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Developer: Darot Games Patreon
Version: 1.6
Release Date: 2020-02-03
Last Updated: 2020-02-09
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian
2DCG, 2D Game, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Monster Girls, Management, Prostitution, Strategy

It is a strategy erotic game where you build your own small “entertainment complex”. You start as an owner of a small tavern on the high road between two big cities. Classic fantasy world. Knights, blacksmiths, amazons, priests, robbers, mermaids etc. Tired travelers are glad to meet a place to satisfy their needs. For a peasant it will be enough just to eat something. For a knight – food, water and a good rest for him and his battle horse. And prince will want to eat delicious food, drink old wine, and sleep in the best apartments while musicians are playing soft music.

And yes, almost all of them want some girls. Different girls. Sometimes not even a human girls (oh, those fatigued elves and faeries lovers). Notice that ALL your workers are girls. Or, better to say "females" (yeah, there are some species like centaur mares in the stables and mermaids in the lake and so on). Satisfying all their needs, travelers will pay you in gold.

So later you will find out that you have not just a small tavern, but a town with hotel, stables, farm, lake and even a temple, where beautiful Angel of Charity lives and gives everything she can to those who want without taking a coin. Oh, dear, those come-at-able angel girls…




* Some decrees (9 by now, but we are working on adding more) have special animated versions that are displayed at the place where something happens (Prostitute seduces a client, or Sister of Charity prays).
Please, provide your valuable feedback about them - would you like to see more of those in the game?
* 57 new sprites - first of all, we have a huge interface update - all the buildings, land, trees, bushed, roads, etc. are re-worked and improved.
Some remained their appearance, some received totally new skins.
We are sure the game looks much better now and wait for your confirmation of this though :)
* 48 new illustrations and lots of plot texts in the Campaign mode. Hope you'll enjoy the continue of the story and our first try of moving a player between TWO cities at the same time - we would like to see if you have any ideas of how to use it in future.
* Segments of the road where no one steps for a long time now become older and disappear at all if remains untouched even more longer.
* Now you can track the in-game time and date in both Campaign and Free modes.
* Now you can see the 'kissing animation' when you receive EXP points.
* Huntresses fixed - now they enter the game with Shyness 2, not 0.
* Aristocrats fixed - now they provide extra gold depending on gold earned during last day, not on the amount of gold you have.
* Now you can track money earned by Casinos as a separate number in the financial report.
* Now the game has a loading screen that appears when you have to load something.
* Bunny Girl functionality tweaked - before it was bugged giving you enormous earnings or loses.
* Hold a cursor above Gold tab to see when and how much tribute you'll pay.
* It is impossible now to place Huntress' trap on another trap -
* Now you can track how much gold have you earned during all the game - place a cursor above the gold tab to check it.
* Bug fixed - before you could have the 5th level with Factions before the construction of your first Hotel is finished.
* Now you'll have no Autopause after you confirm the repair of a building.
* It is impossible anymore to have any number of some buildings - every building in the game now has a construction radius.
* Factions screen optimized a little bit - buttons moved to the top, descriptions to the bottom.
* English improvements at the Campaign and through the game in general - around 2000 symbols done;
* Each decree in the game now has its own plot description that describes better what is going on after it is issued or why (around 15000 symbols);
* A new girl is added - Bunnygirl - 6 new illustrations and decrees.
She is hired in the Casino and works as a distracting factor for those who try to win your money in a very special way;
* A new girl is added - Librarian - 5 new illustrations and decrees.
She is hired in the Library and does her best to improve visitors' experience visiting this place and more.
* Campaign is continued telling a story of how and where you gain your girls
And - meet three new Campaign characters, two of them are Elves ;)
Hi, dear friendvert!
This is Alice from Darot Games, creators of Brothel City game.
Today we have a 2-year anniversary of our Patreon page!
During these years we've succeeded in creating a mid-core adult city-builder strategy game that actually has no analogs within the NSFW gaming industry.
More than 150 unique sexy illustrations, hours of gameplay, classic economy mechanics and much more!
Because of our Page's Birthday, we send a link to Brothel City version 1.0 build to all the Patrons who supported us for more than $20 during these 2 years and it doesn't matter if you are still with us, or quit supporting because of some reasons - you made your contribution to the creation of the game.
September 2018:
Hi, dear friendverts!
This summer was super hot and full of real-life events especially for two of us - Jack and Alice who are married now ^^ that is why there was a short delay of releasing new build, but we hope you'll excuse them - Honey Moon and all those things :)
But now the Autumn has come and we are here to present you the next game's build.
So, here is the list of the changes comparing with the last $1 build:
(some of them $5 Patrons saw already in the test build we published for them):
  • 7 Cowy's Decrees illustrations were reworked by Jessie (before it was another artist who created them);
  • Added a new decree created by our Angel ($50 Patron) - KingOfKings - Varied Forces of Protection - check the greatest lesbian orgy art of the game;
  • We continue to develop a Campaign and seems like we've found a writer for it ;)
  • Succubus hiring arts reworked;
  • Shaman hiring arts reworked;
  • Prostitute hiring arts reworked;
  • Cowy hiring arts reworked;
  • Beer Maid hiring arts reworked;
  • Bath Attendant hiring arts reworked;
  • Aristocrat hiring arts reworked;
  • Amazon hiring arts reworked;
  • Angel hiring arts reworked;
  • Alchemist hiring arts reworked;
  • Acrobat hiring arts reworked;
  • Sister of Charity hiring arts reworked;
  • Hostess hiring arts reworked;
  • Waitress hiring arts reworked;
  • Housemaid hiring arts reworked;
  • Flutist hiring arts reworked;
  • now construction radius restriction is applied to the buildings of the same tier, not for the other tiers of the same building;
  • now you start a game with 5 EXP;
  • shadows added for the girls and travelers - now they look more realistic and cute ^^;
June 2018:
* New interface implemented;
* New arts for Amazon decrees;
* New arts for Hostess decree;
* New arts for Waitress decree;
