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Developer: TearStar - Discord - Lovers Lab
Version: 0.55
Release Date: 2020-07-12
Last Updated: 2020-07-13
Censored: No
OS: Windows (Supported), Linux (Partially), Mac (Released but unsupported)
Language: English
3DCG, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Incest, Twins, Lesbian, Romance, Sci-Fi, Voyeur, Pregnancy, Futa/Trans, Open World, RPG

You play as Sarah Lance (first name is chosen) who just graduated from a university in the Year 2476. Humanity discovered the stars with the help
of a discovery long time ago. Humanity is now divided into races who needs your help now more than ever.
This galaxy withholds dangers and mysteries to solve but also romance and wonders to see...​

0.55 BETA
  • ADDED: Comfort events for Hannah, Vivienn and Mum (backtracking)
  • ADDED: Sex scene with a character (backtracking, but avoiding spoilers here) If you are eligible for it you can find the event replay in ship menu.
    Otherwise you have to replay Chapter 2 with the walk through in mind. NOT RE-PLAYABLE EVENT.
  • ADDED: Anastasia's Second Event for Chapter 3
  • ADDED: Mum Intro for Chapter 3
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Missing Events --> Vivienn, Hannah Intro will be fixed in .55 full release soon.
  • FIXED: Missing Questline chaining. There can be still issues
0.50 FIX & GUIDE
  • FIXED: Couldn't add Ana to party
  • REPORTED ISSUE: Logistic issue with Helena's Story. Haven't confirmed, move to is_done() method.
  • THREAD: Added Guide
  • THREAD: Added Erotic Cheat Mode (Cheat mode tested but haven't adding to the game separately)
Revamped old content! Fixed lot of continuity issues and bugs. Can't even count how many.
  • ADDED: Chapter 2 Main Story and Ending Scenario (~7 Events)
  • ADDED: Chapter 2 Endings Storylines for romance options
  • ADDED: Chapter 3 Prologue
  • ADDED: Chapter 3 Intro for Linette and Anastasia
  • ADDED: New Combat System.
Next release will come sooner a fill in some holes I left out because I want to push out already. How I currently see my
plans I don't want to push it further and animations are a headache.
KNOWN ISSUE: There might be a roll back even with your newest save file!
  • FIXED: Isabelle Raiding did not grant achievement - thus missing a scene
  • FIXED: Isabelle Raiding adult scenes now available on both gender fully
  • FIXED: Stuck images on Galaxy Screens
  • FIXED: Galaxy Screen disappearing after a menu
  • FIXED: Some content were not locked and could be seen without renders
  • FIXED: Lot of quests were not completed properly
  • FIXED: Isabelle First Meeting Renders have been replaced do to quality concerns
  • ADDED: Prologue Has been remastered (should not affect current playthroughs)
  • ADDED: Shower Scenes for all five romanceable characters and Helena (NOTE: This is not tracked by quests. You can see these on Faceless Hub. NOTE NOTE: Do not rush to see them.)
  • ADDED: Anastasia Talk 1, 2
  • ADDED: Vivienn Talk 1, 2, 3 (Completed Chapter)
  • ADDED: Linette Talk 1, 2, 3 (Completed Chapter)
  • ADDED: Origin Stories (Moon, Spacer, Colonist, Earth) -> Check quest log (if it's not there reload an earlier save file, it's tend to bug)
  • ADDED: Added Diary (Top Right Corner)
  • ADDED: A Face To Face Talk Event with Gregory of Arlya
0.30 PATCH
  • FIXED: Expeditions not enough to format
  • FIXED: Helena Dress exception
  • FIXED: Black regiment reading the Code Language
  • FIXED: Quest Log Misalignment
  • FIXED: Quest resetting after load
v0.30 BETA
  • Added: New content
  • Known Issue: One one of the scene is half finished
  • Known Issue: Arlyan Visit missing renders
  • Known Issue: Anastasia's first two events are missing
  • Known Issue: Sometimes Quest Log is oddly aligned
  • Known Issue: Expeditions not have enough arguments to format strings (unknown Root Cause, needs expeditions rewritten)
    Temp Fix: Ignore this exception to get credit.
v0.25.1 (2019.07.29)
  • Added: End of 0.25.1 Content and a teaser. Check Faceless Hub to see if everything is done.
  • Fixed: System out of memory issue (probably a temporary fix)
  • Fixed: An issue where Mum's second talk triggered if chosen Extonian home base
  • Fixed: Hannah's date couldn't be achieved
  • Fixed: Going to be cheat mode was part of the game
  • Fixed: Naming the Alliance was not possible
  • Fixed: Ending was hidden from the audience for 0.25
  • Fixed: Leveling up through expeditions were not possible
  • Fixed: Secret event could not be triggered because it existed as "seen" in persistent data
  • Known Issues: Quest Log is not present in-game (WIP)
  • Known Issue: Achievement Screen is still not working as intended
  • Known Issue: Anastasia's first two events are missing
  • Known Issue: Arlyan Visit missing renders
  • Known Issue: Expeditions not have enough arguments to format strings (unknown Root Cause, needs expeditions rewritten)
    Temp Fix: Ignore this exception to get credit.
  • Chapter 02 started
  • Known Issue: Achievements Still Not Working
  • Known Issue: First Meet with Isabelle needs re-render
  • Known Issue: Anastasia's first two events are missing
  • Known Issue: Arlyan Visit missing renders
0.15 Emergency Release:
NOTE: This release was issued with certain bugs and features excluded because of certain events. Read DEV notes.
  • Chapter 1 remaining story lines (including date events, story events)
  • Changes to achievement system (now it's global)
  • Changes to battle system (though you can't see it, it effects your save files)
  • Added Open World roaming (Can't see, changes save file)
Known Issues:
  • Some renders after United Races conversations looking awful
  • Combat system turned of it runs buggy
  • Overall expect that it can have bugs
  • Achievement screen is BADLY aligned
  • Some renders are missing (3 that I know, can't be fixed as of now)
- Prologue Added
- Chapter 1 (50%) Added
- Initial Release !!!

Developer Notes:
Change in the file structure. Old saves won't work. End of story. This is for me. I can navigate easier in files.
Also change how some classes behaves with each other such as quests. You can not do quests if you don't start a new game.
I don't need to explain this more, right? New game!

Q: What will happen to Decisions Made?
A: I already started working on the script. Maybe some lucky person can actually read.
I changed a LOT of the story and even romances changed. If you want to hear about it more,
PM here or write on Discord under Decisions Made #questions. I'll try to answer every question and maybe
create a proper FAQ to that game too.
Q: Do you have a Patreon account?
A: I never thought I would have to add this FAQ. The answer is no. I don't want to open either.
Q: Do you have Android / MAC Release?
A: I do have MAC release but I won't have android. Simple reason. Pain in the ass to support it! I won't support Mac either.

Old save files might not work as intended (before 0.50). Read developer notes for details.


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android MEGA

ana_auth_talk_06.png ana_date_29_futa.png Captureghkgkhghkfhsdf.jpg Capturehdfhdfdfhnb.jpg 228245_02.png Capturehkgghkgkhdf.jpg Capturejggfjjgdgsgsd.jpg Capturejjjsgddgs.jpg meet_ana_kisscheek.png mum_intro_sarahspeak.png sarah_ana_03.png vision_after_3.png
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Here is my unofficial android port of Captain Lance [v0.50] [TearStar]


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