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Developer: OrbOrigin Patreon - DeviantArt
Version: Part 1-8 Fixed
Release Date: 2020-06-07
Last Updated: 2020-06-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Cheating, Corruption, MILF, Romance, NTR (Avoidable), School setting, Groping, Footjob, Handjob, Deal, Vaginal, Oral, TitJob, Groping, Voyeur, Not very big tits, Teasing,

Your girlfriend's mother doesn't like you - doesn't appreciate you for anything. Most of all, she wants you to leave her daughter because you're in the way of her education. Little did she know, you have an affection for the mother and as she grows desperate to get rid of you, You both settle down of an agreement. An agreement that could change your whole relationship.

Part 8 fixed:
Resolve bug of no finding certain images.

Part 8
• Added part/update Eight [8] into the game.
• Fix the bug in Day 16 on Marilyn's name.
• Part two [2] has been edited by my editors (Special thanks to Sean & J0K3RXXX).
• The text box was changed into a more transparent box.
• The centered text during H-scene has been removed. (Only part eight has the centered text removed, still working on the previous parts)
• Added a different word font change into the game.
• Added 'Motherly-Care Tier Credit' into splash screen.
Part 6
• Added part/update Six [6] into the game.
• Fix the dialogue bug in Day Thirteen [13] with Marilyn and her erotic book.
• Misspelled words are corrected. (There may be a few I might've missed)
• Added eleven easy access additional saving/loading page. (You can save/load up to 100+ pages. Just click on the '<' and '>' in the bottom section of the saving/loading screen)
• The game file is no longer 5 GB :D
Part 5
• Added part/update Five [5] into the game.
• Fixed the bug in Day Eight [8] when MC cums in Nicole in the garage scene.
• Added additional animations during the night Nicole sleeps at MC's place In Day Nine (Thanks to J0K3RXXX for the idea)
Part 4
• Fixed the bug in Day Eight [8] when MC cums in Nicole in the garage scene.
(About the error IOError: Couldn't find file 'Character/Nicole Back Pantless.png.', will be fixed in the next update).
• Fixed the bug in Day Nine [9] for the 2nd NTR scene.
• Most wordings/grammar are fixed

Developer Notes:
Why Is It Part One? :
A Mother's Love will be a longer game compare to the previous games we've released. The game is actually schedule to have two parts and Part Two is still being worked on. Honest note; the game wasn't supposed to have two release hahahah. But we read about how much our games were too short, so we made it longer and at the same time more content! Hopefully, it suits your boat.

BugFix Patch
Installation info:
Unzip the ZIP file and copy the three extracted files (Coding.rpy, Coding.rpyc and Coding) into the game folder (...\AMothersLove-Part8-pc\game\)


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA
BugFix Patch - MEGA
Walkthrough - MEGA

251664_ML_2.png 298856_CafeMeet_002.png 251669_ML_7.png 251670_ML_8.png 298867_Marilyn2Scene_14.png 298869_WakeUpNicole.png AfterHospitalVisit22_2.png BathroomChloe11.png 251667_ML_5.png BeddingNicole019.png BeeChloeTwo_001.png BeemanChloeClass10.jpg ChloeCelebrate_14.png Deal5_Three_003.png Deal5_Two_009.png 298859_Deal6_One_013.png Deal9_011.png Deal10_008_2.png Deal11_011_2.jpg DealCheat_10_5.png DealDance23.png DrunkBeeman9.png JohnBathroom4_2.png MarilynGame_005.png MarilynLiveTime19.png MoreBeeChloe014.png NicoleDressStore12.png NightVisit17.jpg
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