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Developer: AcademyOfFetishes - Patreon - Discord
Version: 1.02.00
Release Date: 2020-02-05
Last Updated: 2020-02-05
Censored: No
OS: Any
Language: English
2 DCG, School Girl, College, Modern, Futa, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, BDSM, Urination, Incest, Yuri, Trans, Customizable Character, School Setting, sex Toys, Spanking, Text Based, Transformation,

(All hard fetishes are optional)

Academy of Fetishes is a text-based game you can play in the browser or on your computer. You are the principal of Saint Mary's, a financially ruined all-female college. Fortunately, an anonymous benefactor offers to keep the school afloat so long as the students and teachers perform lewd acts.
When you start, the students and teachers are reluctant. But the longer you play, the more they break out of their shell and show you how twisted and perverted they really are.

My goal is to create the most perverted interactive erotic novel out there. If you can fap to it, I've done my job. Your support encourages me to keep going! Each scene takes a surprising amount of hours to write. When you become a donator it encourages me to write more.
If a kink exists, I want a scene of it in the game. But, I respect the fact that not everyone is into everything. That's why the game will progress down the path you want to take. Don't like Futanari? That's fine! There will be a tech tree of sorts and you can choose to avoid that path and still beat the game.

I'm just getting started so any and all feedback is appreciated. Let me know of your favorite fetish/fantasy and I'll see if I can put it in the game for you!

Fetish options

# Version 1.02.00
Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I've had a release of Academy of Fetishes. In fact, I wasn't really planning on working on it anytime soon. I wanted to focus on my new game called Monster Girl Farmer, but a month into quitting my job, I suffered a hand injury from over usage and it's been months since I've been able to program. It took me longer than I'd like to admit, but I eventually realized it would be easy to use dictation software to work on Academy of Fetishes because it's 90% prose. For the last month or two, I've been dictating naughty scenes into my microphone.

Anyway, the reason I'm calling this the "All hard fetishes are optional" edition is because I wanted to let those unfamiliar with the game know that all hard fetishes are optional. I do a good job of letting you know what fetishes are to be in a scene before you experience said fetish. I also give you multiple ways of skipping any scene both before they start and when you're already in them.

The reason I'm compelled to bring this up is because two of the three scenes that were added in this release are very "advanced" relative to the rest of the game. For this reason, they appear at the end and are probably not for most people. I'll start by explaining the most tame first one:

– Mrs. Ball, the PE teacher, teaches her students how to give Tantric massage and you have the option to volunteer yourself to receive one from a student named Jessie. Later in the scene, you have an opportunity to receive one from Mrs. Ball herself.

– Ms. Tink, the engineering teacher, builds a device that will give a student named Luna uncontrollable orgasms. Luna is a trans girl with a huge penis and she is notorious for being difficult to bring to orgasm. This scene gets pretty wacky relative to what I usually write. It includes cum inflation, electrostimulation, semen enemas, and forced orgasms among other things.

– I call the last scene, "An Earned Orgasm." It's probably the most sadistic scene in the game, and I'll be surprised if more than 2% of players want to experience it. Let's just say it involves lots of pain, chastity devices, testicle torture, and needles. The person being tortured is Bailey, a very masochistic trans girl. As that description suggests, she's really into it. Once again, this scene, like all the others is optional.

– Technically, there is another wacky scene that I wrote but it isn't included in the game. Miss Waterloo, the swimming coach, invents a competitive sport to see who can stay underwater the longest. A group of girls outside of the pool give each other air enemas, submerge their bottoms into the water, and the girls who are trying to hold the breath must suck out the air enemas to breathe. Like I said, I decided not to add this one to the game because people told me the narrative style didn't match the other scenes, but $1 pledges can read it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/33725487

– The word count is now 417K. The last major release was at 397k words.

– A fan from my discord server ( https://discord.gg/kpEFKft ) named bdsmgeek was extremely helpful in this release. Not only did they proofread some of the stories, they helped me code some of them, and reworked the UI to give players a better experience. They also are one of the primary sharers of fetish porn on my server. :)

– A lot of other fans were helpful in proofreading the stories, and I really appreciate that, too!

– A new image was added to the game of Mia sucking on Olivia's asshole. More specifically, sucking on her prolapse. Ugh, on going to be honest with you, prolapses make even me a little bit queasy, but I want to reiterate once again that this scene and this image is easily avoidable.

– If you've already played the game and want to jump straight to the new stuff, $5 pledges have access to cheat codes that let you jump right to any scene in the game.

– I'm in the process of writing a scene called "Kira's Outhouse." If you'd like to proofread its current state, what me know. Your feedback could change the direction of the story.

If this game sounds appealing to you, I hope you check it out and let me know what you think. I love to hear your feedback.

# Version 1.01.03
Hello! I'm excited to release this version, because I added a feature that allows you to play as a non-binary main character. If you identify as non-binary, I hope this feature makes the game more immersive for you.

Not only that, but three new images have been added to the game. One is of Kira and Mia with Max, one is of Olivia spanking Mia, and one is of Olivia as a punk rocker. Here's an example of that last one: https://academyoffetishes.com/images/olivia_punk_rocker.png Also, four black and white images have been colorized.

Lastly and least important, I added some javascript so the scrollbars would render correctly on newgrounds.

