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Tech Devil

Developer: Blade7 Patreon - Twitter
Version: 0.65
Release Date: 2020-08-18
Last Updated: 2020-08-29
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Cheating, Blackmail, NTR, Corruption, Incest, Bestiality, Masturbation, Abuse, Humiliation, Rape, Cuckold, Hardcore, Big tits, Big tits, Swinging, Anal sex, Oral sex, Big ass, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism

[Click on Straight path if you dont want NTR
Story of a husband and wife with multiple paths/timelines where different choices impact where the story will go
you might have to play multiple times to get all of the content :) not necessary but it helps understand the story

Story :- Nisha and Brendan have been married since 10+ years slowly growing apart Husband ( brendan ) wants to continue the marriage dont want to let Nisha go but Nisha has different plans she is bored from her 10+ Years of Vanilla Life style and wants to try Different things ( mostly fuck everybody ) but is she going to enjoy it or not its up to you

v0.65 august 18th

v0.6.1 june 15th
you will have to play straight path from the start again to enjoy this update fully straight path story is now fully added into the game and that is a seprate timeline where brendan made different choices which leads to different results

if brendan says yes to nisha inviting family > different scene >you can take any of the girls available to dinner > every girl has different scene > there are many other small choices and every choice will impact hugely... you will have to play straight path multiple times to get all 200+ CGIs and animations

200+ new cgi
3 normal animations
2 HQ animations with 100+ frames
check discord for further information and 0.7 is underway already and its a 100% NTR update

Version 0.5 May
new characters
Alina jones ( sister )
Julia jones ( mother )
angelina ( actress )

introduction and set up of straight path for the game
different outcome/timeline of nisha and alex cheating scene
follow up of how their lifes change after that scene
setup for entry of alina/julia into the story
brendon's success at working changing his personality
Version 0.4.3 Feburary 25
new characters
liam ( father in law introduced )
Jake owner of studio introduced
Rupert ( DOG ) / pet of chris introduced
new scenes
many sex scenes/adultscenes
there are many bonus scenes that you can not see all in one playthrough so you will have to play game couple of times
only progressed cuck path further but it good news for other fetish lovers is that next update we are working on other paths now
Version 0.3.1 October 23
Game completely rebuild in renpy
all the previous game progress converted into renpy now
progress the story
introduction of new characters
Boss ( chris thompson )
Boss's wife ( jia thompson )
alot of new locations not much content in them right now but for future of the game we finally have a city map with builds and their own events inside them
Version 0.2.7 August 28
added character info page
you can now see your stats and how many points you have on each stat
added 2 more scenes
2 more animation ( proper animations ) one of the animation has 140 frames
added many new CGS
new scene with james
new scene with brendan
added a quicktime event where you have to click fast on screen
3 bad endings
fixed many bugs
removed alot of zoom ins
Version 0.2 August 16
60+ CGS Images ( only of models not including other objects )
4 animated scenes [ small looped animation ] [ in future probably will have much better animation]
many branches of the story right now [ not completed ofc this is only 0.2 but you can get the idea]
you need to have enough amount of depravity /cuckold/hardcore to get special scenes which are in screenshot
also James ( Step brother of Nisha rose ) introduced into the game ( just the introduction no scenes with him)
his story is that he is midget and looks small but isnt and he is totally legal age (>_>) he will be second character that you will control
and his depravity and creepiness is at whole another level so watch out for it

Stats introduced in the game ( hidden atm working on Character Screen where you can see how many times and who fucked her )
3 base stats of the game are [ Cuckold level , Depravity level , Hardcore Level]

Level 4 cuck = unlocks Bring Friends next time scene
Level 2 Depravity = unlocks Deep throat
Level 2 Hardcore = unlocks Back Breaker Sex Scene

Version 0.1

Future Updates and Road map for the Game
update 0.1 = introduction of cuck husband
update 0.2 = alex the home wrecker
update 0.3 = step brother james enters
update 0.4 = step father enter the game
update 0.5 = Nisha sister enters the game

update 0.6 = Sister corruption by one of the controlled character( Nisha will not be the main focus of the story here )
update 0.7 = move out to another city ( hopefully until this update i will have finally partnered up with a decent coder and i can add the functions into the game that i want )

this is the end of current written story i am writing more everyday but progress is slow between rendering sex scenes and torturing myself with coding so again a coder that knows java i dont need much just some help to fix errors can be a great help [/SPOILER]

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Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

Capturekhghkgkhgfhd.jpg Captureghkhgkghdhf.jpg 384433_sc2.png Capturejhljghkghkdf.jpg bedroom_nisha_sitting_on_bed_3.png 386718_for_forums.png bedroom_nisha_brendon_sex_2.png 386720_for_forums_2.png Capturegjjggsdsdg.jpg Capturehjljlhjjgjdfjdf.jpg ce6c291323686725.jpg 578931_studio_pose_nisha_11bg.png 578932_studio_pose_nisha_13bg.png 578934_studio_pose_nisha_7.png 386721_nellson_1.png 386722_bonus-1-depravity-2.png 397763_workout6.png 397766_interupt_2.png 451757_city_finalx.png Capturejhljljfg.jpg 000.png
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