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[Unity] Battle for Luvia: Armored Romance [v0.13.p1.y] [Seventh Vixen]



Developer: Seventh Vixen Patreon Discord
Version: 0.13.p1.y
Release Date: 2020-07-28
Last Updated: 2020-08-13
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Cheating, MILF, Multiple Endings, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Titfuck, Teasing, Handjob, Group Sex, Interracial, Adventure, Graphic violence, Combat, Dating Sim, Graphic Violence, Humor, Prostitution, Management, Point & Click, Religion, Romance, Voyeurism

You play the role of Sir Patrik of Akros, a charismatic, handsome and middle aged (for the times) Knight that set by bonds of loyalty and family to the new Countess of Kathia, is bound to gather the fealty of the vassals of his liege, cajole with the outer counts, and overthrow the Duke of Luvia. It will not be only a path of conflict, choices of whom to trust and whom to make a head short, but will let the player enjoy the power fantasy of the Middle Ages, using the lesser and being used by the higher, both for power and for pleasure. In your treacherous journey among medieval politics, nothing will stop you from romancing and lay with any woman that is put in your way, for lust, love or political interest. Not only nothing stops you: Is part of your mission.​

0.13.Part1.Xh (18/07/2020)
-Fixed game breaking bug when using different cameras on Katerina first meeting.
-Known bugs: Animation flickering in Robin talk in the counter.
0.13.Part1.Xf (14/07/2020)
-Fixed erratic map movement
-Completle overhaul of the graphic system for various improvements and trying to fix bugs.
-Fixed Kithra&Kloe Alternative scene breaking.
-Fixed a conversation loop on first Tobias conversation
(This is not a content release, but technical. But has new content tho).
- Some Menus refurbished to work smoother
-Added the Credits menu (but is still a bit WIP)
-Fixed Stats menus not showing more than 500 stat points.
-Added the Titles bar (still a bit WIP)
-Now the Stats menu will show the one-time Path Choices, but this will make sense when the Romance menu is reworked, so the player will be able to track where that choices lead to (but low on spoilers). Expect the new Romance menu to start appearing progressively in 0.13p2.

Content: (626 renders for 15 animations)
-Katerina Dinnerhall lewder option now available.
- Katerina new scene root (in patrik room, talk with her in the garden). For the moment that scene root only has a new scene.
-Mina Lewd Path advance
-Now you can access two Mina root scenes talking to her in the garden (the one that starts with bedtalk and the first scene with her in her room with a new quality animation.
v0.13d Part 1
-More than 1 hour and half of new content.
-(1400 new dialogue lines for a total of 9200 lines)
-More than a thousand renders + Some remade animations from previous releases.
-New talking portraits: 227

Game Engine:
-Custom Save Game Names and 50 slots
-Two new options about Auto-Restore regular game speed: Restore speed after conversations and Never Restore Speed.
-Romance menu will not be updated in this update (the new girls aren’t there, but stats keep growing) as I’ll overhaul the menu into a Romance unlocks/achievement nice system. (it will keept the numbers too). As I’m deprecrating the system, I’ll give some tips to not lost any content in the end of the changelog.


-Start of the Canary Trail Quest/Continuation of Acallarian Ladykiller. (Main Content of the update)
-New Locations/Events: Anibal's, Captain Post, Port Chief, The West Tower
-Michelle initial attentions now replayable.
-Iva Patrol from the start of chapter 2 is now repeteable.
-New Dolce event.

Akros Manor:
-New Global Hub & Manor Hub remake.
-New Daisy activity root.
-Lake event replayable (for Save Compatibility, you'll see it again the first time you play)
-New Minigame (Chess with Daisy)
-New Events (Jezzebel, Hannah)

Befriend john without previously enemistying John
-A wrong render showing entering Minerva Vardo.
-Baralis Friendly Path not allowing progression.
-Remastered: 1 Mina animation Gypsy Lia Animations remake.
-Remastered: Added one minerva animation in conversations.

Fast Tips to get all new content more hard to see:
(How to start) -> (what’s the final part of the content by 013p1a)

-Main Story: (Ask people at hartlepool. If lost check journal/quest tracker, but basically one advances talking either with Belinda, Sir Dupre or Anibal) - > (Meanwhile at trivor II)
-In Akros Manor, (go sleep at bed to get new events). -> (See Hannah event).

Recommended Manual Save Points:
1. After asking everyone about the Canary Trail and before talking to Belinda about it.
2. After the events, saving before talking to Anibal.

