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Tech Devil

Developer: Hugo Games Patreon - TFGamesSite
Version: 0.6
Release Date: 2020-08-12
Last Updated: 2020-08-12
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Sex toys, Multiple penetration, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Big tits

A browser based game where you play as a young, but aimless man with a string of failed relationships behind him. Rather than find yet another young woman to turn into his project to build the perfect bimbo, he decides to work as a life coach - New York's first Bimbo Life Coach.

- Back-end coding and structure has been re-written to allow for more efficient variable management and extensibility without breaking compatibility with older saves.
- Journal pages have all been upgraded to new common structure based on character descriptions. This removes the emphasis on grinding stat values.
- Construction on your new space is complete.
- New BLC meetings.
- Dream files updated (Patreon vote).
- Co-op board additions.
- Interactions with Rosa Hernandez.
- Interactions with Elaine.
- Interactions with Stacy.
- Interactions with Tan.
- Interactions with Natalie + Photoshoot.
- Interactions with Dr. Yanovic.
- Interactions with Sofia.
- Repeatable and Training sessions with June.
- Repeatable scene with Jessyka.
- Interactions with Erica.
- Training with Stella.
- Text with Tiffany.
- Interaction with Ana.
- Interaction with Charlotte.
- Scene with Ana + Charlotte.
- Events with Dani.
- Events with “Designers”.
- Final event “scene”.
- A new event with Ana has been added.
- June's first training event has been added.
- June's stripclub encounter has been added.
- The main storyline has been expanded slightly.
- A new stripper will appear on a specific day.
- A meeting with Dr. Y has been added.
- Natalie event added.
- A new pre-transformation Sofia event has been added.
- The new building progress has increased.
- Dani event/encounters have been added.
- Stat pages have been reworked.
- Many fixes throughout passages to include loops, grammar, and variable errors have been fixed.
- A new file structure has started to take place.

This patch is mainly to set up for 6.0, which will be the next patch. The intent will be to give every single character some type of scene/addition, as well as expanding the main story line. You will see a new file structure/variables in 6.0 as well which will be game breaking, old saves will no longer work after this patch.
0.5.3 Patch Notes - HUGE shoutout to NCAegis for helping with text/grammar edits and working on character text coloring.

-New text colors for all characters have been assigned and should flow throughout the story.
-Light/Dark mode added.
-Changes to Ravens dialogue.
-Added 4 new randomized Tiffany "Events".
-Natalie's introduction has been added.
-Stacy's story extended and scenes added.
-Fixed some minor things in the TFC.
-Added new Downtown area.
-Added a new Coffee Shop.
-Added a Downtown Gym.
-Added a Fashion Store.
-Ana's story briefly continues in the coffee shop downtown.
-Sofia's Transformation surgery is now possible.
-June's lesson has begun.
-Changed bimbo dream pictures to add/change variety.
-Stacy Bootycall has been added.
-Grammar and other errors corrected

-----Bug's Fixed-----
-Hangs anal scene repaired.
-When you visit the old coffeeshop variables for $ana / $Rosa / $Yanovic have been removed.
-The $metnatalie was not pre-defined as false.
-The $StacyElaine1 was not pre-defined as false.
-Mom surgery loop should be fixed.
-The "Black-Rock Coffee Shop" the return button took you to the other coffeeshop.
-The "slut" stat of Tan is reset to 4 has been fixed.
-When you teach June the second time at home no longer breaks the game.
-Stacy after class now progresses you forward with her story.
-Photoshoot1d Stella text has been fixed.
-Strip club not displaying pictures on certain days has been fixed.

-----Known Bugs-----
-- After some June and Hang events, their stats are not updating correctly.
v0.5.2 Hotfix
- June strip club return added
- Sofia doctor return added
- Raven Storyline return buttons added
- Removed text delay at strip club

