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Developer: WillTylor SubscribeStar - Patreon - Discord - YouTube
0.05 b
Release Date: 2020-03-22
Last Updated: 2020-03-24
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Incest, Male Protagonist, Oral sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Corruption, Groping, Male domination, MILF, Ntr(Avoidable), Sleep sex, Stripping, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Point and click, Trainer

Tony owes a huge amount of money to the Mafia, but when he ends up in prison, the responsibility of the debt falls to his only son, the mc, Ryan. Help Ryan develop his relationship with his mother and two sisters. With his father gone, there is nothing stopping the development of his Oedipal complex. And don't forget the weekly payments to the mafia, because if they don't receive their money, they will still take what they are owed in other ways.

v0.05a supporter
New Mini-game (accessed by phone)
48 animations
405 New images.
2,945 lines of dialogue.
36 new general game events, including....
11 new phone progress events
Spelling and grammar checked.
v0.05 Patreon
  • New Mini-game (accessed by phone)
  • 34 animations
  • 381 New images.
  • 2,922 lines of dialogue.
  • 36 new events
  • Spelling and grammar checked. (Thank you lapdragon!)
  • New Tutorial
  • Stats now more easily accessed by pressing "P" in game.
  • Completely re-checked and edited for spelling and grammar. (Thank you lapdragon!)
  • 38 New images. (All in the tutorial)
  • 86 lines of dialogue. (All in the tutorial)
  • Various bug-fixes.
Version 0.04e_Xmas
  • 191 new images.
  • 8 animations.
  • 2,382 lines of dialogue.
  • 4 different paths through the Xmas event.
Version 0.04e
  • Spelling and Grammar fixed (Thanks lapdragon!!)
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow the in game subscription site (Cosplay Heaven) to show explicit images.
  • Fixed a bug that made it so you could not progress with Camille
Version 0.04c-d
  • A butt load of bug-fixes
  • New Halloween image in patreon gallery
Version 0.04b
  • New navigation system
  • New Hint system (No longer in the portrait, now it's found on the phone)
  • 268 new images
  • 3,379 lines of dialogue
  • 24 new events
  • New character
  • 2 commission pieces in the supporters gallery
  • Day of the week and time of day are always visible
  • Some of the best options in the events are easier to trigger so more people can experience those events to the fullest.
  • 1 new mini event
  • Hints in the family photo can now be accessed through the phone, but this is just temporary. The 0.04 version will have all the hints just be displayed on the phone with their corresponding events.
  • 294 new images
  • 2,371 lines of dialogue
  • 11 New events
  • New character
  • 2 commission pieces from N7, a moderator at F95, and Frayed 80, a member of our "Family with Benefits" tier.
  • Note: Hint system works mostly, but is acting a bit funny, I'm not going to invest any of my time fixing it due to requests to change the hint system to be on the phone interface. I will add a bugfix file in the next couple days that will make this change, and fix any other bugs we may find.
  • Several game breaking bug fixes.
  • various small bug fixes
  • New skip time button on cell phone
    • Note: time-skip button doesn't work until the intro events of the game have all taken place. If your button doesn't work, you haven't finished the intro.

Win/Lin - MEGA
Compressed win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Incest Pacth - MEGA
Patreon extra - MEGA

3ed1dbdb5ec34e9d95777ff74a5f3680.jpeg CosplayWakeMe01.png 512495_PoolBlue31.png PoolPink40.png 62ca7ba0e63415a18dcda0661def80bd.jpeg 809c0f287ea00c0fb4efe9be7900845c.jpeg 939e7ed00015bafb5b7321c5fcea7c4b.jpeg 3354f95449614529fac3856c5fcede2a.jpeg 512489_AuntCleaning10.png 512490_CosplayInto07.png 512491_DiazVisit19.png 512494_LChristmas53.png 512497_SChristmas41.png 512498_SidneyWRShoot18.png SidneyWRShoot46.png 512500_SleepWithSidney33.png Capturegfgfsdgsgdsdg.jpg Capturegjgjgj.jpg Capturejgfgfgfsdg.jpg SidneyLaurenSneak11.png Classroom09.png ClassroomStrip05.png CreepShotSidney01.png RoomDDreamLauren03.png RoomDDreamMom03.png RoomWackoffAunt08.png SafeYogaSpyCam03.png SchoolBathBlow10.png SpyCamLaurenBedroom06.png
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