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Developer: Old Dirty Dog Patreon
Thread Updated: 2020-12-28
Release Date: 2020-12-27
Censored: No
Version: 0.017 Alpha
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Male protagonist, Real Porn, Anal sex, Creampie, Humiliation, Male domination, Oral sex, Rape, Sexual harassment, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Dating sim, Humor, Rpg, Management, Sandbox
Become a Hollywood casting director, trade sex with young starlets for roles, and grow your business from the ground up. Will you find love and go legit? Or just fuck every girl who crosses your path? The choice is yours.
Although the game's in its initial stages, it is still fully playable and includes two distinct casting jobs with over 1,000 unique randomly-generated image combinations, a list of stats and perks to progress in, and 8 different named female characters to seduce and sleep with.​
1. Extract and run.
v0.017 Alpha
-New date with Molly
-Introduces Molly's Openness stat
-Finished quest 'Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing'

v0.0165 Alpha
-Bug fixes
-Slight formatting changes

0.016 Alpha
-New Perk, Dog Person
-Quest system revamped
-Added Journal to review quest decisions
-More Stacy conten

v0.015 Alpha
New Cynthia mission: Pauly P
New feature: Pass Around Parties
Multiple interfaces updated and improved
Tripled content for MILF casting opp

v0.0145 Alpha
New date with Molly
Added feature to play porn games at desk (meta!)
Certain characters will now call if they haven't seen you in a while

v0.0135 Alpha
Fixed bug when loading from [v0.011 Alpha]
Various bugs and typos
Added more named rankings for Charisma levels

v0.013 Alpha
-Added the SoCal House location
-Added Marcus Baker mission to Cynthia storyline
-You can now name the dog
-Reformatted Relationship screen

v0.0121 Alpha
Patch for games loaded from [0.01b Alpha]

v0.012 Alpha
-Converted GIFs to MP4s, lowering file size to 150 MB
-Cynthia scene: Meet Charlie Weinglass
-Walking Luna added
-Glitches and typos

v0.011 Alpha
Added mechanism to update old saves into current version
Reduced size by approximately 100 MB

v0.01b Alpha
-Added the Free Hearts Indie Film Festival scene for Stacy
-Cum tracking mechanic (of course)
-Stacy corruption menu added
-Layout changes
-GIF compression, now over 100 MB lighter
-Multiple bug and typo fixes

v0.01a Alpha
-Added a new difficulty setting to address grind concerns
-Clarified passage of time in intro
-Improved sleep Stress loss mechanics
-Added credits for models
-Fixed some typos

v0.01 Alpha
First Release


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