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Tech Devil

Developer: Team Nimbus Patreon
Release Date: 2020-06-08
Last Updated: 2020-06-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Furry, Simulator, Farming, Animated, Big tits, Oral sex, Incest, Futa/trans, Monster, Vaginal sex, Monster girl, Anal sex, Pregnancy, Combat, Management, Gay, Lesbian, Strategy
Cloud Meadow is a hybrid farming sim dungeon crawler, where the player can choose the solitude of a quiet sky high farm or the rushing adrenaline of a raging battle inside abandoned ruins, both of which benefit one another. Experience thrilling turn based combat versus a variety of enemies, using your own raised monsters, allies and an array of skills. Explore a huge variety of locations and hidden areas throughout the ever expansive world of Cloud Meadow. Among the three major towns the player will be able to fully navigate through it to discover quests, new npcs , stories and the lore behind the game. Farm to your hearts content and exchange your produce for goods and services, complete quests and raise your farms production! Breed and discover a large variety of monsters whom you can breed with one another AND breed with!

Updated dialogue containing misleading about farming.
Giev’s quest no longer requires completion of the market day quest.

Fixed a typo in Yonten’s dialogue
Fixed Cloverton music playing during the market day event after leaving Giev's tower
Fixed Construction window having slots tied together.
Fixed save slots showing the floors as 0 indexed instead of 1 indexed.
Fixed Job Board being inaccessible
Fixed Construction window showing the wrong amounts when you don’t have enough material for construction
Fixed Construction window not updating visuals when building or upgrade a field.
Fixed sprite sex not receiving lighting as it should.
Fixed inventory window items not being aligned with the top.

v0.03.17 a
Fixed some animations not loading correctly
Fixed some UI window not opening
Fixed the Market Day not appearing
Fixed monsters not loading in the barn
Fixed a bunch of exceptions being thrown throughout the game.

Added Female Wolf to combat
Added Female Centaur to combat
Added Male Cat to combat
Added Male Holstaur to combat
Added Kreyton combat overhaul

Using consumable items in combat will now incur an end of turn
Improved Fio's combat UI
Fio's relevant ability cooldowns will reset when rolling a jackpot (1 ability reset) or rigged roll (all abilities reset)

Fixed bugs that prevented progress on the tutorial week story
Fixed tutorial quests playing again each season
Fixed some items missing an icon.
Fixed some items not having a description
Fixed some typos
Fixed some animations not playing correctly
Fixed talking to the captain before talking to Jubelle causing a softlock
Fixed items in some shops showing a quantity of 1 instead of the correct amount.
  • Fixed a bug with dialogue not reading if statements correctly
  • Fixed construction window having visual issues on some resolutions
  • Fixed some z-sorting with the broken down farm
  • Fixed one of Ev’s animations not having it pivot set correctly
  • Fixed incubator window not closing when adding the egg during the dialogue with Jubelle
  • Fixed monster emoticons being super offset.
  • Fixed the the lighting at 7am being too dark
  • Fixed the calendar showing incorrect information
  • Fixed farm expansions not loading sometimes
  • Fixed exiting the wizard tower spawning the player too close to the door.
  • Fixed not being able to interact with the egg seller
  • Fixed not being able to interact with Valpongis
  • Adjusted the placement of stands so they block the player less.
  • Fixes issues in Vodan’s dialogue
  • Fixed issues in Rekk’s dialogue
  • Fixed Kreyton, Jaero, and Camellia’s dialogue having a bug with them.
  • Fixed Fio not unlocking HDs in the correct spot.
  • Fixed Jubelle following the player around at the market day
  • Fixed issues when skipping the tutorial week.
  • Fixed it raining on the farming day and preventing the player from completing the farming quests.
  • Added Fio X Evan HD scene
  • Added a small level scroll towards the bottom of the screen when you arrive at an area.
  • Added recruitment dialogue on day 5 for Jaero, Camellia, and Kreyton

  • Fixed an issue with the texture swap shader
  • Fixed Evan X Female Centaur not setting itself to use the palette shader
  • Fixed a quest trying to complete the wrong quest
  • Potentially fixed not being able to expand the farm.
  • Added the Market Day, comes every weekend, and removed rotating weekly merchants and contests for now
  • Reworked the lighting engine
  • Added quests telling you that the tutorial day is done and you can rest.
  • Added an always run toggle to the options menu. When in this mode Shift will bring you down to walk speed.

  • Updated the player’s sprite model
  • Updated animation timing on walk cycles
  • Slight visual changes to the dialogue window

  • Minor dialogue window fixes
  • Minor weather fx fixes
  • Fixed drakeheart not being stackable
  • Fixed a z-sorting issue with the rundown farm.
  • Fixed Giev not expanding the farm
  • Fixed being able to open the options menu and interact with NPCs during a level scroll.
  • Fixed not getting quests after dialogue in some cases.
  • Fio's jackpot should now reset her cooldowns for that ability
  • Improved party followers and their speed and distancing to better match the player.
  • Expanded the dialogue with montalvo to explain traits.