* Patrons Development Poll decision: Guards now patrol only inside Guards Towers and Outposts construction radius. Note: All other Defenders (Amazons, Titsguards, Valkyries, Huntresses, and Wardresses patrol everywhere);
* Patrons Development Poll decision: Now you can construct upgrades without constructing previous levels of buildings. For example, you can construct Inn without constructing Flophouse first. These buildings' costs and time construction includes costs and time of all preceding levels.
* "Lag problem" when having too big city seems to be fixed - please, tell us if you still have it;
* Now all decrees of 3rd level require Inn in addition to other requirements (the same for the 3rd levels of Factions);
* Now all decrees of 4th level require Tavern in addition to other requirements (the same for the 4th levels of Factions);
* Now all decrees of 5th (and higher) level require Hotel in addition to other requirements (the same for the 5th levels of Factions);
* Finance report now contains the TOTAL number;
* Now servants correctly and fast move to the Servants Houses after their construction;
* Construction radius is reduced by 3 for Scaffolds, Scenes, Stalls, and Stables;
* Construction radius for Witch-Doctor Hut is increased by 3;
* Now defeated Offenders are led to the Dungeons if they were obtained inside Dungeon construction radius;
* Now guests pay extra 5% for sex in Brothel and extra 7% for sex in Pleasure House. Brothels and Pleasure Houses are now in the highest priority for those who wanna fuck;
* Now you can by Drinks in Market only (not in Trading Tents);
* Amazons are too furious fighters and they take no prisoners - they always fight Offenders till the end;
* The first Decree for Sisters of Charity now requires Chapel;
* Travellers now entertain 100% longer;
* Travellers now eat and drink 20% faster;
* Animals temporary turned off;
* Tutorial and Campaign are temporary turned off being reworked with the new interface.
April 2018:
  • New decrees line added: Slave;
  • New decrees line added: Satyr;
  • All girls have new sprites;
  • Because now there are all decrees for all the girls implemented now girls will not lose Shyness just because of time;
  • Few new environment things - tree, bush;
  • Jessie's messages now are closed by clicking, not by spacebar to avoid accident closing of them;
  • Every Souteneur now decreases your Faith by 5 a day;
  • Now every Altar built increases your Faith maximum by 10 and Chapels by 25;
  • Now you can construct Altars, Chapels and Temples near each other;
  • Mermaid now doesn't walk the city until she have legs;
  • Pubs, Dining rooms and Baths now have less building radius;
  • Now you can have 1 Trading Tent/Market per 500 population;
  • Some Offenders now are killed in battle so they may cause ghosts arriving;
  • After healing Shamans become more tired.
  • Sleeping and happiness recovering shamans do not try to heal;
February 2018:
  • New decrees line - Succubus;
  • First healing using Faith now costs 2 Faith only, though every next will cost 2 more (4, 6, 8 etc);
  • Casino feature has been implemented: There is a 1% chance for every Casino visitor to win jackpot or to lose all his money - this will makes you lose/gain 20% of cash gold +2% for each additional Casino.
  • Acrobats' bonus reduced from 22% to 8%;
  • Video card memory usage was completely optimized;
  • Now construction buttons are not coloured in green after building construction, because in the late game when you have every building constructed, it is more imported to track if you have enough resources or not;
  • New buttons added:
    • -Sell all goods available-
    • -Sell all imprisoned offenders-
      • Now you are able to sell all the stuff you've got without searching for Slaves Market or without multi-clicking your Trade Tent.
    • -Repair all-
      • if you have enough money to fully repair all buildings that are damaged or destroyed by offenders.
  • After you'll buy your first, second, third, fourth and further Lands Expansion, your city will become more popular bringing you more travellers: additional 50%, 100%, 200% and 300% more than regular traffic. Beware, though, you should be ready to satisfy them or lose Reputation. This greatly increases your total amount of population available;
  • Ghost's arrival chance is reduced by 33%;
  • Radiuses of buildings construction now are set correctly having a building inside of the circle;
  • Charity bonuses of Chapels are reduced by 50%
  • Housemaids' bonus is reduced from 20% to 10%;
  • Second and First levels of Concord Faction bonuses are switched;
  • Second and First levels of Court Faction bonuses are switched;
  • Brothels and Passion Houses now have top priority to host clients for sex - this will provide more spare rooms at Flophouses and their upgrades that were occupied for sex only before;
  • 'Do not touch your own kind' Criminals Faction bonus now reduces Offenders' arrival chance by 25%, not 50%;
  • 'Party place' Criminals Faction bonus now increases Pub profit by 12%, not 25%;
  • 'She-thieves' Criminals Faction bonus now increases sex profit by 10%, not 20%;
  • Now travellers come 33% more frequently;
  • Cowies now produce 30% less Milk;
  • Now you can have 1 Slave per Aristocrat;
  • Every new Treasury now can be constructed for each 3000 gold of one-paid taxes, not 1000 as before;
  • Prostitutes consume 1 Faith, not 2;
  • Now you can see the amount of lodgers (press M key);
  • New construction requirements:
    • Garden now requires Tavern
    • Grove now requires Tavern
    • Vineyard now requires Tavern
    • Alchemist Lab now requires Tavern
    • Pound now requires Hotel
    • Pound with Beach now requires Hotel
  • Thus, Traders now place such trading orders according to the buildings currently constructed:
    • Flophouse:
      • Food: Vegetables, Meat
    • Inn:
      • Food: Vegetables, Meat, Grain
      • Drinks: Beer, Milk
    • Tavern:
      • Food: Vegetables, Meat, Grain, Fruit
      • Drinks: Beer, Milk, Juice, Cocktails
    • Hotel:
      • Food: Vegetables, Meat, Grain, Fruit, Fish
      • Drinks: Beer, Milk, Juice, Cocktails, Wine
December 2017
- New decrees line – Aristocrat.
- Aristocrat behavior rework: Aristocrats now fuck only travelers of Knight rank and higher.
- New decrees line – Angel.
- Angels and Succubi come to the game with Shyness 0.
- Now you can see watch buildings’ and/or units’ production process as well as travelers’ payments checking pop-upping info above units and constructions.
- New girls special traits: Nymphomaniac – girls gets 50% less tired after sex; Group Sex – girl can please up to 3 men at the same time; Exhibitionism – girl can be fucked right on the street if there is no spare rooms.
- Buildings’ control buttons now appear right at the building you select.
- Ogres Defense is reduced by 20%.
- Now you can demolish and reconstruct destroyed buildings.
- Hint: press C key to see all destroyed buildings.
- New Offender – Vampire. Comes rarely as a Hotel lodger, drinking sober one girl a night until you pray Goddess to banish him or until meets Paladin.
- Chance for girl to become sick after sex is reduced.
- Orcs, Ogres and Vampires now come few days after you construct high-leveled main buildings.

