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[HTML] Blacked & Whited [v0.6.9] [BigEiffelTower]


Tech Devil

Developer: BigEiffelTower - Website - Patreon - Discord
Version: 0.6.9
Release Date: 2020-07-16
Last Updated: 2020-07-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Adventure, Corruption, Male domination, Female Domination, Incest, Interracial, Transformation, Humiliation, MILF, Ntr(Optional), Oral sex, Voyeurism

Rebellion, Vengeance

You play a young man in search of identity in a world where competition is fierce, very fierce. Which path are you going to take? Your decisions can make you the undisputed alpha, or on the contrary lead you to unknown depths. Reality has no mercy for the weak. And behind the varnish of civilization is hidden a beast. Overtake your rivals, or accept to be damned. The winner takes everything, the loser... says yes.

  • 2 scenes with landlady and her friends @ kitchen
  • 1 bedroom scene using panties with 3 paths
  • 1 scene @ best friend's house with 2 paths
  • 2 new dreams with best friend & girlfriend (1 for hetero path, 1 for bisex path)
  • You can now wear panties on your bedroom (optional)
  • 1 new underware
  • 2 new videos, 10 new pictures
  • 3 new achievements
  • Asynchronous event system v0.5
  • Twatsapp messaging phone app
  • Phone notifications system
  • Fix: broken blacked video link @ bf house
  • Statistics: +~ 5500 words
Full patch note: https://www.patreon.com/posts/twatsapp-update-37505183
  • New location: police station
    • 2 new characters
    • you can report the rival to the police
  • New major girlfiend scene
  • New rival's mission
  • New location: Clara's house
    • New scene with Clara
  • Stats
    • + 4 scenes
    • + ~4500 words
    • + 35 images / + 4 videos / + 1 sound
  • You cannot deliver the package @ massage @ night
  • Correction of the bad scroll position @ dynamic scenes
  • New B&W phone app: achievements wall. Phone version of the achievements wall
  • Blonde teen core gameplay system, I hope you will like it!
  • 1 new dream about the blonde teen
  • 2 new achievements
  • 1 new location: toilets @ park
  • 1 new character: Ivan the dealer, in the toilet @ park
  • Teen blonde bedroom fully revamped
  • Breakfast revamped + 1 new breakfast scene
  • 4 new scenes
  • 5 options using the new gameplay system
  • Cheat & Panel Control v0.2: Adding blonde teen information & control
  • Stats: +~5500 words, +~10 scenes
  • Redesign of the Hall of fame app
  • Redesign of the contact details picture
  • Redesign of buff pins
  • Removing links from the side bar (now reachable onle by B&W phone)
  • Adding button contextual style
  • Fix bag opening blocking bug
New feature:
  • Inventory system major step: you now have a backpack!
  • Add an icon in the sidebar to access the backpack
  • Add interaction between your backpack and other inventories
  • Shop system v0.1 (not yet visible)
  • Major addition: you now have a smartphone!
  • Add an icon in the sidebar to access the smartphone
  • Add the 'contact' application that allows you to get information about the characters of the game. In this space, the description of the characters will evolve according to your choices. It will be like a log of your stories
  • Add the 'thanks' application to thank supporters
  • Added the 4 links (siteweb, discord, pateon, bug report) in the phone (they will soon be removed from the sidebar)
New content:
  • Some additions to prepare the next update:
  • You can now try to open the bathroom door when it is occupied (no effect)
  • ou can knock on the blonde teen's door
  • The blonde teen may notice that you're staring at the blonde milf's ass
  • Creation of new 'special message' type to highlight important change. Example of use: the message telling you that you've unlocked the option to remove the key from the bathroom door
  • Redesign of the kitchen and breakfast to make it easier to add new scenes
- Adding 7 new scenes with the best friend
- Scene are personalized using 2 factors: porn choice (blacked or whited) and dick size
- Two * two paths:
- heterosexuality/bisexuality
- domination or submission
- Old scenes with BF rewored and improved: you have to redo the two first scenes
- New content statistics:
- 4 new pictures
- 5 new whited porn videos
- 1 new blacked porn videos
- 7000 new words

