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Version: 010
Release Date: 2020-06-06
Last Updated: 2020-06-07
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Male protagonist, Real Porn, Futa/Trans, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Sissification

Blowing Wind is a game where you start as a boy who will be exploring a lot of new things in his life. The idea of the game is to make it a "Life-Sim" and every choice matters.

Self-TF Route General:
- Added progression up to 'becoming a girl' scenes, there are separate scenes for both Liam and Gerald's paths

Sub Paths:
- Nick's introduction
- Robert's introduction, and concept for the path
- Gerald's introduction, advancement into his home, and one extra scene with him
- Added 3 dialogues with Liam, plus one scene with him after MC's acceptence

Mistress Route:
- 1 new scene for the Slave/Black Drink path

Master Route:
- 1 new scene

- Tattoos ( With a describing scene for each different tattoo )
- If you have high enough sluttines score, you can exchange sex for a special tattoo
- Added images to a few scenes
- New Experiments Available in the Hospital, ( Anal Wetness, Stretchifier, Bimbo Machine, Facial Feminizing ) ( Mostly flavor options at the moment )
- Cumdrip mechanic added ( Mainly with Anal Wetness, but also after visiting the Gloryhole )
- New option at the Salon unlocked after Facial Feminizing
- New scenes at the Club from getting wasted with alcohol ( Different scenes at outcomes from doing it as a boy, girl, or first as a boy and then as a girl )
- Mini-job at the Beach, you pick up trash for 9$, and it takes 90 minutes
- Added shemale option to Hookups
- Early design of the Whoring UI to select prices ( 2 available at the moment)
- Now depending on your looks, people can refuse to pay the 'normal' amount when whoring
- You can now work on Weekends
- Implemented an option to personalize character's names
- Implemented a way to recover Old Savefiles, and make them work on newer versions (Will keep updating this feature with each update!)

Text/Coding wise stuff:
- Changed the Wardrobe to only be one, and the opening and closing clothing tabs now no longer reset the page
- Changed the way you get the chastity off, now it's a separate button instead of using the icon for doing both
- Changed the way the game checks where you live, now it memorizes the location instead of changing destination according to events
- Changed the way transission links work, to adapt them for personalized character's names
- Overall optimization, and improvement on readability
- Fixed a few bugs, typos and writing details

- Fixed a variable not displaying correctly
- Fixed a bug when using the old save file restore feature when the player hasn't moved home yet
- Updated some of the old checks for where the player is living currently that prevented progress and some other things. Now it should be working correctly
- Fixed some bugs in the gloryholes
- Now the game should check correctly if you took the Facial Feminization surgery
- Alone/Self TF Route
1) Skip Master's Route
2) Investigate more about crossdressing, will eventually find another partner who's also a crossdresser, since he didn't seem shady you believe him
3) He will invite you over to his place and give you a bit of an introduction into crossdressing

- On the Self TF route you can mail the key to yourself to force discipline ( May have consequences ;) )

Girl Stage:
- 2 New scenes in the Black Drink/Slave path of the Mistress Route
- When entering Male bathroom, you'll have a chance to find a guy inside, if you have high enough sluttines score, you may do something with him
- Masturbation Scene in the Park
- Alternative Rape Scene in the Park when using a very revealing outfit
- New dildo added in the Sex Shop ( Deepest Desires )
- You can prostitute yourself if you have a high enough sluttines score
- Experimental Treatments: You can now grow more of your body parts even bigger!
- Added some restrictions to Treatments, now you need a required sluttines score

- You can buy Buttplugs on the Sex Shop's Lewd Accesories tab, inside the Clothing section
- New place to visit: Beach
- Added Swimsuits
- Added Laser Treatment at the Beauty Salon
- 2 New Wardrobe Sets
- Appearence tab now has more details about you, including some description for the Surgeries

- Changes to the code, overall more optimized and efficient
- Fixed some stats that didn't increase properly
- Updated Changelog in-game
- Fixed a major bug that prevented progress on the Alone Route
- 4 more scenes on the Mistress' Red Drink/M2M+M2F path
- 1 more scene on the Mistress' Black Drink/M2F path
- 5 more scenes on the Master's Normal path
- Added new path to Master's route, named Duo/Slave Duo path
- Exclusive scenes with Noah on Duo Path + unlock of an alternate way to earn money with him
- Added introduction to a side story before becoming a Girl (Different scenes for both Mistress and Master route)
- Added introduction to a new side character you will find on the park after becoming a Girl
- Alternate Masturbation scene after becoming a Girl
- Introduction to the Experimental Surgeries (More will be added)
- One fuctional Experimantal Surgery done, plus some small consequences
- Added every Master's task on the Help Tab on the sidebar
- Added a new "Stats and Achievements" tab on the sidebar
- Redisign of the Help Tab
- Small redisign of the Sidebar + Now you can hide the clothes display
- Male clothing shops won't be accesible after entering becomen a Girl
0.07 Bugfixes
- Some issues related to the Master route should be fixed now

