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Developer: Bo Wei Patreon
Version: 1.8.1
Release Date: 2020-03-18
Last Updated: 2020-04-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D Game, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Domination, BDSM, Big ass, Big tits, Footjob, Groping, Handjob, Sexual Harrassment, Corruption, Humiliation, Slave, Teasing, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Mind control, RPG

Get scammed! A no-reverse femdom game by Bowei and Koda. You are a merchant who sells goods obtained from your adventures, but when a mature, mysterious woman arrives in town, you begin an inescapable descent into debt, submission, and degradation. Will you become Auntie Theresa's property, or try to her escape her seduction~?​

Developer Notes:
Kinks include feet/heel/hose/smell-fetish, body worship, hypnosis/brainwashing, and light findom. Note that the game is generally progressed by submitting rather than 'winning' the apparent challenges.

Always in Debt Mini-Walkthrough

:coffee: = Unlocks scene for replay in Epilogue
OPTIONAL = Not needed to complete the game; may gate content
RECOMMENDED = Not strictly needed but leads to ero scene
HYPNO = Specifically related to the Hypnosis content in the game

- Go out to the Forest and collect 100G
- OPTIONAL: Find and save the 3 trapped people, then find and talk to them in town (unlocks ESCAPE at end of game)
- Go to the Auction and sell stuff
- Sleep at the Inn
- Repeat until Theresa tries to outbid you on an Inn Room
- :coffee: RECOMMENDED: Sneak into Theresa's room after she steals it from you (Ero Scene)
- OPTIONAL: Be obedient to increase your Heel Addiction (purely aesthetic, but maxing it locks you into ADDICT end later)
- Sleep at the Ghetto
- Continue to farm items/sell at Auction until Theresa buys the General Store
- Talk to Theresa and look at her Ticket shop (buy some if you want)
- :coffee: HYPNO: After seeing the Ticket shop, complain they are too Expensive
- HYPNO: Keep asking for more tickets until your blue Brain bar (seen in menu) empties
- HYPNO (Optional): Keep asking for more tickets; your Brain bar will start to fill purple
- :coffee: When you leave her shop, Theresa will force you to buy items to try and put you in debt
- RECOMMENDED: Spam buy tickets during the scam so you can spend them on the Roulette
- Assuming you're in debt (if not, she'll try again next time you enter/leave), you need a Loan
- RECOMMENDED: Ask for at least 2 days so you have some time to do things

- RECOMMENDED: Re-enter shop and use tickets on Lucky Roulette to win Grand Prize (fully random)
- HYPNO: To keep Hypno path available, ensure your Brain bar has no blue before trading in Grand Prize
- :coffee: HYPNO: Ask Theresa to forgive your debt; if Brain bar has no blue, you can get hypnotized more
- HYPNO (Warning): Too much hypnosis (fill + reset Brain bar twice) locks you into the HYPNO End
- HYPNO (Recommended): Keep getting hypnotized until your debt is fully erased, and then...
- :coffee: RECOMMENDED: Trade Grand Prize for Theresa's heels and use them at your Inn Room bed
- When you run out of time, Guards will warn you
- :coffee: Return to Theresa and ask for a job (ask for more than 200G for longer scene)
- Work for Theresa
- :coffee: RECOMMENDED: Earn at least 150G profit for a Reward scene! (the profit needed increases each time)
- Keep working for Theresa until you "fail" twice
- :coffee: Theresa will punish you and have you sleep in her cell
- HYPNO: If you did Debt Forgiveness, you can watch the Hypno wheel before sleeping
- HYPNO (Recommended): This is your last chance to get enough brainwashing for the Hypno end
- HYPNO (Warning): Avoid getting too much brainwashing if you don't want the Hypno end
- OPTIONAL: When you wake up, you can sniff Theresa's heels
- OPTIONAL (Warning): Careful not to max your Heel Addiction bar if you don't want the ADDICT end
- Work for Theresa again then sleep in the cell again

- Old Man will wake you up and encourage you to escape
- Leave the shop, town, and try to leave through the forest
- ESCAPE END: If you choose to Fight and all 3 forest fellas were saved, you will get a non-ero end
- RECOMMENDED: Submit (or try to fight without backup) to become Theresa's property
- :coffee: HYPNO END: If you qualify, you will get this end automatically
- :coffee: PRISONER END: If your Heel Addiction isn't maxed, you can get this end by refusing to swear loyalty to Theresa
- :coffee: ADDICT END: Swear loyalty to Theresa; no special requirements

- Replay scenes by interacting with Theresa's Heels (you can also sniff)
- Replays are based on your "Global" save; so you don't need multiple Epilogue saves
- If the Hypno Wheel is available, you can watch it indefinitely to goon as much as you like
- Talk to Theresa to serve/worship her in various animation loops
- Thanks for playing!

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