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Developer: KanashiiPanda - Patreon
Release Date: 2020-09-09
Last Updated: 2020-09-21
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Possession, Mind control, Incest, Body swap, Infidelity, Resource management, 2dcg, Animated, Furry, Incest, Male protagonist, Paranormal, Transformation, Creampie, Gay, Lesbian, NTR, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Vaginal sex, Corruption

You play as a guy who accidentally releases a succubus (with a bit of a catch) and gets access to both her and her spell book.​

Hey, guys! Got another content update. This time I added Mia possession functionality with delve/sex/fuck other/etc. I also went back and lined/colored the possession scenes for Julia and Valerie in addition to Mia's.
Aside from that, there's a couple bug fixes and I reworked the dialogue portraits for Olivia and Mia
-Added Possessed/Delved Mia along with sprites/functionality.
-Updated Possessed Olivia/Normal Olivia’s Dialogue sprite.
-Updated Mia’s Dialogue sprite.
-Lined and Colored Julia’s Possession scene.
-Lined and Colored Valerie’s Possession scene.
-Fixed Pregnant Mia sprite not showing.
-Fixed Fuck Other for Valerie not working.
-Fixed Stat Portrait not updating correctly when casting delve.
-Fixed not being able to have sex with Mia while playing as Mel.
-Added Possession/Delve/Fuck Other functionality to Valerie.
-Updated Valerie’s portraits.
-Fixed finding out about Caroline being able to become pregnant scene triggering every time she’s impregnated.
-Fixed Soul Passenger not sending Jake to the location in the character’s schedule.
-Fixed Succubus’ theme playing throughout Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed two softlocks during Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed incorrect portraits displaying during Olivia’s soul Passenger.
-Fixed stats not adjusting correctly when banging Mel in the Morning.
-Fixed incorrect portraits displaying during Cassandra’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Valerie’s stats being altered instead of Cassandra’s in Cassandra’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Mel’s dialogue portrait not showing when having sex with Jake as Mel.
-Fixed Olivia’s dialogue portrait not showing when having sex with Jake as Olivia.
-Fixed Valerie’s stats being altered instead of Cassandra’s in Cassandra’s Dream Walk.
-Fixed not being able to cast Fuck other on Donovan.
-Fixed Succubus not repossessing Olivia at the end of Chapter 1 correctly.
-Fixed Soul Link triggering off of the optional Fiat Iustitia cutscenes
-Fixed Buffs not dispeling after time skip on chapter 1’s finale.
-Fixed Mana/Stamina not being adjusted on Compulsion/Dominate Mind sex with Julia.
-Fixed Soul Link triggering off of leaving G’nisi’s realm without having sex.
-Fixed Potential Softlock during Olivia’s Soul Passenger
-Fixed various typos.
-Fixed Sex Scenes with Donovan while playing as anyone else not working.
-Fixed Obedience and Affection not working on Donovan.
-Added Donovan Functionality.
-Added Sex Scene with Jake while playing as Julia.
-Julia should no longer invite Jake to the Cafeteria while possessed.
-Julia should no longer be available for dating advice or seducing Caroline while Possessed.
-Reduced Amount of times required to fuck succubus for Caroline’s quest to 2, 3, and 4 times from 3, 5, and 7 times.
-Added small line when talking with succubus about Caroline hinting at using the Aspect Birth spells on her.
-Changed wording of “who should cast bodyswap” choice when talking to Caroline to make it less confusing.
-Fixed Infatuation not dispelling when bodyswapping with Valerie.
-Fixed a couple of the placeholder dialogue.
-Fixed incorrect music playing at certain times.
Book of Lust v0.0.63.1d
-Fixed softlock while doing any action in the mall that advances time.
Book of Lust v0.0.63.1c
-Fixed softlock when having sex with Delved Olivia while Playing as Cassandra.
-Added updated version of Caroline’s ending theme.
-Updated Jake’s portrait.
v0.0.63.1b (Softlock Fix Edition)
-Fixed potential softlock when summoning succubus in front of Caroline.
-Fixed incorrect portrait displayed during Mel/Jake sex scene.
-Fixed Soul Link not working.
-Typos/Grammar during various scenes.
v0.0.63.1a (Finale Edition)
The main focus of this content update was to finish off the writing for Caroline's arc. Getting the best ending reworks a lot of Caroline's mechanics. She'll leave Jake's room in her own body, Trust/Mood are removed as stats and replaced with Influence/Love, Love will be locked at 100 and influence/love won't fall bellow a certain value. Seduction will also be added as a talk action. Aside from that, there's no actual new sex scenes. The list of post-chapter 1 changes are already pretty big and I wanted to make sure they worked first.