Version 0.07a
- One more scene for the Slave path of the Mistress Route
- Punishments from not visiting Master in time in his route
- Consequences to the exhibition stat, you will find random encounters on the street, including a sex scene
- Alternative scenes for the dildos for the "Girl Stage"
- Added 10 inch dildo scenes
- Consequences to sensitivity (So far, only mouth sensitivity earned from the deepthroat training in the Master route)
- VIP alternative to Glorious Satisfaction for the "Girl Stage", plus you can earn popularity and reputation there ( This mainly affects how fast you can deal with clients and how much money you earn, respectively )
- The first Hookups will consist of a blowjob scene, and then an actual sex scene
- First few Surgeries are done ( You unlock them based on the slut score )
- Condoms will now be available to use during most scenes, except hookups
- You'll now be asked to give yourself a new name when entering the "girl stage"
-.New photos to sell online unlock after "girl stage"
- You won't be able to reject some sex offers from strangers if you're too horny
- There are a few achievements to unlock now, with a brief description on how to unlock them
- Preference setting for how to be called as a slave, also for how to call your own slave

Changes and fixes:
- Clothing will now dissappear from the shops after buying them, in order to save up space
- Fixed some store prices
- MAXBody will only be available during Noah's route

- Broken images
- Fixed some wrong warps
- Mistress route (Up to around the same point where the Master route was left)
- Some alternative text and more stuff for the mistress route
- Reworked the Sleeping mechanic, now you should wakeup at 7 AM always
- Rewrite on the Appearence tab, added more changes and descriptions
- Rewrite on the Help tab, added a task/objective tracker, so it's less likely that you'll be stuck somewhere
- Gloryhole scene, it works and random and you're more likely to find a girl that will suck you at the Club rather than the Bar
- You can now visit John and his friends (Only the basic mechanic done, more things will develop from visitng him)
- Added more clothing options at the Red Light District
- If you go dressed like a girl to the Club you'll pass free, if not, you'll have to pay
- Random Event at Waiter Work ( You are called by your Boss, meet him and get an offer from him )
- Some new scenes with brother (Now he has 2 paths, a loving one building a relationship, and a dominant one)
- Finished the Beauty Salon
- Option to use Dildo on your own.
- Placeholder for the sexshop
- 1 New scene for every character in college ( 2 for Katie )
- New middle tasks from "Master", one including you to start renting a place of your own
- Cam shows ( You make more money the more shows you do )
- Timers, Notifications and Effects for Shaving and Beauty treatments
- New street to find more stores, a bar and a club ( Still to be finished )
- Introduction to a Teacher ( Random event, triggered by using the phone too much in class )
- Random Events walking at the Park ( Finding money, plus an extra one while wearing a mask at night and experienced at camming )
- Bully encounter now will take some money each time after the first one
- You can now go outside dressed up as a girl after a certain point
I recommend starting from zero since I changed a lot of things from the start and middle of the game

- Sleep time and different room location for parents based on days and hours
- Work on the College section, fill it with some random events and people to meet with
Introduction for: New Male Friend, New Female Friend, random chance to meet a Bully
- Introduction for Old Friend
- Added more clothing options
- Added tabs for shop clothing sections
- New shop for socks shoes and more
- Customizable sets of clothing in the wardrobe
- Two New scenes with brother
- Changed introduction to forums, Master and Hypno material.
- Three new middle tasks from the master and rewrite of some details while meeting him and more.
- New scene with the master where you tell him about your experience on having sex.
- You can get a job as a waiter on a restaurant. (Not any random/extra events here at the moment, just the job)
- First Shaving pubes scene

- A bug where you could take the money from your brother's bet as many times as you wanted
- A bug where some clothes wouldn't appear on the wardrobe after buying them
- A bug where you'd be allowed to leave while wearing female clothes, that wasn't intended at all, and I just left the code there for the future.

v0.01 - First release


All (0.09) - MEGA
Update Only - MEGA

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