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Tech Devil

Developer: Witch-Dev | Blogspot - Tumblr - Itch - Patreon
Version: 0.0.10
Release Date: 2020-02-04
Last Updated: 2020-02-06
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Male Protagonist, Animated, Big Ass, Fantasy, PoV, Vaginal sex

This is an early prototype of an yet unnamed erotic video game about a man and woman who stumble into another world full of magic.

Updated versions available, in the patrician tier you get to customize the body and outfit, in the plebeian tier just the body, the public build has no customization yet but introduces a prototype of a small village next to the academy.
I want to get a few smaller updates out next. Concentrating on sex scenes, story elements in various places in the world and introducing more customization options. (While I continue with my motion capture solution.) The next unreal version will also come with some improvements which I'll use to make it possible to customize outfits further, improve the performance and get prettier terrain at the same time.
There isn't that much that changed in this version, the development pace should pick up again from this point though. I've been doing a lot of work on things that are kind of back end related and will help me in the future, with things like handling a large variety of different body types and fitting different outfits to them.
I'm also still working towards getting a proper motion capturing solution installed, but thats very much a work in progress.
The current update introduces just the base version of the goblin outfit and some changes to the environment.
The new version is available to patrician tier patrons now and will be made available to plebeian and up by next week. The previous patron only version is now available publicly.
"This is a small build there isn't much if anything to do yet, but with this I will start to expand and update it regularly, there is currently no sex scene yet. Tomorrow I will add a small sex scene, then I want to get the goblin and drow in within the next week which will also make for some more interesting interactions. (These small incremental updates will only be available to my patrons, the free version will still be updated regularly but won't be the newest version available. )"


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