I still have to work on some of the post-chapter 1 mechanics like adding a scene when walking into Julia's room when Caroline's in there. That and adding placeholders for her and the sandbox cast.

-Added Chapter 1 Finale.
-Fixed softlock during Aspects hunting scenes.
-Fixed Talent UI not updating skill rank.
-Fixed Body Swapped Caroline disappearing under certain circumstances instead of following Jake’s schedule.
v0.0.62.1c Old Code Rework Edition
-Fixed not being able to cast dreamwalk on Caroline if casting the spell on someone else during her quest.
-Fixed softlock when talking to succubus about Caroline after completing her bodyswap and dreamwalk quests.
-Fixed skipping Caroline’s first dreamwalk quest.
-Fixed Spell UI showing up over main UI when initiating dreamwalk on Caroline.
-Fixed Soul Link activating during both dreamwalks in Caroline’s questline.

-Reduced transparency of dialogue boxes a little.
-Made change to a script used by almost all scenes. It was possibly ‘causing an issue in which scenes would transition without variables fully saving.
-Fixed Summon Succubus not working when Julia is possessed.
-Fixed Fuck other not working when Julia possessed.
-Fixed Cassandra and Mel not having sex when he visits under certain conditions.
Book of Lust v0.0.61.1a (SubscribeStar Version)
-Finished G’nisi’s sex scenes.
-Redid code that handles npc Locations.
-Reduced requirement to progress G’nisi of the Meadow’s storyline to increments of 3 times aiding her instead of 5.
-Fixed ability to do Caroline’s Body Swap quest through Julia again.
-Fixed Valerie’s Infatuation text saying she gains +612.
-Fixed not being able to talk to Caroline about where she got her book.
-Fixed sex with Caroline during bodyswap not adjusting Timer for Caroline leaving appropriately.
-Fixed Jake not having sex with Julia when playing as anyone other than Jake when she comes over.
-Fixed Caroline Casting BodySwap costing Jake’s mana.
-Fixed Caroline’s scheduling system.
-Fixed Bad End while playing as Julia and sending the succubus away playing Mel’s bad end instead.
-Fixed Various placeholder sex scenes playing wrong scene.
-Fixed Softlock when performing any time advancing action in Mia and Donovan’s Bedroom.
-Added more onto Caroline’s BodySwap quest.
-“Not enough mana” text will show when discussing bodyswapping/dreamwalking with Caroline if Jake doesn’t have right amount of mana.
-Added Bodyswap capabilities with Julia, Valerie, and Mia.
-Added Mia’s bedroom.
-Added Bad end while playing as Julia and making the succubus leave when learning “Command – Possess”
-Added Variant of the Jake/Caroline/Julia Threesome scene when trying to bang either Caroline or Julia while they’re in the same room.
-Fixed looping event(softlock) when having compulsion sex with Mel as anyone but Jake.
-Fixed placeholder sex giving compulsion stats and text.
-Fixed Obedience and Infatuation not working on Mia.
-Fixed Valerie not receiving Influence when using “Small Talk”.
-Fixed Possessed placeholder sex with Cassandra while playing as Olivia not working.
-Fixed Infatuation/Obedience/Affection/Bend Will not working on Valerie.
-Fixed Seduce and Flirt not raising Valrie’s stats properly.
-Fixed Valerie not letting the player in to the Price Apartment when Mel’s not home.
Book of Lust v0.0.58.1a (SubscribeStar Version)
-Added Mia Compulsion scene while playing as Jake.
-Added Bunny-Suit Sex scene during Caroline’s Bodyswap quest.
-Fixed Caroline’s Dreamwalk being repeatable
-Finished Mia’s Portrait.
-Fixed Mia and Mel sharing Lust Values.
-Removed Caroline vanishing when her mood hits -100.
-Fixed error message when trying to bodyswap back with Caroline.
-Fixed Discuss actions with Caroline not updating her vanish timer.
-Fixed Julia’s dating advice not saving through scenes (including save/load).
Book of Lust v0.0.57.1b (SubscribeStar Version)

-Fixed Softlock when using the Travel Button to go to the Mall.
-Fixed Jake being incorrectly referred to as Jake during Mel’s visit when playing as someone other than Jake.

Book of Lust v0.0.57.1a

-Added the Mall location
-Finished Cassandra’s Dream sequence.
-Added Mel’s Advice dialogue to Caroline’s Bodyswap. Must have 80 influence, compulsion or dominate mind active on Mel to be able to listen in to the conversation.
-Added Julia’s Advice dialogue to Caroline’s Bodyswap. Must not be pregnant to get a picture of “Caroline” in a bunny suit.
-Fixed softlock(hopefully for good) after Caroline vanishes and discussing it with the succubus.