I hope you enjoy the game! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

# Version 1.01.02
On a really old save, camera scenes wouldn't load. I've fixed this.

# Version 1.01.01
Although this is labeled a minor release, a lot of effort went into this one. Seven colorized images were added (these were originally black and white. Here's an example of one: https://academyoffetishes.com/images/olivia_enf.png This is you and Mrs. Curie embarrassing Olivia by making her strip down in front of the class.

A WHOLE BUNCH of typos were fixed. When I say a WHOLE BUNCH, I mean, like, over 500! This will make the game a lot more enjoyable for everyone. I know whenever I notice a typo, it really ruins the immersion for me.

Almost all these typos were reported by darkdreaming over a period of months. He's almost wholly responsible for this release and he's also an erotic lit author. I encourage you to out his works at https://www.reddit.com/r/WitchThelma/ I really enjoyed his stories, and maybe this is TMI, but they turned me on like crazy.

I also fixed a bug where if you would refresh the browser, your yearbook data would disappear. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to get this working on old saves, just new ones. But there's a workaround on old saves: If you save your progress, your yearbook data will be saved there, too. So if you ever accidentally refresh, going back to your last save will return it to the way it was. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to make this fix backwards compatible :(

# Version 1.01.00
This release adds a lot of colored images to the game and one new one that I can't discuss for various reasons. But, here's a squirting pic that was newly colorized: https://academyoffetishes.com/images/mia_squirts_on_olivia.png

This release also adds a new scene with Olivia and a... friend. For various reasons, I can't discuss that one either. Let's just say, if you liked the scene with Mia, Kira, and Max, you'll probably like this one, too. Sorry for being so secretive, but if you play it, you'll know why. You'll unlock this new scene at the end of the game, after you play the Mia, Kira, and Max scene. I apologize for shilling, but $5 pledges have access to a cheat that skips right to it.

I also wanted to talk about my new game I'm working on. It's so new, it doesn't even have a name yet. But, it's going to be very similar to "Cook, Serve, Delicious!" only with a Hucow theme. So if the idea of caring for cute human-cow girls on a farm is appealing to you, you might be interested in my new game. As I said, it's in the very early stages, so keep a look out on my Patreon for updates. If you've never heard of "Cook, Serve, Delicious!" here's a gameplay vid of it:

Happy Holidays everyone!
# Version 1.00.02
Fixed a bug where I forgot to close an if statement.
# Version 1.01.00
Accidentally forgot the label for "snot" on the fetish picker.
# Version 1.00.00
I'm happy to announce version 1 of Academy of Fetishes! Baring small improvements (new images, bug fixes, etc.), this concludes development of the game! Though, I can't rule out adding a new scenes in the future, I can't promise it either.

I really hope you like the ending and the game in general. I know it has some extreme fetishes in it, but I wanted the ending to appeal to most people. It's basically an orgy where you fuck and get fucked by lots of students. I will now go into detail about what's new in this release.

- There's a massive orgy scene at the end of the game I referred to above.
- You wander the halls and observe the students and their lewd casual wear.
- I made Mia's nipples dark in my descriptions instead of pink. Someone long ago let me know that most Asians have dark nipples. I'm not sure if that's always true, but a little "research" seemed to confirm it.
- I wrote a really nasty scene with Mia, Kira, and "Max." It's only available to those with extreme fetishes. If you're squeamish, it probably won't be available in your play through. But, in the off chance that you stumble upon it, it has three warnings before you'll be able to read it.
- Camera scenes no long appear randomly. Now, they're always available. I was concerned that some play throughs wouldn't get to see everything, and it felt mean to make people play the game all over again just to see the one camera scene that randomly didn't appear.
- There are two new images. One is of Anna pony training Hannah. The other is of Olivia tied up to her bed. Here's a picture of the former: https://academyoffetishes.com/images/anna_trains_hannah_pony.png
- There are two old images that have been colorized.
- The game is now 397k words long. That's like four novels worth of content.
- This bullet point contains SPOILERS, so skip if you don't want to be spoiled: There's a new scene where you discover how AB (the anonymous benefactor) always seems to slip your grasp when you're trying to catch them.

# Version 0.31.00
* For your convenience, you can now "click" on links by pressing numbers on the keyboard. E.G., the first link on the page can be clicked by pressing 1, the second link can be clicked by pressing 2, and so on...
* Lore change: It's not possible for you to record anything on camera. This was necessary to keep AB mysterious. I think I do a decent job of justifying it.
* Lore change: The school never received government funding. It was and has always been private funded.
* Lore change: If you play as a Futa main character, it is now Ms. Waterloo who gets you to reveal it to the school, not Ms. Darwin.
* There's a brand new image of Mia dressed up as a cat girl in the costume show: https://academyoffetishes.com/images/mia_felicia_costume.png
* There's a brand new image of Kira on all fours while Casey pulls rosary beads from her vagina.
* My artist colorized 8 old black and white images.
* On the discord server, you gain XP for chatting and then you can level up. I tried to make fun roles for your levels, like "student", "tutor", and "teacher."
* I wrote scene that is a commission request for someone to eat scat, but for them to enjoy it. In the end, I felt Kira was the best candidate, because she already had a scene where Mrs. Ball trained her in this. This new scene takes place in the cafeteria, and as you would guess, it's really filthy. Please keep in mind, it's easy to avoid and it's very late in the game, so don't let this scare you off from trying the game :) Annnnd just to scare you off again, this scene contains snot and vomit, too.
* I added "snot" to the fetish picker, so when you start the game, you can say you're not interested in seeing this fetish, and it won't show up.
* The word count is now 375k. This released added 9k words.

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