- Now you can switch between girl’s parameters and functions description while checking right info panel.
- Now girls faster increase their Sex Skill level.
October 2017
Hello, dear friends!
We are happy to show you October build.
As it was said before, this month was dedicated mostly to Campaign characters design but still here is the list of upgrades:
First of all here is the list of Factions changes:
· 1st level with Court : Now Minimum required tax amount is decreased by 5% every day, not 10% every week as before;
· 2nd level with Criminals: sex bonus now 20%, not 10% as before;
· 4th level of Church increases bonus of Charity not by 25% as before, but by 100% now.
· 1st level of Merchantry increases trading space not by 50% but by 100% now;
· 3rd level of Criminals (Party Place) increases income from Pubs by 25%;
· 5th level of Criminals – quite an interesting mechanics. Smuggling allows you to “make illegal trading as long as you worth trust” what means : reduce all your Reputation to 1 and get 100 gold per point lost (few days cool-down).
Other changes:
· One more try to fix WhiteScreenError – seems like we’ve succeeded this time J;
· Lots of optimization works done (I even do not know how to explain 0.0 but no lags found anymore);
· Nuns (Sisters and Priestesses of Charity) decrees added;
· No more “sudden deaths” – girls who get sick at least make you a message to have a chance to heal them;
· New and correct prices at Trading Tent and Market;
· Treasury doesn’t has a requirement of Market to be constructed;
· Souteneurs’ bonus is reduced from 10% to 6%;
· Resources production buildings and units now produce more;
· It is impossible to earn EXP by selling goods;
· Stages and Stalls now have more Gaiety places;
· Dining Rooms and Pubs now have 20 places to eat and drink;
· Arenas, Libraries have more Gaiety places now.
· Until we’ll find what caused Reputation grows more than 100 and bugs that follow this happening max. Reputation now is 99;
· Now you can have 3 Workshops and\or Workers Houses maximum;
· Magi lodgers’ bonus to healing chance has been doubled;
· 5th level of Criminals – quite an interesting mechanics. Smuggling allows you to “make illegal trading as long as you worth trust” what means : reduce all your Reputation to 1 and get 100 gold per point lost (few days cool-down).

