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Developer: AngryFur Subscribestar
0.0.12 Beta
Release Date: 2020-07-30
Last Updated: 2020-08-19
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, Creampie, Furry, Groping, Incest, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism,

The story of a guy who lives with his sister without parents. He suddenly finds a robot (automaton) that looks like a girl, but it is broken. The main character will have to repair the automaton and face the problems that she brought herself.​
The game will have many other characters that you can interact with.

  • The script is slightly improved
  • Animation and arts with Secretary/Master and Sarah/MC were finished
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Animation and arts with Secretary and MC in factory were finished
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Animation and arts in Steam Shop were finished
  • A new character you can meet at work (after helping Lauren), event & sprites
  • More interactivity with Automaton + short scene on the window (Action)
  • A small continuation of the Friend's chapter
  • You can talk with Lauren in dining room, when Karl works
  • One art is finished, many sketches are drawn
  • Art at the beginning now doesn't violate the logic of the game (Roommate at breakfast was redrawn)
  • Sprite Lauren has been slightly modified
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Some bugs have been fixed
Android version is now official and supported. If you experience any issues with it, please note if you're on Android specifically if you report it. Several nicetites for Android users specifically has been added, like a close button when you click on areas that aren't visible/usable yet.
  • New scene with Lauren ( After you start collecting items, you can help at work in the presence of Lauren [look at hints] )
  • New scene with Automaton ( Take her to The Master )
  • Sketched park and Karl's house
  • Changed some completed arts
  • Interface was reworked for the android and pc versions
  • First meeting with Karl or Lauren can be different
  • You can’t start working right after the conversation
  • You can sleep not only at night
  • Automaton sprites were slightly modified
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Sister's sprites were changed (2 new sprites with school uniform)
  • The script is slightly improved
  • In the mornings, she changes clothes at school (2 types)
  • School location appeared (only sketches, but you can find sister there)
  • New 18+ animation with sister (masturbating in bed with MC)

  • You can finish the automaton!
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Try spying after finishing automaton
  • New arts with sister (find tools slideshow)
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Finished Factory workspace
  • Rumors spread like wildfires, there's now someone sharing them in the Factory
  • New 18+ scene with Secretary
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Dialogs improved
  • New sprite for some dialogs
  • New character
  • New location
  • New 18+ scene
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Dialogs improved
  • You can find the last item
  • GUI appearance improved
  • Added cheat for money
  • 2 new sprites
  • You can find one more item. Go to the factory to find it
  • New 18+ animation with secretary and master
  • Minor changes in visual design
  • 2 completed illustrations (Mart and blueprints)
  • New character
  • 18+ scene
  • Several completed illustrations
  • Some fixes
1st Release

Developer notes:
There is two ways to patch the game to enable incest and more.
Create a new, empty text file, rename the full thing (with the .txt extension) to "patch.rpy" and place this file inside of the "game" folder among the script.rpyc, options.rpyc, gui.rpyc, etc. files.
B. Download the official patch file through lewdpatcher (once they decide to upload it to their servers of course)

How to see if your game is successfully patched or not:
In the main menu as you open the game, underneath the version number it should have the text "patched"
If it does say it, and yet you still see mentions of 'roomie' or 'roomates' please report this as a bug with as much information as you can, in this thread.


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

V 0.0.11
Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

Incest Patch

468816_AutomatonStory_2019-11-09_15-01-59-213.png 468819_AutomatonStory_2019-11-09_15-03-24-603.png 468820_AutomatonStory_2019-11-09_15-03-48-227.png 468821_AutomatonStory_2019-11-09_15-04-33-303.png 468822_AutomatonStory_2019-11-09_15-05-05-613.png 475297_pythonw_2019-11-09_00-42-55-454.png 475298_pythonw_2019-11-09_00-44-12-553.png
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