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Developer: Legitheart Patreon
Version: 0.13
Release Date: 2020-09-03
Last Updated: 2020-09-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Adventure, Male domination, Ahegao, Big ass, Big tits, Fantasy, Graphic violence, Harem, Interracial, Loli, Monster, Monster girl, Rape, Romance, Sandbox, Transformation, Anal sex, Titfuck, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Virgin,

The first version of the game, tells the story about dragon's last descendant and the return of the maou-sama, who were both extinct hundreds of years ago due to an interclan war, in addition to the betrayal by humans. Everything is still unknown to us as well for the protagonist, but what to expect on this journey? How is he still alive for so long? What's the connection between the demon king and the dragon king?
Come check this yourself!!

You play as a Dragon descendant, the start of the game is very lost because you don't know yourself, but playing and discovering what you can is the fun of this game, you will be surprised sometimes, aside this you can have good times battling some experts oponents, do some farming (Dungeon Items) and even become a seller/villain/hero/monarch yourself.

1- Extract to desired location
2- Click on "Game.Exe" and get started

130+ New renders / 3 New H-Scenes!

Now you can level up your pub (after you settle things with Blacks about your city!)

You can put blacksmith and Former paladine to work with you in your city! (after blacks talk)

You can see Eileen outside at nights, new events may be unlockeds there at nights.. (Love x Corruption)

Now it's possible to Use Balmung again (give up Hanna in front line and use her sword form)

Overlord class came with new uniques skills for its class, you can summon your own sword for example (like in anime, swords coming from nothing e etc)

You can stabilish commercial relationship with the City's Weapon store into Westviller (La Ordenn).

Now you can attack thoses guards at the entrace of Power Town and gain control at that base. (Demoniac Guard there, you will Fight Araha [that guy you lose at the start of the game, yeah with horns and etc xD] if you win you can kill him or keep him as a guard, up to you) Ps: You can't enter there yet! Next version you will be able to do so.

Relationship system doing fine as it can but, pay attention, like.. You can kill Araha if you win, but if Dony is in your party and Scarbirgit, probably Dony will lose some affection toward you and Scarbirgit probably will gain some points so.. Just pay attention at this kind of thing!! (ps: h-events will be unlockeds for now on with corruption/love points)

The best thing you can do is; If you want to kill, avoid to have Fragily people with you. Johanna dosn't need affection system, she dosn't care if you kill so you can at least have 1 perma duo with you!

Corruption system (for now only Eileen/Raveskhan have it!)

After you get Overlord Class, you will be able to battle against one "Sentinela EX" in Asderoxar Kingdom. It will trigger new futures event with Westviller and Asderoxar too (They will come in 0.14, so for now you can only battle and defeat it! A prize will be given to you!)

After Overlord Class you can start teaching classes to your fellows, Eileen is the only one in this version who can learn something so, AT NIGHT, you can find her near your house (in Z-One) just talk with her there and start the event!

A bug will be already warned here, if you use "Shadow sword" and them "Balmung invocation" the Shadow sword will be at your inventory, you can't sell it btw haha, so please, disable it before summoning Balmung!! (this bug can't be fixed, i really tried it all the ways but yeah.. It's not like a bad bug, it will change nothing at all, so just to let you guys know!)

You can also display your Helmet in Overlord mode, You use it or just keep it off, you can get this skill at home after clicking in that blue flame and selecting " Know more about overlord class ".

After Overlord transformation, you can trigger a new event with Raveskhan and Johanna, you can also chose to proceed 1 h-event or just let it be, anyway, it will get Raves some Corruption points as well love points too!

After Overlord transformation, you can trigger a new event with LITTLE ANGEL at Witch Queen House (Hall 100)
About 0.12: H-scenes (2 news *76 renders*) with Dony and the other with Witch Queen. Farming system upgraded! Now you can farm better with A-2 new skill (every farming items is doubled) You can build YOUR OWN COMMERCIAL CITY now.

New class unlocked: CASTER. Every class unlocked by the main character (Siegfried) can't be changed!

Every class moment of him is about some ability of the one. So give time to the time, ahead you will be able to choose one of your interest.

Siegfried with Caster class is practically immunity to spells (tbf he's!).You can get your pass to Sword Dance Event.