Book of Lust v0.0.56.1c (Public Build)
-Fixed softlock on Olivia’s Soul Passenger when Mel visits in the morning.
-Fixed softlock when going into Akasha’s study after talking her.
-Fixed talk button not working on Akasha.
-Fixed Akasha’s cancel dialogue options.
-Fixed UI not disappearing correctly when casting Dreamwalk.
-Added Caroline’s birthing scene.
-Added 3 dialogue events progressing Caroline’s quest. Talk to Caroline after having sex with your succubus 3, 5, and 7 times in front of Caroline.
-Added Julia’s bgm.
-Added new Main Menu bgm.
-Previous BGM now plays during Cassandra’s dream.
-Fixed Dreamwalk text displaying on mana dialogue box.
-Fixed Julia’s stats not having a minimum/maximum cap.
-Fixed Cassandra’s portrait not disappearing correctly after her “Picture” conversation.

Some game notes:
-The options menu contains resolution and music options.
-Hold down 'n' or 'right click' to fast forward through dialogue.
-The ‘Travel Mode’ Button means that when you travel to another room; you get the 'Action UI' instead of the 'General UI'. It should make long distance travel or repetitive actions easier.
-In order to travel to the sister's room normally, you'd have to click Action > Den > Action > Cassandra's Room
-With travel mode on you'd have to click Travel Mode > Den > Cassandra's Room

-For now, there's a cheat button in the Character Stats menu. It gives:
-Enough Exp to purchase all spells.
-Max mana/stamina
-Max Influence, Love, and Lust to all interactable characters
-To modify Character Influence/Love/Lust/Hunger individually, click the character in the ‘Character Stats’ Menu then click either the +10/-10 buttons next to the stat to raise/lower it.
-The ‘Exp Salvage’ button can help mitigate the damage if I break the save system. To use it, load a save file that’s obsolete and click the ‘Exp Salvage’ button. It will start a new game but carry over all the exp that you earned. Try giving this a shot if something seems broken. There’s a chance that an update caused some conflict.

-N or Right Click - Fast Forward through Dialog
-Escape - Options Menu
-Z - Cum

-During the Disclaimer Screen with the “I Agree” button; set Resolution with the following keys:
-[1] = 1280x720
-[2] = 1152x648
-[3] = 1024x576
-[4] = 896x504
-[5] = 768x432
-[Q] = FullScreen

Available scenes:
-As Jake
-Sex with Cassandra
-Sex with Possessed Cassandra
-Sex with Cassandra under Command - Delve Spell
-Sex with Olivia
-(v0.0.40.xx)Compulsion sex with Olivia
-Compulsion Sex with Cassandra
-Sex with Possessed Olivia
-Command - Fuck Other on Cassandra
-Sex with Olivia under Command - Delve Spell
-Command - Fuck Other between Olivia and Cassandra while Olivia's under Command - Delve Spell
-Sex with Julia when she comes over on Sunday Night
-Dreamwalk spell on Cassandra
-Sex with Mel when he visits
-Sex with Julia
-Sex with Mel
-As Cassandra
-Sex with Jake
-Compulsion Sex with Jake
-All spells work on Jake except Command: Fuck Other and Soul Passenger
-Sex with Mel when he visits
-Sex with Mel
-Sex with Possessed Olivia
-As Olivia
-Sex with Jake
-Sex with Mel when he visits
-No scenes with Cassandra
-As Mel
-Sex with Cassandra
-Blowjob from Cassandra while offering her rides in your car
-Sex with Olivia
-Sex with Jake
-Olivia and Mel can start an ongoing sexual relationship
-Most Spells don’t work on Mel yet.
-Soul Passenger works on:
-Dominate Mind works on:
-Cassandra and Olivia can become pregnant
-Can send Aspect of Dominance to hunt sexual energy.
-Can send Aspect of Lust to hunt sexual energy.
-Gestation time for Aspect of Dominance is 5 days
-Gestation time for Aspect of Lust is 7 days
-Julia Woods appears at the Hart residence on Sunday Night
-Mel Price appears at the Hart residence on Saturday Late Night

Areas available:
-The Hart’s residence
-The school courtyard
-Maple Street
-Olivia’s Flower Shop
-Oleander Road
-The Price’s Apartment
-The Woods’ Den
-Julia’s Room

Caroline’s Questline:
-Introduction - Go to the school as Jake in the afternoon while level 3 or higher. Accept Julia’s invitation to lunch.
A big thanks to Scion for letting me use his Fullscreen script!
Music was given to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Linux - MEGA


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