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Tech Devil

Developer: Changer Discord - Patreon - Newgrounds - Blog - SubscribeStar - GameJolt - Itch.io
Version: 0,60
Release Date: 2020-06-09
Last Updated: 2020-06-10
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, BDSM, Corruption, Dating sim, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Harem, Incest, Lesbian, Mind control, Monster, Bestiality, Rpg, Slave, Transformation, School setting, Oral sex, Vaginal sex

Been playing this since it launched off and on and it's changed quite a bit. It's on patreon but the guy releases the newest version for free a week or 2 after for those people on Patreon and he does monthly releases. You can choose your gender. The RPG elements are easy to grind out and new skills are learned by using the lower tier of a skill until you unlock the next one as well as some are obtained by collecting some pages from a dungeon or other trainings. You don't have to use the mind control to enslave the girls nor do you have to enslave the girls in general.


- 2 scene added for Domme Julia plot.
- 1 scene added for Cassandra/Sarah plotline.
- 2 scenes added for Cowsandra Conspiracy plot.
- 4 scenes added for Cassandra Corrupt plot.
- Alt ending for Frost Queen fight for Kate added.
- 1 Play scene for Bimbos gone wild added.
- 2 scenes added for Julia's bodyswap plot.
- 1 scene added for Cassandra Booked plot.
- 3 scenes added for Dr. Tiff Romance plotline.
- Ms. Rack and Kate added to Molly's Alternate Feeding.
- Library scenes added for Kate.
- 1 scene for Cassandra/Sarah plotline added.
- 1 scene for Sarah added.
- Molly, and Val added to spell menu
- Soothe, Group Heal, and Restore now able to be cast from spell menu.
- 2 scenes added for Succubus Molly plotline.
- 6 girls added to Alternate feeding for Molly.
- 2 scenes added for Monster Fun Plotline.
- 4 monsters added to Ranch.
- 1 scene for Broken Molly plotline added.
- 1 scene for Molly Willing Slave plotline added.
- 1 scene added for Angie.
- 1 scene added for Angie Booked plotline.
- 1 slave chatter added.
- Rubber Naga, Flower Girl, Slime Girl, and Aquatic girl sprites updated.
- Boss theme music added to Monster Girls plotline, during Ashley Duel.
- 1 scene added for Ashley Romance plotline.
- 2 scenes added for Julia being possessed.
- 1 scene added for Ashley being possessed.
- Rosa now able to do the Bimbos Gone Wild plotline.
- 3 scenes added to Dolly/Rosa plotline.
- Possession scene added for Ashley.
- 9 release scenes added to Redemption route.
- 1 scene added for Ashley's training plotline.
- 1 scene added for Brittany's Rescue plotline.
- 1 scene added for Domme Julia plotline.
- 2 scenes added for Jane's Extra Credit plotline.
- 1 scene added for Willing Slave Val, Transformation make-out.
- 2 scenes added to Molly's Romance plotline.
- 3 scenes added to Corrupt Cassandra plotline for Dan.
- 2 scenes added to Frost Queen Slave plotline.
- 1 scene added to Val's Transformation romance plotline.
- 2 scenes added for casting Transform on Ashley.
- 1 Scene added to Julia Domme plot.
- 1 scene added for Transforming into Val.
- 2 scenes added to Kate's Resisted Charm plotline.
- 6 scenes added for Bimbos gone Wild plotline.
- 4 play scenes for Kate added.
- 1 scene added for the player Transformed into Sarah.

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Win - MEGA
Mac ( v0.53) - MEGA

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