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Tech Devil

Developer: DefShock Creations Patreon - TFGamesSite
Version: 0.18.00
Release Date: 2020-08-19
Last Updated: 2020-09-03
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-fi, Corruption, Futa/trans, Groping, MILF, Oral sex, Transformation, Female domination, Male domination, Sex toys

You are a college student whose life was derailed by an unfortunate accident caused by a titan of industry. You want revenge and there is a cast of female characters, many with dubious intent, who want to help you oblige!
Strive to regain your masculinity, or decide you would like bigger boobs. It's up to you!

Expanded LexCorp Story
Wonder Woman Arena battle
Random events - Home, Gotham, JLA
Circe Lab content
Reworked code and bug fixes

  • You can define Allison and Debbie's relationship to you at the beginning.
  • Rewritten intro storyline. New intro protagonist.
  • Lots of updated images including images for the paper doll system.
  • Wardrobe system - this is buggy but should give you a good preview. Basically change your shirt if you want for now. Obviously what you're wearing won't be exactly what the scene pictures show, but we're big fans of dress up and cosplay so wanted to give people that option for fun.
  • LexCorp Introduction: You work as an intern at LexChem on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Right now there isn't much going on other than getting locked in chastity.
  • Allison employs a maid. This may lead to secondary employment for you...
  • More random JLA content involving the bathroom. Invite Raven over sometime for extra content at home.
  • Zatanna quest is complete Alpha and Beta options. If you want extra breast expansion its recommended that you trigger the gender machine in Circe's lab first.
General Gameplay notes:
  • The easiest way to trigger content is by refreshing in the main areas (Home, JLA, Gotham City).
  • Over time there will be lots of random events to encourage multiple play throughs.
  • Unable to proceed during one path for the Zatanna quest.
  • Dead End during a missing random Gotham Event
  • Typos and other small fixes
What's new?
  • New Maps: Clickable maps are now present in all the main areas for navigation. A character face will show up in a map area if they are there to interact with.
  • New Content: This release focuses mainly on content and triggered events at home. You can also see additional content on your home computer.
  • Statuses and Skills: Skills and Stats are going to continue to be balanced over the next few releases. These will be important for combat and to trigger additional content. Currently you can see status at your computer at home, and some of this functionality will be integrated into your watch to check on things as you're on the go. In the future the static pictures will be converted in to gif/webm animations that better depict the ally or villain affection and corruption.
Outstanding/Known Issues
Still reworking Circe's images. Additional missing images will be included with the next update.
Triggered Events: Visiting Allison at night and then going to bed may not make the next day's events trigger. Also watching videos on the computer until the next day and not going to bed will have the same effect.
v14.14 Bugfix
  • Broken arena paths
  • Saving/Loading
  • Exiting Debbie's bedroom at night
  • Various dialogue passages
v14.13 Bugfix
  • Fixed the bug where character gets stuck in Saturday afternoon after hero chooses to just give Allison the cream without using hypno.
  • Added in a bunch of background images. Hopefully there should be almost zero broken links now.
  • Aesthetic changes to the stylesheet. This will be ongoing - changing colors and styles and the UI.
  • Added in checks for video support. Webm videos look better and for the animations we do, are smaller than exporting to a gif file. Unless there are major support issues, we're going to start working the old webm animations into the story and create new ones.
v14.12 Bugfix
We're attempting to address immediate concerns with this release and will post a longer development post later on.
Some key notes:
  • Integrated the Gotham City Map from MV which is clickable. If you can't click a named area then it hasn't been opened up yet. Stargirls Apartment is one example.
  • A lot of backend code was modified or removed. This included reverting to the 5 time intervals that were in MV vs the 7 in the previous release.
  • Some dialogue was added in as well as the chance to receive the necklace based on choices you made in the prologue.
  • You can grope Allison at night now.
  • Clothing system being reworked. You can see what your character is wearing on the side now in the meantime.
  • Missing images were added in, probably still a few out there but shouldn't be any important content, just scenery/background images.
  • You shouldn't get stuck in a room anymore. While testing earlier on, we noticed, very rarely, some of the code didn't seem to fully load which caused a blank screen. Happened maybe 2 or 3 times, couldn't replicate, but if you do get stuck use the back button within the Twine game to go back and do something else.
  • Want to reiterate that we took out and moved a ton of stuff. 14.13 which we're currently working on is changing even more. This will be buggy so if you want a more stable release please hold off, but it will be better than the last release
Basic framework is done along with building out most of the shell of Gotham City.
Much of the storyline has been reworked for better flow and to allow for more fluidity.
Previously Alpha/Beta storylines were due to an early choice of what pill you took. This time, while taking the pill will start you down that path quicker, the transformation will initially take place slower based on the choices you make.
Only a portion of the previous content has been ported over. You can fight in the arena and visit Granny Lin in the evening. There are no random events put in yet and the LexCorp job has not been implemented yet.
We've reworked the code a few times, hence the delay, and now we're going to try to work towards smaller sprints to get content in as quick as possible.
To avoid confusion, we're keeping the previous versioning. We'll be using the minor versions (0.14.2, 0.14.3, etc) to work back in the content present in the RPGMaker version. When we go to 0.15 then that will signify that most of the content and storyline is brand new.

Limited options now for creating the character, but we envision two more 'personality types' other than Geek which will give bonuses depending on the type of superhero you want to play.
Current story ends right after Batgirl is taken away by Circe and Hailey.
Batgirl is wearing a different outfit for the groping animation...we just liked it more and will go back and replace her costume in the other images when we have time to re-render. If you prefer the old costume, let us know!


Fixes a bug introduced in 12.1 where Harley Quinn was not appearing in the warehouse after entering.