- TV redesign with samsung brand
- Adding save button and save instruction (the save limitation n'a pas encore été levée)
- UI sidebar: links size reduced
  • New bus's girls scene
  • New rival scene
  • New rival cycle scene
  • New place: shantytown
  • 2 new quests
  • 2 new characters
  • +~6000 words
  • +5 achievement
  • The first sex scene with the girlfriend now displays her status (corruption, excitation)
  • You can now choose 'hispanic' as origins
  • Adding B&W icon @ browser game tab
  • A language selection scene has been added just after the index screen
  • Fixed bug in the bar that goes in the image for chat messages under chrome
  • Fixed the wrong rival's name during the dream with the girlfriend
  • Many unlogged bugs
New content:
  • New scenes @ girlfriend house with 24 new medias: I let you discover it!
  • New porn @ Lana's Porn
  • + 2500 words
  • 2 new medias @ GF/Bully dream
  • New variable > girlfriend's frustration: some of your actions can generate frustration in your girlfriend (who quickly gets a taste for your caresses)
  • New memory fragment system: it is now possible to collect memory fragments. These are memories you can remember later.
  • New background for the night with beautiful stars
  • Button decorator > the buttons now contain information about the status of the game (such as a person in the room), the conditions for activating the button (such as a sufficient blacked/whited level) and some effects of the button (such as time passing). The pleasure of navigation is greatly improved!
  • Video optimization:
  • Videos now start when displayed and automatically pause when they are hidden
  • Added an option to mute or not the sound of videos
Bug correction:
  • Fixed the bug allowing to go to infinity to see your girlfriend or best friend
  • Fixed softporn media bug
  • Fixed fadein video play bug
  • Fixed translation bug in the wardrobe
  • Fixed notifications sound bug
  • Adding a message to specify the effects of the dick size
  • Adding a message to prevent that the video sound has been turned off by default for "security" reasons, but that it can be turned on again
  • New Patreon marketing page for the public version
  • Game systems
    • New inventory system. Note: your personal inventory is not printed because there is no non-clothes item yet.
    • New characteristic system. A fully system describing yourself has been added. In particular:
      • Identity description
      • Physical description
      • History of your action (implemented, not yet printed)
    • Clothing system: You can now see and change the clothes you wear. The other characters in the game can see it too, and will be able to react to it.
    • Buff system: some of your attributes and actions will trigger a buff. There are 3 types of buffs:
      • purely informative buffs (example: "You are a male")
      • buffs that provoke particular reactions around you (example: the stink buff)
      • buffs that will modify your characteristics (example: make-up)
    • Feminity & Masculinity system: It has been formalized and is defined by the state of your body + clothing you wear + other things (tattoos, piercings, jewellery, make-up, etc.)
    • Friendly system v0.1: a simple first and yet unused version of a friendly system
  • Content
    • New page to personalize your caracters @ start.
      • Choose your origin, eyes and hair colors, hair styl and body shape.
      • Patreon only content: you can change the size of your dick
    • You can now change your avatar @ start and @ bathroom
    • Wardrobe: You can now see your wardrobes, see your outfit and change it @ bedroom
    • You can see your characteristics @ bathroom
    • You can take your shower @ bathroom
    • Your achievements can now be viewed @ under the bed
    • Save system: from now on, saves will be compatible between different versions! You can save the game @ under your bed
    • Redesign and delinearization of the house: You can now walk around your house
    • New 5 buffs effects:
      • If you are playing the enhanced version
      • How people sexualy perceive you: male, female, etc
      • If you are in a state of high excitement
      • If you have a job
      • If you stink (don't forget to take a shower at least once every 3 days)
    • 6 new feedback types
    • New 2 random events @ house
      • If you stink
      • If you are wearing the girly top
  • Improvement
    • All pictures and medias has been compressed and optimized. Gif removed.
    • The porn effect @ bedroom is now decreasing
    • The porn effect @ housebf is now decreasing
    • The girlfriend's corruption is now more progressive
    • The bus scene only appears when there is an event
    • The sister's presentation no longer mentions adoption, to be compatible with all relationship choices
    • Credits are now direclty on the sidebar menu
    • A message is now displayed when you have discovered all the content of the game
    • Your achievements can now be viewed @ under the bed
  • UI
    • Big improvement in the display of your action's feedbacks. They now appear at the bottom right of the screen
    • New buttons design (should be OK now) and vertical buttons
    • Modifiers/buffs are represented by a small icon on your gamepad
    • The sidebar is now hidden @ start
    • Color palette: creation of a color palette to unify the colors in the game according to the theme (work/corruption/excitation/etc)
  • Bug correction
    • Your mind title is now correctly printed
    • Applying for the massage's job makes you discover the massage salon
    • Achievments are now correctly printed
    • Fix bus scene displaying an error on 4th appearance
  • Website
    • New design
  • Productivity
    • From Twine to Tweego (full)
    • From local to github (full)
v0.5.1 Hotfix
New job system
  • Fixed the bug that blocks the game when you have to choose a job
  • Fixed the video loading bug for bus girls
  • Fixed the bug when loading a save compatible with the current version of the game
  • New job system
    • Skills and experience system
    • Skills level-up
    • A new confidential ads website with jobs offer
    • Job state -> postulated/active/fired/banned
    • You can have a job level
    • Salary + tip remuneration
    • New job introduction scene
  • New job : masseur
    • Job announce
    • You need a formation
    • 2 basics clients
    • 1 special client
    • The desk of the Boss
    • 2 new characters
  • New location: a Park !
    • Logo and design