--- Added another layer to Ana's story
-Added to Ana's story line
-Revamped Top Floor Club and expanded its design and levels.
-Added 3 Strippers to Top Floor Club.
-Raven added with a short storyline, who is a tad bit snotty and a expensive bimbo (she has the right to be) has been added to the club.
-Adjusted music to Top Floor Club. -Playlist coming soon-
-Added sound to Subway.
-Added music to VIP.
-Added "Dream Girls" content (images and gifs). Increased from 18 to 47. (I don't know about you guys but I enjoyed the random images)
-Fixed various text logs.
-Fixed error loops.
-Fixed Minor bugs.
-Minor story additions/changes added.
- A lot more June content
- Transformation of Ana from her SFW model to Bonnie Rotten
- More Sofia content
- Tying up some loose ends, like introducing Hang to Sofia
- Added a lot to the June storyline
- Added a little to the Sofia storyline and tidied it up
- Completed the Dani scene that I dropped halfway through
Fixes/Minor Changes
- Updated journals for characters to reflect progression of their storylines
- Changed the money cheat on the start code page to $1mn not $100,000.
- Fixed an issue with June's weekend meeting prompts
- Fixed triggers for Sofia's repeatable events
- New series of e-mails and interactions with Tan regarding Hang's transformation
- Charlotte goes to college
- two events for Charlotte's college path
- New Tan sex scenes and development
- Two new Ana scenes (girl from the coffee shop)
Bugs and fixes:
- Fixed the save text colour
- Friday option to wakeup and skip to BLC meeting
- Made a fair few changes to how the game itself is programmed, cutting down on the confusing code on my end and allowing the game to expand more naturally.
- New autosave method, autosaves at sleep page each morning. This is because sometimes you will be unable to go back, due to the above changes.
- Consolidated some pages to limit duplication/etc.
- Fixed an issue with the 8-hour sleep system
- Fixed the Isaac guide count error
New Content
  • Changed Hang's post-transformation model from Jasmine Jae to Asa Akira, and adjusted the scene where she returns to reflect this change and to improve the choice the player makes.
  • Players can no longer repeatedly give Isaac the finished guide
  • There is now a counter indicating how many sections of the guide players have completed
  • Charlotte wanting to talk about her mom's new tits is only triggered once
  • On Thursdays, though not on other days, the left hand menu will have a reminder that Stacy is holding her exercise class
  • The bug with Charlotte's porn shoot being repeatable should be fixed, but I could not duplicate it so I changed what I think was causing it
  • The bug where Stella gets fired at the same time as discovering Charlotte's porn career is fixed, but the requirement for Stella to be at max happiness before totally bimboing up her teaching job and getting fired has not been changed
  • Councilmember Hernandez's office page is no longer blank
I wanted to also say that I tried to fix the issue where the black text for saves makes it difficult to see what each save is for, but unfortunately I cannot figure out how to do that without totally changing the stylesheet for the entire game. So, if anyone has any tips on how to do that while keeping the black text on bright background style that the rest of the game currently has, that would be appreciated!

New Content

Main focus is Hang Cosgrove's transformation from a shy, selfless recent immigrant to a confident woman. The player will face two major choices with Hang which will have repercussions later in the game and in future updates
New system for returning players. Unfortunately I will basically be breaking saves with every update, but to compensate for this there is a new system where players can enter in start point codes which will take them to the end of storylines.
New journal system. As the game grows it would have cluttered things too much to have all the information in the left hand menu, but equally the game would be difficult if the information was not available. All characters that the player can interact with will have have an entry in the journal, which will show progress and give hints for progression.
New storyline involving Hang's husband's attempt to get you out of the building, which will introduce new minor characters who sit on the co-op board for your building.
New stories involving Erica and Stacy, two regular attendees of your weekly sessions, who will turn to you for advice and offer other opportunities.
Introduction to Rosa Hernandez, the local city councilwoman whose attitude to you will be important in learning how the broader community views Bimbo Life Coaching.
New content for Hang's friend Tan.
New content for Stella and Charlotte, potentially reflecting their greater comfort with each other, depending on prior choices.
20 new scenes for the weekly meetings, some of which will unlock content outside of the meetings.


New logic for Charlotte's porn/modelling career.
Fixed repeat exam issue.
Fixed various iffy triggers in the Charlotte/Stella storyline.
Tried to fix an issue with a blank screen for Charlotte, but as I could not replicate the issue nor did I receive a save file for it, this may still be a problem.
Introduced a new programming/trigger system for non-Charlotte/Stella characters alongside the journal update which should avoid many bugs from prior updates.
Spelling and grammar issues.
Fixes/adjustments from v0.2a
  • Ensured Charlotte breast enhancement conversation displays correctly if player opts for modest outfit on night out
  • Ensured dinner with Stella to cheer her up triggers correctly after going out
  • Swapped out old Stella masturbation scene with new scene
  • Ensured that Charlotte bimbo test scene ends correctly if player opted for her to go to college at an earlier point
New Content
  • The new update focuses on Charlotte's coaching, and the relationship between you, Charlotte and Stella
  • New Stella happiness/acceptance dynamic
  • Two physical transformations for Charlotte
  • Modelling career path for Charlotte
  • Camgirl/porn career path for Charlotte
  • Bimbo coaching path for Charlotte
  • Make Assistant vs. House Bimbo choice for Stella affect later scenes
  • Various e-mails and phone calls involving Charlotte, Stella, and other characters
  • Introduction to ex-girlfriend Tiffany, who has repeatable events with two endings based on your choices
  • Dynamic weekly meetings, with some new content unlocked based on what Principles you emphasise
  • New Rupert + Hang events
  • Minor, early game event involving old business partner
Fixes/adjustments from v0.1
  • Finances are now consolidated to one page, to limit clicking
  • Various events have now become more randomised, to improve pacing
  • Fixed a flaw that allowed you to assign multiple additional tasks to Stella at once
  • Accurate Stella fitness description
  • Fixed continuity error for Stella stripping
  • Made Stella's stripping income passive, though watching her work still has an impact on her character
  • Added in two new sleep image bimbos following a suggestion from GoreWolf
Fixes/adjustments from v0.2
  • Corrected the text for the monthly licencing option in the James event
Important note from the dev:
New system for returning players. Unfortunately I will basically be breaking saves with every update, but to compensate for this there is a new system where players can enter in start point codes which will take them to the end of storylines.


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