Quick fix for Supergirl quest not progressing past the entry to the warehouse.
Known issues:
  • Mac Saves: The crux of this always seems to be a permissions issue between RPG Maker MV and Apple. One workaround that seems to be to move the game to the applications directory and give all users permissions. We're going to try a new build off of a MAC and see if that helps with the save issues as well.
  • Quests triggering out of order
  • Quest system - Quest descriptions and updates need an overhaul so players have a clearer picture of what to do next and where to go.
We've been getting a lot of feedback in regards to game stability and I'll address this more in an upcoming post, but this will be the focus of this months release.

Continues the museum quest through the scenes with Supergirl for Alpha and Beta.
Supergirl can be found in Chinatown if you are Alpha
Supergirl's quest continues at the LexCorp Warehouse on the docks if you are Beta
Additional Alpha scene at LexCorp - Triggered by continuing to have after work relations with Harper.
Fixed the Stargirl groping content for Alpha
BlueCrusher has been introduced but not finished.

Should fix the Michelle walking/stuck bug.

Release notes:

  • Fixed issue with new haircut alignment showing on the paper doll.
  • Fixed Blonde Secretary Outfit - Must re-equip secretary outfit for it to show up properly after haircut.
  • Circe/Beta Milking scene introduced
  • Fixed peeping scene for Beta
Existing issues:
  • Backlog item: Many of the existing beta scenes have to be reworked for the new haircut/new outfits.
  • Cowgirl tall sprite still WIP.
  • Spoilers/High level Walkthrough
  • Tiles in clothing store need to be fixed.
  • The salon is located in Chinatown on the West (left) side of the same street that Granny Lin is on. There is a marker outside.
  • Beta Salon content can be achieved after progressing the majority of the way through the LexCorp Beta content.
  • Beta can buy the cow girl outfit at the clothing store in the Downtown area.
  • Beta can peep on Stargirl - Midday and Afternoon events.
  • Additional Circe content in the Factory - Can be accessed after progressing the majority of the way through the LexCorp Beta content.
  • Content centers around Stargirl Peep, then talk to nun outside of store, continue peeping.
  • Visit Stargirl's Apartment at night after accepting the nuns bargain in the Downtown area.
Alpha - Hippolyta Quest - Capture Hippolyta
Alpha - Unlock additional Interrogation Machine functionality for Killer Frost
Beta - Prostitution Quest part 1

Removed the buggy male transformation video for real this time. We think....no seriously, it's gone.

Removed pesky slime from the Mermaid quest for Beta path which kept respawning after dying.

Saving the game after viewing the 'male transformation video' as part of the beta path seems to have been causing save game corruption. We've removed that scene and recommend you start a new game if you continue to experience issues on this release.

Multiple bugfixes
Expansion of Arena scenes
Get to know your neighborhood nuns better
Additional quests - Mermaid and Zatanna

  • Fixed LexCorp job not triggering for Alpha
  • Included saves for Alpha and Beta
    • Save 1 - Right before Alpha/Beta Route choice
    • Save 2 - Alpha Day 2 before cuck choice
    • Save 3 - Alpha Day 5 (true alpha route)
    • Save 4 - Beta Day 5 Morning
    • Save 5 - Beta right before transformation
    • Save 6 - Beta right after transformation
  • Fixed message for Beta path allowing for Chinatown to be cleaned out before transformation.
  • Added paper doll system.
  • Beta content can continue after first transition.
  • Numerous bugfixes
  • Granny Lin content now shows correctly for Alpha Characters
  • Added additional animations for sex scenes.
  • Short hypno scenes for Beta @ LexCorp
  • Alpha and Beta characters can now infiltrate LexCorp
Not available

No significant new content. Bugfix release.
  • Multiple bugfixes / corrections
    • Erroneous references to Map007 removed.
    • Granny Lin content should progress time correctly now.
    • Corrected grammar, spelling, character names in multiple places
    • Modified Maid Quest so it no longer gives out money each time
    • Fixed the stuck in a tree.
  • Minor graphic additions and edits
We think we've isolated the plugin that was causing massive FPS hits. Because it was making the game unplayable for some,
We have not turned off certain features which 'pre cache' content to make the rendered scenes flow smoother. This pre-caching may cause some minor lag at times but we're pretty much consistently getting 60 FPS in our playthroughs at this point.
Also any links referencing 'Map007' should all be gone now. Map007 isn't in the current game build.

  • Image compression to help with performance.
  • Precache changes
  • Minor text fixes
  • Replace missing image

Developer Notes:
Thanks for the feedback. I understand where you're coming from, somewhat. We lost one of our main team members when we were coding in RPG Maker MV and trying to have a more random story with multiple branches started to be come problematic when we tried to continue. The lack of communication is totally on me, as we struggled to get the wind back in our sails and continue on. I wanted to avoid any ‘woe is us’ posts because the behind the scenes drama is really irrelevant.
As for similarities in the UI there were certain things we saw starting out and we enjoyed how those games played out. Most Twine games have a similar feel, and as we code a combat system the feeling was why wait another 3+ months when we’re getting pinged constantly behind the scenes when the next release will be out. The content and story is entirely original, especially the graphics and animations, and we’re introducing our own concepts and code as we do further development. This is really the first alpha release of a game undergoing re-design, and instead of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, we decided to move ahead with what we had for this month. I get the irritation, but not sure the boycott request is fair.
There are some cool design elements we like in other games, but we’re not copying and pasting our code into someone else’s game, and that will be apparent the more releases that come out. We’re discussing your feedback and will make sure that we distinguish the play style of our game compared to the other releases out there.

Win - MEGA

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