New routes and lores coming. Bugfix of some maps delays, up into the Hint system. (Again, i'll do a new one at 0.20! please deal a bit with this one for now.)
About 0.11: 1 New H-scene, but 90 New renders, 2 new events with images and a-lot-but-a-lot news sprites and characters changes.
Hint system implemented (at the start of the game, will ask if you want or not the system help) like very requested in our comentary!
Westviller unlocked, new things coming and a new farming ground
Babylon now Available. (It will be available after the Ogre Raid Event!!!)
PAY ATTENTION! > At your home, you have a crystal, you can chose two new options there;
Up 15 levels (everyone in the party)
Down 15 levels (everyone in the party)
Why this? Because we have new moves coming, you can only up moves until lvl 20, if you got ahead of it, use the "Decrease" option and then "Increase"
so you can get thoses new moves, it's available for everyone, because i can't control who use old saves and who use new saves.. Anyway, have fun!
About 0.10: This update is basically bugfix and some Textfix too!! You have a new Scene (battle) with Gilgamesh, you can also now add New Johanna and Dony to your party, You can also see new things because thoses bugs was blocking it!

i've leaved a upgrade folder at my patreon page so, if you want to just download a fixchange go there and download it, for free like everything of course!

Added some new hints in the game after prologue.

I'll rework the begginer of the game late, not now because of lack of time, only because of this! I feel sorry if it wasn't chatched your interest and what i can say to you is; Stay cool and give me just some more time, i'm a begginer at this, and my english, hell i've said it billions times i'm not american native, so it's a bit hard to make EVERYTHING just "well done" while i'm learning the lenguage.

0.11 will be something, don't worry, now lack content but it will be recovered sooner you can think!
About 0.09:
2 New H-scenes,
1 with Fairy and 1 with Johanna.

68 new renders
in total (with non-h-scenes included)

You can buy equipments at fairy store, you can advance to hall 45 and do Fairy's quests.

0.10 will come with new quests and a lot of changes in some maps, probably more than 2 H-scenes, so calm down, we are going well bit by bit. xD
I'm testing a new "Relationship system", 0.09 will be a "start" for this kind of thing, like, i wasn't planning to do corruption system or relationship system but it can be worth at some point and with some characters like 3ª or 2ª context characters.. Anyway hope you enjoy it!
About 0.08A: Bugfix only!

About 0.08:
3 new H-Scenes with 177 new renders (Sheung - Knowledge - A2)
Start of war (prologue of ishgar's military power)
You can catch two new slaves (Blacks and A2)
You can kill for now on (in this version you can only kill A2, if you won't do it, a new H-scene with her can be triggered at Basement)
Now you can put slaves in your house basement.

A lot of write, progress of the story.
3 new halls.
A new Class (Witcher)
New look available
New skills
Bugfix of somes skills and rework of some classes (nothing strong to be precise)
Nerfs e buffs, a lot of people pm about level difficult so.. here goes. xD

Thousands Poisoned hands, Nerf; HP4800 > 3200
No longe can use Shadow Magicut
Def 30 > 1

Exp after battle 1300 > 2000

Golem (first dungeon), Nerf; HP 21000 > 16000
Def 185 > 125

Sieg normal attack dmg, Nerf; atk base from 100 (lvl 1) > to 69 (lvl1)

Sieg is way too strong, let's give more fun to others in the party too!
About 0.07: This is the transition up! So.. err.. a feel new things..
10 Halls available, and you can close mission 2 now! (saber's tooth)
New characters, and new H Scene with Maou-sama, about 39 renders in this version, not much, but i did some fix here and there, visual and etc..
Remake of some characters, remake of some images.
A good amount of writting!

Now you can ask Ritta to work for you in the PUB.
(You receive 50 coins every 8 seconds of game.)
This will change in the future, for now on it's it.
About 0.06A: BUGFIX, wasn't possible to continue the story because of the wrong switch. PLEASE CREATE A NEW GAME!!!!
Raveskhan (Rave) was unable to use skills at battle.

Battle bond 2 (skill) was giving shield to oponent too.
Battle bond (passive) was giving 50% defensive bonus to Rave, it's about 15-20% only, not 50%.
Skill Shadow Magicut (skill) was attacking only one oponent (it's supposed to attack 3 random oponents)
Magical Blood-Rose (skill) wasn't casting without a Staff (it's supposed to cast just normally)
Drake Aura (skill) Wasn't giving the extra attack.
Akashic Records (book at Valhala Hall) wasn't allowing some people to enter dungeon, I was intrigued by this bug because, I didn't find anything that could make it happen, then I realized that one of the switches that I had made for the "revive the god of poisons" system was being used wrong elsewhere, that's why happened this bug.
I suffered, but I fixed it! If you reset the boss, it crashes the Akashic Record. (because of the common event of checking your level, but now it's okay, you can reset it safety)
Poison coin was resetting the training boss infinitely.
Moon dance (skill) was giving shield too.
You were able to walk the map of Asderoxar even after seeing Johanna's death (which wasn't to be possible)
About 0.06: Truth be said, this att is just to start our real game within! Now the thing start, and you will have "more fun" in some ways!
2 bugs fixed, remake of some images, and new ones, a lot of new ones!! 156 renders in this version, a hell of work you can guess?!

