my wheelhouse to learn a coding language and use that instead.
The “game” requires a few components that I’m still trying to figure out how to implement: the class and education system, the social networking system, and the dating/romance system. Together all three systems are meant to bring outrageous sexual situations together with outrageously busty girls in a context that normalizes their behavior.
Collecting boyfriends and girlfriends to increase points in order to out do your classmates and other fields of study. It’s a pretty big scope for me to develop these mechanisms in the background but presently there are 3 boyfriends available, the currency system for social networking has just been developed and i’m working to take what I have of the weekly class system and open up the school so the game has more player control. (With bugs).
Again, I appreciate your feedback. I get that some people just don’t like “eggplant” but I’m excited for the slow and somewhat awkward progress I’ve made on this game, and where I want to take it in the months to come!

For version .04a you will need to start a New Game


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android/iOS - MEGA

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