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Developer: EventideGames Patreon
Version: 0.04
Release Date: 2020-03-19
Last Updated: 2020-03-19
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Cosplay, Sexual harassment, Groping, Sandbox

Planned Tags: Lesbian, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Prostitution, Stripping, Voyeurism, Urination

Steph, a young Army captain who decided to retire and run a bar, with 100k gold owed to her aunt she needs to make her bar successful... and have a little fun.​

  • Implemented small amount of art updates for bar scenes(Barmaid and maid costumes)
  • Added Chapter 2 quest(Quest is needed to move to chapter 2, no content in chapter 2 yet)
  • Added massage scenes
  • Changed Title screen to a work in progress screen
Added Repeatable weekend Beer Festival
Fixed Missing tile from massage room, preventing people from leaving
Fixed broken quest, door was set wrong so couldn't reenter to finish quest
Fixed Missing sprites
Fixed Days of the week being set wrong
Fixed Armor being sellable and rebuyable(you only need one)
Fixed Warp when using mirrors to change costumes
Fixed Aunt's house having missing collision
Changed Text for working now says shift instead of day as you can work multiple shifts in a day.
Thank you raska42 for reporting many of these bugs.

There were probably more bugs I fixed that I forgot I fixed, had to actually rebuild the game a bit due to messing up when exporting the game last time, I put it in the same folder as the project which overwrote parts of the project such as the playtest function in RMMV, so I'm glad it was early in the project since I'm pretty sure that would have killed it otherwise.
Spoiler time, so don't look at this stuff if you don't want spoilers. I added in the ability to repeat the beer festival and added in a random chance of not only having your breast covered in beer but also you forgetting your bra, I have also spent part of the week doing the entire story outline sans the smaller events so now the story just needs writter out and implemented, the art needs to be done and I'm tempted to try to get other artist on board since while my current artist is great and will be doing a revenue share I'd like to have art a bit faster and it might be a bit too much for one person(If you're interested in maybe helping feel free to say something). The game will have 5 tiers, basically chapter, of progression where you get sluttier as you go. The tiers will affect how events play such as whether or not forgetting your bra is a chance or a choice.
Well bugs are fixed, now onto adding more content.
⦁ Added NPC with dialogue(Town, shops)
⦁ Added patrons to bar
⦁ Added Maid Scene
⦁ Added Greed soul(Increases money earned)
⦁ Added Talk function to bar
⦁ Added First Quest(Initiated by talking to Dahlia in bar)
⦁ Added Interiors to several shops/houses
⦁ Added Functionality to mirrors and shops around town
⦁ Added Day/Night Cycle
⦁ Added Weather Cycle
⦁ Added Weekend park events(No scenes yet)
⦁ Added Debt system(Paying back aunt doesn't do anything yet)
⦁ Added Sprites for multiple costumes
⦁ Added Tailor shop(Also hint on planned content for your armor)
⦁ Added Rules system and functionality
⦁ Added first event permit
⦁ Added Beer festival, first event
⦁ Added Choice pictures functionality
⦁ Changed Aunt's house layout
⦁ Changed barmaid grope scene initial image
⦁ Fixed certain events not being set properly so they couldn't be interacted with