New map unlocked, new place to adapt, a new start into the game, more moves added, training system refinated, now you can have a new coin (Quartz)!

4 new H-Scenes;

2 new h-scene with the city prostitute (late she will be of use for us, and meaning.. no no no, i mean, use without pants involveds!)
1 new h-scene with Artmiller
1 new h-scene with Ravenskhan

In the end 0.06 is just; a hell of new things for you to glub! 4 new h-scenes, a pre-new management system coming in the game, and the VALHALLA HALL
that's work for hell because,,, ah you will see why!

HAVE FUN! (if you see any bug, please, report it!)
v0.05 (End of the first wave):
Sooo guys, i had a lot of bugs to solve from the latest up, and it got surpised, and not much surprised too.. but here i'm with more and with everything fixed!
I'm sorry about 0.04 it was a very terrible up because of thoses bugs.. err. anyway here we go;

Now you can acess the "Memory room" where you can see every unlocked H-scene.
You can level up and traine more confortable now at the Training estage (I'll add it on the Walkthough if you can't find it, just peak there!)
Dungeon 2 unlocked, you can go ahead and... deity yourselfs! xD And news characters of course!

It was about 70-80 renders this week, but only one H-Scene (AH SCHEME! YOU DAMN WHERE IS MY HENTAI?!) But please! Don't throw me at the lava yet!
We'll have an up very.. hot.. next week, i swer! For now, it's about finishing the part 1 of the game priority, and.. with a new system of Invocation, yes.. now you can reincarnate certain characters if they fulfill certain conditions, a very different system from the gacha, but use a very similar animation (Don't condemn me for being fan of FATE! heuehueheu)

Ravenskhan Unlockable/ H-Scene with her.
Reincarnation system
The start of the war comes

Basically this is 0.05.
I drastically changed some things inside the game, was occurring a lot of bugs, so i did a lot of fix here and there, it's very important if you see a bug, report it at the commentary selection!
v 0.04:
A lot of bugs from 0.03 fixed! (I'm was with some lack of time to work thoses days, but i'm doing my best to provide ups every week. The game is very new and i'm very new at game engines too, so take it a bit easy please :/ )
You can buy things arout the map (like houses, and even cities).. Pay attention to thoses because this game will have some management stages too!

Now you can skip the game's intro at you born place (It's left of you - i'll leave a fixed comentary)
Old Saves not available yet. I'm working at database again and again so.. old saves don't work.

Working at some new things to 0.05, this up is more focused on bugfix and H-Event, no new gameplay to do like dungeon, but because of the bug many peoples didn't the first dungeon so, it's the first dungeon for a bunch of people :'/ (sorry about it!)

65 new renders!

Dony first sex event (48 renders)

Ritta mini first event tj/bj (you need to go at her route to see it / 14 renders)

Patreon at start avaliable!

Warnings about.
Remake of some places
3 New characters (1 of them are playable in the future)
1 New H-scene (With Johanna if you do Ritta route)
46 New renders (+ - 30 in Johanna event)
Slums unlocked (nothing important at all for now)
New dungeon (Icyjack Dungeon)
Mini Commercial center unlocked (Bank system implemented)
Some bugs at some places here and there fixed (More visual than in the system)
Some texts fixed (things like "i like much you" xD)
Now you have a home (Late i'll explain how you reached the castle)
Relationship System coming! (just a bit of it in this version)
>PS: Gallery is under construction<

Note: I'm doing every system at every Up. So, please, understand that H-scene will come a bit late, but it will come, i promisse you! :3
v0.02 - More events and maps. 2 New H scenes (54 new renders) Much more written and bug fix.

v0.01 - Just the first release!

Developer Notes:
About English:
It's my first game, and i'm not a american fully-englished guy, but you can expect something much better than MTL so, please give it a try!

About Updates :
I'm planning to update a new version every week. Old saves may bug this new version!! Please create a new save from 0.06A, 0.07 ahead you can use saves!



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