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Developer: CATINMASK Patreon - Itch - Discord - Twitter - Youtube
Version: 0.32
Release Date: 2019-12-02
Last Updated: 2020-05-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Language: English
System requirements (min):
Memory: 4GB "Available" RAM
Graphics: Tested on GTX 1050Ti
DirectX: Version 11 must have
Hard Drive: 2GB available space
Genre: 3D Game, Voice Actor, Straight Sex, Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Adult-game, Anime, Dating Sim, Erotic, Furry, Catgirl, NSFW, Romance, Roleplaying

Aurora's Fog is an adult RPG game with unique story, interesting gameplay features and plenty of adult content.
Let's take a closer look at the different aspects of the game.
Game world
The game takes place in the Kingdom Aurora in a parallel Universe. In this Kingdom live inhabitants of different races, each of which has its own work, interests and character.

The main character accidentally gets into the fog from which he can't get out and loses consciousness. He wakes up in the hospital of a Kingdom called Aurora. From this point on, your unique story begins, which will be formed depending on your actions and your choices.

Residents of the kingdom
The city will be inhabited by unique residents. Each resident will have their own race, character, preferences, tastes. Each will need its own unique approach. In different biomes of the Kingdom will be inhabited by diffirent residents. For example, in the desert biome you will be able to meet with the Lamias, in the water biome mermaids, forest biome felines. With each resident, you can establish friendly relations, or even have an affair with the continuation...

RPG elements
From the very beginning of the game you create a unique character, with his appearance and its attributes. As you progress through the game the level of Your character will grow and you will be able to improve the attributes and learn new abilities.

Your own home
You can buy and build your own house. From the interior of the house (or at least its availability) depends on the girl's sympathy. And in fact, no longer need to constantly think about the place of meeting and how to continue it. Beautiful interior, a pair of lit candles and muffled music will seduce even the most inaccessible girl. Change the interior, equip your love nest and the title of Don Juan in your pocket.

Give girls gifts, pay attention to them and go on dates with them - this will improve your relationship. Improving relationships will lead to the opportunity to spend the night with a particular girl. We also came up with a unique system of poses for each girl (next point).

Sex pose system
Starting at a certain level of relationship you will be able to have a sex with a certain girl. The more often you practice it, the more cards of poses you open. Also, each card will have a level, when pumping which you can improve the already opened position.

Sexual relations
Coition is not just an act of two people. It is passion and tenderness, animal savagery and angelic tenderness. In Aurora's Fog you can choose what atmosphere will be in your bed. You can be an insatiable stallion, or you can be a shy boy. Choose the movements, phrases and actions in the process of sex and enjoy the giving of the girl. Just be careful, one likes it when they are whipped, while others prefer tenderness and affection. Do not confuse;)



1) Characters:
- Added a new character: Nami.
- Updated / Added dialogs: Alice, Shaartan, Nami.
- Added voice acting for all new characters.
2) Quests:
- Added quest for the Felin's village: "Cats and Mermaids."
- Added Shaartan quest for mushrooms.
3) Items: Added several quest items, some food and healing potion.
4) Terrain: Added grass, bushes, as well as several types of stones.
5) Fixes:
- Improved hair material: now the hair looks softer, and also have transparency.
- Censorship is now turned on by default (can be turned off in the settings). The game gives an alert about censorship on the first entry into the game.
- Added the ability to start the game with already customized character. A temporary alternative to game loading.
- Fixed bug with resolution.
- Fixed a bug with sound when starting the game.
- Reduced stamina loss while swimming.

  • Improved customizaton;
  • Invenytory system + outfit system;
  • Quest system;
  • Improved sex-controller;
  • Girls gallery in main menu;
  • Lots of bug fixes;
  • Game size optimization (~500 mb);
  • Added authorization menu (for patreon users);
  • Fixed some menu bugs;
  • Added new character controller (fixed mouse bug);
  • Added new girl, Lilith (succubus);
  • Improved Alice model;
  • Improved skin shader (now its SSS);
  • Changed render to HDR;
  • Improved sun shufts & volumetric fog;
  • Added new sex poses with improved animation;
  • Added option to undress female character;
  • Fixed small customization bugs;
  • Fixed settings problem (low bones amount).

I'm a little bit late with 0.14 release, I had to fix bugs with animation and all sorts of little things. So, in this version a new girl was added, Violet. She works as a nurse in a local hospital and she took care player while he was blacked out. Also, the attributes and unique traits of the character will influence the dialogues. In total there can be three paths in this demo, and which ones you will know by yourself :)


Win - MEGA

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