  • Resolved issue where units entering combat with a Dungeon buff would cause an instant defeat
  • Some enemy units were missing a sleeping animation, making them difficult to target
  • Goldra's Regrouping should appear in the correct position relative to the target
  • Camellia's missing abilities were restored
  • Fixed quests not adding and removing correctly.
  • Fixed some dialogue errors
  • Fixed the code not unlocking the album when using it from the album
  • Potentially fixed giev not expanding your farm.
Fixed some spelling and grammar issues in dialogue
[*]Fixed the foreman following the player around after the dialogue
[*]Fixed Katarina Station NPCs using the old interaction system.
[*]Fixed the ripper fight not working
[*]Fixed the KS captian not returning you to Cloverton
[*]Fixed quests not adding/completing from UI properly.
[*]Fixed not being able to close the sex scene in the album via Q or ESC
[*]Fixed white box in the inventory UI
[*]Fixed Jubelle not being by the door when she should be.
[*]Fixed Kreyton animating in the wrong direction
[*]Fixed issues with cat event dialogue and having it lock the game up.
  • Added a new cheat to get all of harvest and groceries, found in the options window.
  • Added the tutorial week story into the game.

  • Goldra NPC combat reworked: attack abilities will trigger Goldra's speed demon test, gaining successive stacks to build combat bonuses.
  • Dragon attacks apply a minor burn debuff instead of a flat damage bonus
  • Minor combat bars & buff tooltip improvements
  • Improved alignment of some HD scenes in the album
  • Loading screen graphical improvements
  • Dialogue window graphical improvements
  • Better 1080p resolution support (some UI will permanently appear smaller than usual)
  • Better support for ultrawide monitors
  • Overworld UI frame improvements - new weather indicator & quick save (pull the chain!)
  • New generic combat sound fx, in place until full combat sfx integration
  • Combat Health Bar & Buff icon animation improvements

  • Fixed dirt turning into a dead crop
  • Fixed typos, grammar, and dialogue flow in various dialogues
  • Fixed Dire & Argontel using old sprites
  • Fixed some of the objects showing the interact flag
  • Fixed not being able to turn off certain types of scenes
  • Ev's Genodriver should no longer be accessible before being unlocked via exploit
  • Combat floating digits should scale properly to the current resolution
  • Leaving combat during fast-forward should restore game speed to normal
  • Fixed female cat and Camellia HDs not setting the gender correctly
  • Combat unit UI overlapping, visibility & tooltip issues resolved
  • Max HP Up buff will now expire only after the buff wears off, instead of immediately when the extra health is lost
  • Yonten's Axe/Hammer throw was showing the wrong weapon sprites
  • Combat debuffs that can naturally fail (not dodged/resisted) will show a "Fizzle" message instead of "Resist" or no indication
  • Added an evil theme that appears in various plays.

  • NPCs have the highlight when you can interact with them.

  • Fixed the game starting at midnight
  • Fixed being able to open a UI right before cloverton level scroll and having it up the entire time.
  • Fixed some of the NPCs showing the interact flag
  • Fixed issues in Pondopulous’s dialogue
  • Fixed issues in Kellam’s dialogue
  • Fixed issues in Other dialogues
  • Fixed the code not working in some cases.
  • Fixed dialogue portraits not rendering when they should.
  • Fixed the union marine showing up as UnionSoldie
  • Fixed not being able to talk to the merchant in the monarch inn.
  • Fixed some issues with quests not triggering/completing correctly
  • Added Fio X Eve HD
  • Added Cloverton Night music
  • Added Farm Night music
  • Added sleep jingles
  • Added a new interaction bubble for all dialogue
  • Added introductions to a variety of minor NPCs on Day 1
  • Fully Implemented farming traits.
  • Fixed some old interactions message still existing
  • Fixed some missing sprites from the new Monarch Inn
  • Fixed the mark of creativity and the Drakeheart not having an icon.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with traits referring to both grade and rank on common traits.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would fertilize more crops than they should.
  • Fixed the outline of the player not matching the player in some cases.
  • Fixed Camellia’s overworld sprite being invisible.
  • Fixed upgrading fields thinking you are also building a building.
  • Fixed monsters not returning to the list of monsters if you try to breed only 1 monster.
  • Fixed passing out on the farm not placing the player in the right spot.
  • Fixed cat event not triggering correctly

Album Codes:
Cheat code: Trash Panda

Old codes:
UnlockAllCode = "Mop Diva";
UnlockAllCode = "Scribble Owl";
UnlockAllCode = "Sprites Sprites Everywhere";
GodMode = "What Is Damage";
MoneyCode = "Money Money Money";
CombatCode = "Take Me To Fight";
ResetCode = "Reset";


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