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Developer: VileMedia
Version: 1.3b
Release Date: 2020-07-26
Last Updated: 2020-07-27
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Dating sim, BDSM, Male Domination, Corruption, Harem, Romance, Groping, Virgin, Sandbox, Spanking, Ahegao

A nuclear war between global superpowers has left the world in ruins. Society's elite have retreated underground into a network of state of the art survival shelters built and maintained by a mysterious shadow organization known as "The Clergy". You take the role of a high ranking member's son as he reluctantly inherits the role of commanding and overseeing the operation of one these stations. The catch? They're all women!
Aftermath is a sandbox visual novel game that includes completely uncensored lewd scenes. Manage your time effectively to balance work and improving your relationship with each character. Interact with characters through actions, dialogue, and events to adapt and improve your relationship with them. Which stats and characters you choose to focus on is entirely up to you! Have fun!

Fixed an error with Zoe's gym scene (thanks to Sgt_Frederik)
- 10 new events for Alex (technically 6 with 4 fail states)
- 1 new event for Emma

- Emma cell spanking scene
- Emma cell teasing scene

- You can now spy on every character using the computer on your desk (more will be done with this later)
- Added a more permanent stat based fitness system in place of the old one
- Added some more renders to show the player's actions when exploring the library

- Replaced the hallway images with renders so events can now take place outside of rooms (although not final)
- Attempted to further streamline the navigation in response to feedback
- Replaced the replicator machine's interface with an improved version
- Replaced more early game renders with improved versions (more are still planned)
- Added some unique renders to Emma's first event
- Fixed a couple of spelling and grammar errors from previous versions
Note: The game is currently in the process of being reworked so there are a number of half completed additions present in this version, some visible others not. I'm putting this out now because the changes I wanted to make to the game are taking longer than I thought they would. That and I feel the events I've completed so far tie together nicely...

- CONTENT WARNING: Gratuitous close up shots of uncensored hand-holding...

- 3 new events for Zoe
- 3 new events for Gracie

- Gracie cell spanking scene
- Gracie cell teasing scene
- Zoe tit play scene
- Making out with Gracie in your bed is now repeatable

- Zoe now hangs out in the library
- Zoe now works out in the gym once her outfit is purchased
- Zoe now takes showers

- You can now talk to every character in each room and they'll respond with one of 3 random statements
- Every character's weekly schedule is now on their profile sheet in the player's office
- Implemented a "map" quick travel menu into the HUD
- Removed all stat requirements for interacting with characters in response to complaints about grinding
- Reduced the cost of replicating outfits to 200 credits in response to complaints about grinding
- The stats screen is now a screen instead of a pop-up (although it isn't currently used for anything)
- Added a number of improved renders to show the player's actions in every room

- Compressed the majority of assets in response to complaints about the file size
- Replaced a number of renders from early in the game with improved versions (although more are planned)
- Changed the kissing scenes to be slightly more "tasteful"
- Fixed a couple of spelling and grammar errors here and there
- Added transitions between rooms
- Minor bug fixes (Huge thanks to masterdragonson for help finding these...)

- Fixed a logic error handling credits during a couple of events
- Fixed a control flow issue with one of Emma's library actions
- Removed a couple of redundant place holder actions

- Fixed the issue with the HUD not displaying after leaving the dungeon
- Fixed a minor continuity error in Eva's dialogue during the cell scene
- Some menu items are now hidden when they're locked to prevent spoilers
- 2 new events for Gracie
- 5 new events for Emma
- 3 new events for Eva

- Zoe office make out scene now repeatable
- Gracie office handjob scene
- Gracie body inspection scene
- Emma shower handjob scene
- Eva cell spanking scene
- Eva body inspection scene

- Added a dungeon floor

- Fixed a bug with Zoe's evening sprite
- Fixed a couple of minor spelling errors in the intro
- Fixed a couple of minor animation issues in Zoe's events
- Fixed a bug that locked two of Gracie's events
- Fixed the crash caused by calling Eva to your office after her first event
- Listened to feedback and altered the navigation to make it more intuitive (Back arrows now actually take you back)
- Listened to feedback and labeled the important rooms to make finding them easier
- Listened to feedback and removed two redundant stats. Leaving only hygiene and hunger
- To keep the pace rolling over into night now automatically puts the player to sleep instead of jumping to their room
- Added a mac version
v1.0 Alpha - Initial Release

Developer Notes:
Aftermath is a work in progress. There are a number of character events in the game right now but in its current state it's only the foundation I'm going to be using to build my extremely ambitious vision upon. This is the first game I have ever made so any feedback I'm able to get right now is greatly appreciated. Likewise sharing any ideas or specific scenarios you'd like to see in the game will be taken into serious consideration. Thanks in advance for trying my game!


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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