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[Ren'Py] [VN] School Game [v0.908] [Sloths Command]

Mar 20, 2020

Developer: Sloths Command Patreon, Discord
Version: 0.908
Release Date: 2020-08-01
Last Updated: 2020-08-01
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English (MT), Russian
2D Game, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Big Tits, Creampie, Sandbox, RPG, Simulator, Strategy

School Game is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace. Isn't it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action?​

UPD 25.06.2020 2:20 GMT+3 (Bug fix 1):

- Fixed bugs with hairstyles on randomized NPCs
- A new hairstyle was added
- Fixed a bug that did not show the depravity parameter for randomized NPCs
- Two new events were added for randomized NPS
- Fixed issues with a bulging bra on some suits
- Fixed a bug with displaying Russian text in English translation at the moment of costume change
- Fixed some translation errors in events
- Fixed a bug where information about the General depravity of the school was not available in the uniform standardization menu.

UPD 26.06.2020 18:30 GMT+3 (Bug fix 2):

- Hentai patch is now enabled immediately not only on the PC, but also on Android without entering the public patreon-code.

UPD 27.06.2020 19:40 GMT+3 (Bug fix 3):

- Now you don't have to restart the game or delete saves if there are any game errors or bugs when playing in English.

UPD 30.06.2020 10:30 GMT+3 (Bug fix 4):

- Fix bug 'depravity_list is not iterbal'

- Now you don't have mandatory to skip time in school to get new Yuki events.

- Russian words were corrected in some events with Yuki in the English translation of the game.

=== ENG ===

- Fixed the balance of spending money, you now start with 3000 credits.

- At the very beginning, you are given a choice of character features: either you are given a little more money, or you know a little more recipes, or you have the opportunity to undress girls right on the street.

- It is now possible to customize female characters. You can give them the appearance of your choice, you can make them wear nothing, providing you have enough depravity points.

- It is now possible to live with Yuki in some interactions with her, and you can also start Dating her while sharing household chores.

- It is now possible to change the club's popularity points for useful things, as well as actions. This also includes earning credits.

- New h events have been added.

- The attributes now show the dynamic parameter of NPC perversity.

- Now you can skip the mini-game in the grocery store.

- We added 11 new costumes for randomized female NPCs, 5 types of underwear, 4 types of hairstyles, 2 types of Breasts, and more than a dozen colors of eyes and hair.

- One major event was added with a storyline NPC with branches by attributes.

- The interface for interaction with randomized NPS was revised. Now when you open the menu with biographies, everything is closed except the most necessary information.

- A new location was added - the women's locker room, where a couple of events take place

- The album was remade by a player under the nickname Rameron.
- The behavior of NPCs in locations was changed. Now they are much more often in them than they are in the house.
- More than 60 biographies were added. All of them have a total of 12K words and 50 of them are completely unique. Each biography is assigned to the NPC when generated at the beginning of the game with conditions by gender, club, and character traits.
- The location of the relationship points with the NPC has also changed. Now it is located in a separate tab, where you can find full information about the character, starting from the club and ending with its attributes.
- The interface of the main menu has been changed to a more practical and convenient one. Now it has become much larger and it has a "blind zone", which makes it much easier for Android users to use the scrollbar.
- Added 5 new sorting methods that affect the location of NPCs in the list: by name, by clubs, and, in fact, by relationships.
- Made the animation for the tabs.
- A new favorite tab has appeared. You can add the NPCs and locations you need there. Fixed a lot of bugs and flaws.
- Japanese dictionaries have been updated. More than 180 names and 80 surnames were added to them.
- 15 additional biographies for NPCs were added for patreon subscribers.
- Added a new type of leveling for the eloquence attribute. Now it can be pumped, learning details from the life of any NPC.
- Added 9 new character traits.
- Added store promotions that affect the price of certain products.
- The training system has been expanded. Now the training is much more consistent and understandable. Finally, we have made a FAQ in the Discord for beginners.
- Cooking was added and, accordingly, satiety, which depends on the amount of energy given out for sleep.
- An alarm clock was added, and the dream system was redesigned: the more you sleep, the more energy you get for sleeping
- The main interface was modified.
- Completely reworked the statistics menu has been removed from the computer. Now it is in the icons on your phone.
- A new location was added - the library, and with it the recipe book.
- The settings, saves, and downloads menu has been completely redesigned. The save and download menu now contains full information about the game session: energy, satiety, money, name, and the exact time.
- The grocery store was completely redesigned. Now each product in it has its own category, as well as a limited number in the store. Also, NPCs now purchase products together with you, and products are updated every week.
- There were added 11 dishes available for cooking, as well as half a dozen ordinary semi-finished products that can be eaten.
- "Cooking skill" was added. Its increase allows you to save products with a certain percentage each time a dish is prepared.
- Auto-feeding capability has been added.
- Added the ability to wait for the start of a new lesson in the classroom.
- A refrigerator has been added, which stores all the dishes you have prepared and purchased.
- Translation has been improved in some places.
- Numerous technical issues have been fixed
- Added a new character- Meiko Tsucasa, who has a lot of events there are about 11,000 words, and also has a new system of compulsion, with which you can force her to do what you want. It is also possible to invite her to the occult club, using her for your own purposes.

- Changed the interface in the store. now it has several categories: products and equipment, now there is a video camera necessary for events with Meiko.

- Two types of sorting have been added to the club management menu for more convenient management.

- Added the ability to pump eloquence, and now notifications pop up when you pump attributes.

- The game has been completely translated into English, starting with the interface and ending with the dialogues.

- Censorship was removed from all CGS(thanks to the person under the nickname Sad Man for this)

- Many bugs were fixed. Including big ones.


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android arm64 - MEGA
Android arm - MEGA
Android v7 - MEGA

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