    • Sunbathing with some randoms events
    • Wood exploration
      • 2 new scenes
      • Random events
  • Adding settings
    • Blacked & Whited design
    • Audio mute
      • Notifications
      • Ambiance
    • Audio volume
    • Video hide
    • Images hide
  • Audio system
    • Persistant ambiance @ scene change
    • New audio transition with a fadeout/fadein
  • By general request, seeing the blacked videos on bf’s house don’t give Blacked Point anymore. ;)
  • 2 notifications added : Blacked-up & Whited-up
  • Bank scene reworked
  • City location discovering is now random
  • New scene announcing the chapter 1 of the story, and revealing its name
  • $relationss $relationsm bug fixed.
  • ‘Uppercase’ first page bug fixed
  • No more fadein in school class scene + rewriting
  • Fixed several passages that didn't translate well into English
  • Weekend update: Sunday school is over!
    • The time management system is now finalized. Each day is divided into 3 major moments: morning, afternoon and evening/night.
    • For the first 2 moments, you have 3 energy points at your disposal that you can spend on the activities you enjoy most.
    • This time is now graphically represented by a half dial indicating the time of day and the remaining energy points. I tried to do something clear and above all graphic, and I'm happy with the result.
    • Weekends are now considered as free time.
    • Note: the house is still empty, the content will arrive with the next updates. Be patient.
  • Blacked & Whited City: a free city is born!
    • You can now visit the city of Blacked & Whited in your free time and discover new places or come across random scenes (1 for the moment lololol).
    • Adding of a bank
      • Logo and design
      • 1 new scene
      • 1 new character
      • 2 random events
      • Addition of bank account and withdrawal SupaCard™
      • Addition of SupaATM™ terminals
    • Adding a nightclub
      • Logo and design
    • Addition of a massage salon
      • Logo and design
      • 1 new scene
      • 1 new character
  • New transitions : I’ve added a new transition mode to make it easier to read and play the game.
    • Feature validated by the patreons: extension of this transition to a maximum of scenes
  • Exciting new feature : You can now control your choices with the keyboard. This feature is very experimental, there could be some issue.
  • Added a tutorial explaining the basic concepts of the game
  • The blacked & whited system has been completely reworked.
  • New feedback system : you can know track the effects of your actions
    • Earn or lose money
    • Gain or loss of gf’s corruption
    • Gain or loss of Blacked Point
    • Gain or loss of Whited Point
    • Gain experience and skills level-up
  • New background management : the background color is not yet defined by you Blacked/Whited Point ratio but by the moment of the day (morning/afternoon and night) or by a specific location.
  • New action button design (yeah, again, but I'm starting to get closer to the desired result)
  • Seeing the blacked videos on bf’s house don’t give Blacked Point anymore. ;)
  • 2 notifications added : Blacked-up & Whited-up
  • New scene announcing the chapter 1 of the story, and revealing its name.
  • $relationss $relationsm bug fixed.
  • ‘Uppercase’ first page bug fixed
  • No more fadein in school class scene + rewriting
  • Fixed several passages that didn't translate well into English
  • Added content for story mode
    • New porn type available
    • New composed dream with rival & girlfriend
    • New random dreams for boobs lovers
    • You can now ask your best friend to watch non-interracial porn (give you Whited Point)
    • 2 new scenes in the school bus
      • 2 new characters
    • 7 new notifications
  • UI update
    • New save & restart design
    • New discussion boxes design
    • New thinking boxes design
    • Lot of improvements and bugs correction but I have the laziness to log them all
  • New website: the official Blacked & Whited website is out !
    • Website on Google Cloud & using Nginx-Gunicorn-Flask
    • blackedandwhited.com is our domain name. I think this domain name is super cool, not you ?
    • You can know connect to your Patreon portal. Use the Patreon login to access it.
    • New survey module. As promised in tiers rewards, votes are weighted according to your member level.
    • 3 surveys are available.
    • Many big things will be coming in the future with this website
    • WARNING : the website is in beta, bugs are to be expected.
  • Productivity
    • I can now eat by writing without putting it all over the notebook.
  • New event management system + migration of the whole game to this new system. It will serve as a basis for developing a very modular game that gives the player more freedom.
  • Adding achievements/trophies. These achievements allow the player to follow its progress and set up challenges.
  • Notification system to indicate important information, such as an achievement, the discovery of a new location, critical choices, etc.
  • New content
    • Double scene with bully and best friend
    • New scene in the kitchen with mom & sis
    • Two new scenes with the best friend
    • New location: best friend house
    • New nightmare
  • The hall page displays the achievements
  • Sidebar UI improvements
  • Improvement of the translation system. This will allow me to reduce the time required for English translation (which is currently very time-consuming), and also allow those who have expressed an interest in helping to do so. A collaborative translation website has been put online for this purpose.
  • The money system has been put in place. This is an essential step before the implementation of other systems such as jobs.
  • Time and chronology management system v0.1. We can now track what day it is. This system will be the basis for other mechanisms under preparation.
  • Titles system. You now earn titles based on your state of mind and body.
  • New content
    • New scene in your mom's bedroom. Little thief.
    • New scenes with your rival in the school toilets.
    • New scenes with your half-sister taking a shower.
    • Two new characters
  • The end of a questis now indicated by a message
  • A new "hall page" that will contain various information about the game and player status
  • A lot of corrected bugs.
  • A lot of new UI features.
v0.1.0 - First Release


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