Developers Notes: Hello Everybody, I'm writting this note to tell you about a few things and planned content that comes from things added so SPOILERS ahead. I'll go down the list so first up TALK in the bar is a way to interact with Dahlia and customers without having to work and will have unique dialogue with randomized entries, Dahlia will give you your first task which is to speak to the mayor and later will give you more tasks which may unlock new scenes or earn you a bit of money. Mirrors, this was actually one thing I was mad that I messed up the interaction with since it's something I really enjoy, which is looking at yourself in the mirror and posing, it's something I enjoy being able to do in games. Day/Night and Weather allow me to set certain NPC showing up at certain times(like a shady guy next to the onsen at night) and the weather like rain will allow certain costumes to have scenes where your clothes go seethrough, etc. Weekend park events are something I'm excited for as there are four shows that may show up each week(Theater group in the afternoon, Magician in the afternoon, Concert in the evening, and Fashion show in the evening) each will have scenes depending on your place in the story(fashion show may get a bit risque, etc) and you can find some NPC from around the town in the crowd. Debt was something I wanted to player to want to pay back but aren't forced to, my solution is to make certain things gated behind how much you owe, such as being willing to be a bit sluttier with customers after an outing with your aunt. Rules now have functionality meaning if you want your ass touched it has a super high weight and will very rarely not be an ass touching scene, there will also be other rules and each I would love to implement a little sign to show the rule like (Breast cancer awareness day, help the waitress with her check) that is really bad but it's the first thing I came up with that made sense. Permits are how weekend events will be gated, you will have to not only have the costume but also you need to get a permit from the mayors office(Mayor might be against you walking around with your tits out during the beer festival, unless you can do something to sway his thoughts on exposed breast) and so on with the other events. Souls I should have mentioned earlier but didn't, souls are a way to change how the game plays a bit with the Greed soul being the first which makes it easier to make money, they will be based off the seven deadly sins and will each have a function like lust unlocking events or gluttony increasing the chance for your tits to be covered in beer and be seethrough for a while, etc. Costume choices got an update so now they display the costume when you have it highlighted, only implemented for the barmaid for now. First weekened event was added to set up Steph becoming more open to the advances of her customers. I've implemented a bunch of things and probably missed some since I haven't kept the changelog the entire time so it may be incomplete and I will work on that in the future, but for now enjoy the game and I hope I didn't spoil much(didn't mention much for story but certain things might be considered).
  • Added buildings to overworld(Adult Shop, Item Shop, Clothing Shop, park, stage, public bathrooms, alchemy shop, Aunts house)
  • Added interiors for all buildings except one(Undecide what it will be)
  • Added Bar grope event(Placehold)
  • Added funcionality to rules on the sign outside bar(now if you encourage butt touches they have a high chance, will be balanced later)
  • Added nude sprite(only available in onsen)
  • Added a few NPC to stores
  • Added tutorial tour for the bar
  • Added bedroom
  • Redesigned town slightly for ease of movement
  • Added shop functions to most shops, still not fully implemented
  • remade cover art(Still sucks, but human, might make tentacle from previous one the hand for groping)
Version 0.01 - Initial Release

Developers Notes:
Hello Everyone, before we begins I should tell you that this game is very much a tech demo, there are no pictures, the town's not finished, the sprites aren't finished, and this is just to show what can be and drum up some interest. The cover art is bad, I only made it because I need two pictures, I will be hiring an actual artist to do all the pictures since I am improving but I still very much am an amateur. This game is inspired by several other games, notably Ane Kasegi which inspired the theme of running a bar, rather than make it a management sim with adult themes I decided to make it a sandbox with a theme. The game will feature many costumes all of which you can see planned in game, they will all have pose art both front facing and rear facing, each will have unique common scenes which are scenes that will randomly play when working(Groping, servicing, spilling a drink and having to bend over to clean it) as well as many of them having weekend events such as a beach party or a maid cafe. The bar, while the main focus will not be the only part of the game with events, I plan on having an onsen, a park where there may be random acts(want to get sawed in half by a wandering magician?) a town hall where you can try to convince the mayor to be lax on some of the town laws(I mean, why shouldn't you be able to blow a patron for a tip?) as well as a clothing shop and adult shop. There will be ingredients you can gather around the map for alchemy, in case you see the Bukkake costume and wonder if you have to wake up every morning to apply a new coat. There is a huge amount of stuff I want to do, and while this is my first solo project I believe I can do it. Feel free to support me(I need to pay artist) or simply suggest things, probably tell me if you find a bug(If you do you found the golden snitch in version 0.01 because there is nothing to break). Gonna stop rambling now, excitement makes me write novels.


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