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Developer: Zekoslava
Version: 0.6
Release Date: 2020-04-18
Last Updated: 2020-04-24
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2d game, Anal sex, Animated, Big tits, Combat, Drugs, Incest, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Mind control, Oral sex, Prostitution, Real porn, Rpg, Sex toys, Titfuck, Transformation, Urination, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism

You ran away from home to a new city with no money and no place to live. But the city you came to hides many secrets.

v0.6 sissy path
- Add Surgery in the clinic.
- Add 3 New Event.
- Add Wrestling arena in the gym (So far there is nothing in it)
- Add Lucy's Apartment
- Add Shemale video masturbating
- Add The Shemale player can enter the women's restroom at the bar.
- Add New Doctor Dick character pictures
- Add You can watch TV when you buy.

- Character Dr. Smith

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Shopping in the market
- Add Bimbo dreams
- Add Male and Female dreams
- Add Bimbo and Shemale outfit to the store (Clothing can only be worn if you first put it in a closet or in a box in the basement.)
- Add Working in a secret club
- Add Buying a home
- Add the shed can be sold when buy
- Add Start a secret experiment and explain the purpose of the player.
- Add cooking system in the shed and in the house.
- Add 1 new quest for female and sissy male player
- Add 1 new quest for male player
- Add If the incset is on, spying the sister through the keyhole after 10pm in house.
- Add settings with fetishes in inventory (fetishes not yet in game)
- Add Professor Dick's apartment
- Add Clinic (Not yet active)

- Sister for Male/Sissy player
- Brother for Female player
- Professor Dick
- Add Massage Agency Job
- Add 1 new quest for straight male
- Add 2 new quest for sissy male
- Add 1 new quest for female
- Add Now you can work in the sex shop for female
- Add New look for sissy character after 15 sissy points.
- Add New look for female character after 15 bimbo points
- Add Secret club (So far there is nothing in it)
- Add boutique shop
- Add watching muscular girl in gym
- Add Chastity mastrubation gifs
- Add The game over if you take too many pills or drugs
- Add Female outdoor pee gifs
- Add All buildings are closed after 11pm and open after 8am.
- Add Sleeping pills

- Add First Event for sissy male
- Add Second Event for female

- Character Tara
- Character Suzy
- Add Workout in the park
- Add If pee and cum come to 100% the player pee and cum in pants.
- Add Sex Shop
- Add 4 new quest for sissy male.
- Add 3 new quest for female
- Add 1 new quest for straight male
- Add New Nude beach location
- Add Massage Agency
- Add Gym
- Add Sauna
- Add Now you can work in the lab for Sissy male and female
- Add Now you can work as a paintings seller for straight male
- Add When poo, pee goes to 0 too.

- Character Megan
- Character James
- Character Jenny

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Sleeping problem
- Fixed The day dawns at midnight
- Add straight Male option.
- Add breast growth in female protagonist after 5 days of taking the pills.
- Add bus stop
- Add New beach location
- Add New Forest Location
- Add Beach and City background sound
- Add Rats in basement
- Add Now the shed can be bought
- Add buying TV and PC in item shop and more
- Add Drugs dealer and drug buying
- Add On gloryhole Pay for the service
- Add Time goes by when doing an action
- Add Hunting in the forest
- Add Weapon shop
- Add Gun and Rifle
- Add Lori First Event for straight male.
- Add Lucy First Event for female.
- Character Anna (Nothing to do with it for now)
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed In the lab, when a female protagonist talks to a scientist, she changes to male picture.
- Fixed Annoying messages pee, hungry, shower...
- Fixed Video female small boobs.
- Fixed For long video, can now skip.

v0.1 Demo
First Release


Win - MEGA
UPDATE (0.5->0.6) - MEGA

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