September 2017
Darot Games (Brothel City project)
Sep 11 at 1:39pm
Hello, dear friends! Our summer vacations have ended and we are ready to present you September build.

Here what can you find here:
* First of all, we've done a great and hard job working under implementation of a true campaign mode. Actually, what we named a "Campaign" before was a tutorial. That is why now you can find a Tutorial AND a Campaign modes. Though it looks very short for now, the further work under campaign will be done much faster because now we have a working engine of dialogues and rewards.
* Second, we've implemented Factions feature. Some former opened features of the game are now locked with Factions requirements and some new features can be opened only having some relations level with different factions also. Note that you can not have maximum levels with every faction at the same time - so chose wisely.
* New 2 decrees lines - Bath Attendant and Souteneur.
* We've reworked an algorithm with big images and hope there will be no "white screen" problem anymore.
* All decrees are now only 5 EXP to issue (other costs and requirements are the same).
* Trading becomes more profitable - traders can not place orders if your main buildings (Flophouse upgrades) are of not enough levels to produce required goods.
* Trading Tent now requires Flophouse, not Inn to be constructed.
* Now you can buy drinks from the Trading tent.
* You can not sell and traders can not place buying orders for Drinks.
* Strongly improved Tip Messages system - now you'll be told everything that you need to do.
* Some girls were too easy to be bought and we've increased the costs of a high-level girls.
* Peasants bonus is reduced from 1 to 0.2 percent - otherwise it is very easy to have 80 and even more Farms speed production.
* Now you need to have Temple constructed to hire Valkyries
* Now you can have maximum 2 Priestesses per Chapel/Temple.
* Now if you'll destroy or otherwise lose a building that provides job or living places for any girl they will leave your city - no unemployed or homeless girls allowed anymore.
* Now you need to have Hotel constructed to build Vineyards.
* Now you start without any food stored "beforehand".
* Now you can easily clear all the top-messages pressing R key.
* Now Wine Cellars consume 1 Juice AND 1 Fruit producing 2 Wines.
* Now girls have a chance to get sick not only because of bathing places lack but "cathing" some diseases from clients. The lower the client's level is the higher the chance to become infected.
* Now Satyr is not a requirement for the first Flutist's decree.
* Flophouses and Dining Rooms maintenance cost is reduced by 50%

Kisses, Alice.
August 2017 - Bugfix
Darot Games (Brothel City project)
Aug 8 at 5:50pm
"White screen" fixed build
Dear friends. If you had a white screen as the game started, please, re-download the fresh game build and try it once again and let us know if that bug still exists.

Also, in this new version a bug with Waitress' 2nd decree art is also fixed.
Kisses, Alice ^^
August 2017
Darot Games (Brothel City project)
Aug 6 at 5:48am
Patrons only
August 2017 Build - PATRONS
Dear friends!

Here is the latest Brothel City version.

List of Changes:

* First of all, we've added new test game mode Turn-Based (1 day = 1 turn). It brings new game experience though it still can have some bugs. If you see any, please, let us know. Notice that Turn-Based mode is kind of "hardcore" - you are able to make orders only once a day thus you should predict all possible events during next day.
* Message filters. All kind of tips the game shows to beginners are useful, though more experienced players need only few of them to control city development. That is why now you can filter messages you want to receive. This can be done clicking "Messages filters" button at the right sliding panel.
* New girl's decrees and art line - Dancer.
* New girl's decrees and art line - Flutist.
* New girl's decrees and art line - Acrobat.
* Log file. Now your last game session will be recorded at log-file. If you will ever meet any bug just please send us log file - it will help us to find and fix bugs as soon as possible.


Win - MEGA

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