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Developer: Red Flagship & 5pb. Games & Nitroplus
Publisher: Nitroplus
Version: Di-Patch v2.5
Release Date: Japan 2008-04-25, English Di-Patch 2.5 2019-01-22
Last Updated: 2020-01-16
Censored: Mosaics
OS: Windows
Language: English
Translation Team:
- Translation: Dagger
- Translation check: LoSs
- Text editing: DeiExMachina , TinFoil
- Image editing: EchoMateria , Edger , BlickWinkel , Soloista , Azaghal, M4xwellmurd3r
- Hacking: Crass
Voice: Japanese
System requirements (min):
DLSite: Original JP version
2DCG, Censored, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Voiced, No Sexual Content, Paranormal,

Takumi is a high school student. He is withdrawn and is not interested in 3D things.
In his town, a mysterious serial murder case happens and people get panicked.
One day, when he chats on the internet, a man suddenly contacts him and gives him a URL.
He goes to the website and finds a blog image that suggests a next murder case...
On the next day, it really happens...​

1. Extract and run.
2. Pre-patched
3. This game requires your System Locale to be set on Japanese.
Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Applocale to play this game while running on your default system locale.

Improvements over Di-Patch 1.0:
-5pb’s logo has been restored during game start
-Skip Mode stops at delusion triggers
-Committee of 300 tip has been added thanks to ItsRigs
-Bazellad has been changed to Baselard for consistency.
-Glajioul has been changed to Gladioul, as this is a more correct localization.
-Shogun's chat message now has text in the textbox in English.
-Takumi sleepwalking typing on the computer has been subtitled.
-Fixed a line during Suwa’s and Ayase’s encounter in chapter 8 which didn’t make any sense
-ItsRigs’ translation of the `Whose eyes are those eyes?´ essay has been inserted back into the game.

Improvements Over Di-Patch 2.0: -Remade Chapter Titles
-Video Playback Fixed
-Staff credit roll was remade and made transparent. The original English release screwed this up and made the background white.
-Backlog has been fixed.

Although I haven’t played through Chapter 7, I read from a post that you can’t save throughout the whole chapter.
You have to play it in one sitting. An unfixed bug so it seems.
Patch by Project Blue Sky. Fixes bugs and updates certain translation choices (including “300-man Committee” -> “Committee of 300” and “Giga-lo-maniac” -> “Gigalomaniac”).


Win - MEGA

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