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[HTML] Accidental Mind [v1.1 Alpha] [Myscra]



Developer: Myscra
Version: Alpha 1.1
Release Date: 2020-06-24
Last Updated: 2020-07-06
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Male protagonist, Text Only, Corruption, Male Domination, Mind Control, Superpowers

A mild-mannered shlub in a world of superpowers develops the ability to enter the dreams of other people after a horrific accident involving being crushed by a flying supervillain and uses said powers to affect those around him. A text based game with a few background images for color.​

Alpha 1.1
A smaller update to introduce Kiara
-Kiara level 0 events (which will repeat until the level 1s are in)
-Kiara's connection events
-Minor Bug fixes
-Downtown random events
- Changed the way mental constructs work. Now, each level for each woman gives you a construct point, these points can be used to buy the mental constructs from a mind workshop while you sleep. These are mostly quality of life stuff. I have two as of yet. One that allows you to skip an entire day, and the other that keeps track of how long you have left in dream states. You have to start a new game to get these points (or just use the console, I'm not your boss)
-Currently at ~130k words
Alpha 1.0d
Minor Fixes
- Fixed ladder building in Blaire's dream
- Put main street events back into the game
Alpha 1.0c
Hennypenny's changes:
You can no longer see Blaire at the club when she isn't there
Removed unnecessary /if in hotel room
Waking up after talking to Cerebralite in hotel now puts you back in hotel instead of your home
You can no longer sneak into the game when there is no game
Helping Blaire study now should advance time
Fixed broken Look button when Blaire is in chemistry class

My changes:
- Entering Blaires dream now provides a boost to sluttiness (+2) so hopefully that will speed up the grind
- You can now see Blaire's affection and slutiness in her index file
Hennypenny's Fixes (Kept all of them, much thanks to Hennypenny)
Fixed not being able to make the explosives
Fixed Kiara not in class
Fixed not able to enter dream in class
Slight color change of key words
Added money counter
Increased the amount of money you get for micro work
Added sexiness increase to dance at bar interaction at level 1, so hopefully that should make it so you can progress with the game (increase is 4 and you need 20 total)
Fixed not able to break into Walsh House (but it doesnt do anything)
Fixed not being able to play poker
Fixed not able to see status message for levels 2 and 4 in Blaire's status screen

Some other stuff I don't remember
My Own Fixes (Thanks for everyone for pointing them out)
-Blaire sluttiness can now be increased while watching her jog, sunbathe, and dancing with her at all levels
-Fixed the PhoneN / phoneN problem
-Added more time to the dream counter x20 instead of x15
-Added a door to escape the dream early
-turned off the phone so you cant call a cab to leave dream
-Fixed stealth and telepathy so they go from 1-15 then 15-30 instead of 1-10 and 20-30.
Alpha 1.0
  • Initial Release
  • Complete intro
  • 1/7 women completed
  • Infrastructure complete
  • 100k words

Developer Notes:
Text based game only so no pictures, if its not your thing then this may not be for you (though give it a try anyway, you may like it). The image folder is for some backgrounds I added to give the game some color.



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