.b,c,d Releases Changelog:
-Added additional expected content.
-Additional bug fixes.
-Some typos fixes.
(This is not a "content update" of any kind, just the release of the ingame commission and the game engine improvement)

-Added the Duke Tier January-February Scene Commission to the Unlocks menu. Is the first on Alternate Realities scenes (that means that that scene may or may not really exist in the canon of the game, character personalities may be different, or other implausible events.) For now is automatically unlocked to everyone, but maybe in the future I make it unlockable during gameplay.

Game Engine: -Now Dialogue Boxes can be hidden with H key! Game can advance while keeping the text hidden by normal click-thru, so press H again to unhide the boxes.

Fixes: Some typos.

If you didn't play 0.12 yet, check the other 0.12 changelogs.
General preview:
800+ renders
More than 1700 new lines of dialogue (total of 7800+)
This is a Gameplay Update. There is lots of little scenes here and there, but basically is expanding most zones in order to allow the gameplay for the future update, that will be basically Important quest progression and cutscenes

Main Story Content:
-Kaelkirk location open (Basic Intro and first conversations)
-A little Main Story Progression at Hartlepool Fortress. (With additional Main Story "Meanwhile" Scene)
-PortHouse Open (Varied content, and extras)

Varied Gameplay Content:
-Little conversation with Avani now available
-Clothes stand open on Penketh.
-Some Silk Trader Scenes
-3 New Item/Resource Traders
-A little extra on Mina -Very specific combination of paths-
-Alternative way to start building Akros Castle.
-A little Akros Plus Ultra Quest Progression.
-New Item consultations with Minerva.

New Mechanic: Porthouse Roleplay

-Added Akros Manor Progress bar on Armies menu
-On same menu you can see Sir Patrik's pouch money cap. It increases with Akros Manor Progress Level.

Game Engine:
-Frame Cap added. (for those who had performance issues for the game going to fast in fps sometimes)
-Fixed Drunk Cam
-Gallery for Extra scenes Available (for now only with the two available Meanwhile Scenes)
-Progress Sheet is finally deprecated. Now follow Quest Tracker / Romance menu to see what content lies ahead.
Bug Fixes: 0.12c
-Iulius not showing name right on his scene - FIXED
-Some Tobias conversations improvement. Added more items interactions around.
-Meanwhile scenes transitions having a problem when finished - FIXED
-The UI bug after seeing meanwhile scenes - Fixed
v0.12b Bug fixes
-Robin not available at baralis enemy path - Fixed
-Some Robin conversations -Fixed
-Some Irena conversations- Fixed
-Belinda arrows for troops choices - FIXED
v0.12a Bug fixes
-Put a Failsafe for the Autosave text to go away
-Baralis has a new way of getting relationship points in Friendly mode
-When Waiting for the Last supper, change the message that you can’t go to hartlepool and kaelkirk – Fixed
-Michelle showing up in romance menu before time <- Fixed
-Arriving always at night at the gypsy camp after decided to stay to night when meet Minerva. – Fixed.
-Question about the Head Bump, doesn’t appear, if visiting Hall before watching the event - Fixed
-Mina still saying that you didn’t came. - Fixed
-Graphics on Mina room entering –Fixed

Known Bugs::
-A sex view animation doesn't appear in Hartlepool Masked choice thru the rear. You'll know. -Hartlepool birds should be of another color.
-Gypsy Camp: Entering vardo, a bad render shows up in the sequence.
Public Release 0.11c, 0.11d and 0.11f:
Little fixes.
Public Release 0.11b:
Little Katerina Update:
-2 news sex locations (140 renders)
Closed Beta 0.11a -
-This update is focused on Story and some Side characters updates, is not a gameplay update.
That means there is no hundreds of new interactions, conversations... But there is the foundation of a new big zone to explore with introductory scenes and some new sidequests introductory scenes.
Gameplay time for new content is around 1 hour, more if seeing different Path approaches to Robin.
On the other hand, this also means that for next update I will have time to only focus on content and gameplay.

