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[Ren'Py] [VN] Angel of Innocence [v0.4b] [G12 Games]



Developer: G12 Games Patreon
Version: 0.4b
Release Date: 2020-04-02
Last Updated: 2020-04-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Lesbian, Oral sex, Big tits, Handjob, Vaginal sex

Once upon a time, there was a young man with big plans and full of hope. He was the king of University. Men were jealous of his talent and charm while Women were admired the same virtue. Life was so good and enjoyable for him but an injury was everything messed up by a bad day.
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Then his lovely kingdom slowly passed away... He failed his scholarship of school and his friends were gone by him. It was a hard phase of his life but an unexpected person helped him. She studied communication and media at the same Uni and they are instantly fell in love with each other. He decided he wants to become a journalist by a different sports event. However their love was not enough strong and later they broke up, he graduated successfully and he was ready to work in this industry.

A few years have passed and the opportunity didn't want to come to him. As long as he got a call from his old buddy who was together at the University. With his helping, he successfully got a full-time job at one of the Country's most popular newspaper, where his friend worked as well. It's not the ideal situation because he is not interested for the public theme but it's better than nothing so he has started that.

Your adventure will begin with a unique task. You need to get all of the useful information about a famous singer's personal life. She is the key you'll get and gain the name in this world.

You can do it? Or it will be too much for you? All depend on you and your decisions during the game.

- Removed a scene (Business Meeting). Now it's working on progress for a new one.
- Fixed a bug on Day 1
- Fixed some meaningless words in the last version.
- Added 394 renders with 39 loops
- Started one new route
- Introduced a new character
- Naughty Point (NP) system – Collect them with your decision for different scenes in the future.
- Added a penis texture for MC (Not everywhere, there is some bug with it. I’ll solve this problem in the upcoming remastered version.)
- Added bonus scene (Winner of the Poll)
- Changed main menu and game menu image (Winner of the Poll)
- Some crash problem is fixed.
- Fixed error of Nicolette’s scene after going home.
- Reworked a lot of dialogues for better gameplay.
- Fixed a lot of typos in older content.
  • Added 181 images with ~ 10000 words
  • Added a Bonus Scene by free poll of Patreon.
  • Added a new route. (Nicolette)
  • Added a new character (Nelia's manager)
  • Added a new feature with the hidden point system.
  • New Nelia is completely finished on the Day 1 (Photo session, Locker Room and Club)
  • Changed some codes in the previous versions (Because of that, your old save files don't work anymore. Sorry for that, but if you don't want to start a new game, use my save games!)
  • Changed the main menu image (April, who is the winner of the first poll) and the design too.
  • Sounds are disabled.
  • Day 2 morning with Sandy is fixed.
  • Fixed some old pictures.
  • Fixed other bugs.
  • Added the half of Day 2 with 200~ renders and a few hot scenes.
  • Changed a Character (Nelia) and another two a little bit. (Kitty, Nicolette) //Just on the Day 2 yet//
  • Started a new route (April)
  • More splash screen, less black screen.
  • A few changes in the GUI (fonts, main menu image, window icon, other design changes.
  • Patreon site is now available from the main menu.
  • Fixed some coding bugs (I recommend that to start a new game because there are possible a few error in your last saving.)
  • Added a new short scene with Cora (No sexual content. Backgrounds are in a new graphic style.)
  • +1 sound effect (Door knocking) and a few dialogues in there.
  • Intro is now skippable.
  • Fixed a few words (Example - Drunk dialogue).
Initial release


Win/Lin - MEGA
Compressed win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Compressed mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

366725_366696_d1_intro07.png 366738_366702_e2_151.png Capturehkkhggdfh.png 249629_249552_d1_office10.png 249633_d1_herosandy39.png 366727_366697_d1_locker13.png 366733_366699_e2_95.png 366736_366700_e2_120.png 366742_366703_e2_164.png 366744_366705_e3_108.png 249627_249550_d1_cora06.png Capturegkhkhgkhgdhf.png Capturehdfdhfhfdasdf.png Capturekgkghhsdg.png Capturekhkjfggjf.png d1_herosandy08.png d1_herosandy31.png d1_herosandy47.png e2_64.png e2_129.png e2_186.png e3_64.png e3_bonus34.png
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