Specific Data:
Total current lines of text: 6091 (5100 on version 0.10)
More than 750 new renders. (counting with the 0.11d)
New talking portraits: 235 (for 10 new talking characters, 2 new patrik dress code, and some remastered portraits)
Current talking characters count: 58

What is updated:
-Hartlepool is open, first introductory scenes for new quests are to be found.
-136 renders for main story events
-68 renders for 2 new side quests
-55 renders for locations

Chapter One Core Robin Update:
-Now Robin is accessible in all Penketh Paths. Most unique different approachs are Dead and Friendly Path, but you'll unlock all cenes on all paths.
-Interaction/Conversation Root with Robin Added
-Tavern updated with new interactivity.
-Added 250 Robin renders (inclunding Tavern renders + Baralis friendly path renders)

-Other things:
Mina now will unblock after some days after Status Quo Last Supper Choice.

-Katerina Initial Contact -(Changed Animation System, 32 new renders remastered (2 animations))
-Liliana's Visit- Changed Animation System, All scenes except ending remastered, added 6 animations: (80 new Renders)
-Skip Prologue Addded for faster replays.
-Added Remember system to view non-repeteable scenes (Liliana & Alana for now)

-Game Engine Improvements:
-Added Text Scroll Speed <--- Useful for all reading needs, and specially useful for Hands Free mode working well.
-Faster forced time on screen before dialogue goes away (for Hands Free mode)
-16 Save slots
-Added categories to documents (People of Interest, People, General Info)
-Added Trophies menu: "Your Path" Menu is where you can see all important choices your made in your playthru/your save game.
-Quest Tracker
-Optional feature: Respec Gear added (I'll explain this in a future devlog)
-Added an Additional Dialogue Choices menu on the left part of the screen for times when action occurs on the right side. (for now only changes on new scenes, I'll take a look at previous scenes on the future)
-Added Cyrlic font (for translators)
-Added greek fonts
-Simplified chinese fonts already on game, just a note.
-Little Fixes:
-some Faster transitions on Penketh
-Baralis state shows in Menumap. More characters added to map. More characters added to the relations menu. One character added to the Romance Menu.

Known bugs:
-Mina may throw unexpected lines. It will be fixed in Mina Update later on.

First Public Release 0.10c

Developer Notes:
0. Check the Quest Tracker and the Progress Sheet to know that you've seen all available content! (that is not a bit hidden)

Small FAQ:

1. For those who want to know before hand , playtime (mainstory, side stories, and side minor romances) is from 4 to 5 hours for a single run as 0.11f. (It has multiple branching paths of higher or lesser consequences, also different options to take about the war management part of the game that doesn't have still an impact until Chapter 3). The important choices present in Chapter One are not branching the end of the game, but the way you go to there)

About game engine:
1-The game includes two fast modes and a hands free mode, they are welcomed due replayability. More text speed options are added, too.

2-Prologue is linear and a bit lengthy, but is the prologue for all of the future game so it need to be. Game autosaves and let you manually in some points of it tho.. Beyond the Prologue, you are in "freeroam mode" and you will always have lots of chances to save, and non-important cutscenes are not long.
Some tips about what type of game is:
1-In public posts in the patreon there are various little first in-depths of focuses of the game, good reading for knowing about the mechanics of the game.

2-The Long intro plus prologue may give the sensation that you're in front of a linear VN, but is just setting well the tone and diverse aspects of the story and the Main character. This is not a VN, is a game more akin to a graphic adventure in gameplay, but with familiar elements of some freeroam VNs.

3-"Main romantic interests", or Romantic Interest in specific woman, appears progressively along chapter two. They are not the goal of the game, but they will be worked stories that can help some paths of achieving other goals. As an additional note, You may see in the Romances Panel faded icons of pregnancy and marriage, those are not to be considered specially there for "kinks" or "goals", but more as story progression mechanics.

4- I love, love to render sex, so the game is full and will be full of it, even if is not the main goal of the game.


Win 64 - MEGA
Mac (v13 p1 Xh ) - MEGA

Capturekghghhkdhf.jpg Capturegjgffggsdsdg.jpg 1__1_.jpg 1__3_.png 1__4_.png 1__9_.jpg 474100_BfLArmoredRomance2.jpg 474101_BfLArmoredRomance7.jpg 474102_BfLArmoredRomance21.jpg 474103_BfLArmoredRomance23.jpg 474105_stats3.jpg 474106_RomanceMenu.jpg 474107_relations.jpg 474110_menumap.jpg 474112_18_ForTrailer.png 474113_BfLArmoredRomance11.jpg 474127_13x2.jpg 512764_BfLArmoredRomanceLil.png 512791_YourPath2.png Capturejgfgfgjjgfgsd.jpg
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