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[Unity] Price for Freedom: Avarice [Patreon Build 13.2] [Team Dead Deer]


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Developer: Team Dead Deer - Patreon - PriceForFreedom.net
Version: Patreon Build 13.2
Release Date: 2020-04-02
Last Updated: 2020-04-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Price for Freedom: Avarice is based on the webcomic series, in the same setting and region. The game will tell the story of another cast of characters, in another town, and another time. The format will allow our team to drastically expand on world lore, side stories, and overall depth. It is a top down RPG, heavily inspired by old games such as Baldurs Gate. So expect decent amount of text, and people to talk to.

Build 13
- [Patreon] Osh'To companion quest.
- [Patreon] Osh'To scene.
- [Public] Katrina scene.
- New companion: Osh'To.
- A new species/enemies named Koyt.
- 2 new collectibles.
- 5 new locations.
- Rework the Gatehouse location.
- Rework the Trade District location.
- 1 new soundtracks.
- 1 codex entry.
- Pack Mule passive to increase the max carry weight.
Build 12
- [Patreon] Whole new quest adventure.
- [Patreon] Adventure scene.
- [Public] Terri scene.
- 14 new locations.
- Combat directly in travel mode.
- 6 new enemies with unique abilities.
- 7 new drawings to collect.
- 2 illustrated smut books to collect.
- 2 collectible books.
- 7 illustrated codex entries.
- Customize the main character appearance.
- ~20 new skill upgrades.
- New passives upgrades system.
- ~20 new items.
- Ability to consume food to recover health between fights.
- 2 new soundtracks.
- ~50 new sound effects.
- Revisited the items sold by the merchants.
- New environment lighting system.
- Combat matchmaker & Save editor (Alt + E).
Build 11
- [Patreon] Iski follow up encounter (rest at the inn).
- [Public] Katie scene.
- Portion of combat damages are carried until resting at an inn or a camp (new item).
- Speak to Nathan to rest at the Inn.
- Nathan's inn second floor location.
- Add 6 more combat skills to Samara.
- Add 7 more combat skills to Hiho.
- Samara sprite arm tattoo.
- Asynchronous combat animations: Removes most of the waiting in combat.
- Improved combat cards animations.
- Help overlay in combat to quickly show the shortcuts.
- Add a way to edit the combat settings directly.
- New quests walkthrough: Price for Freedom
Price for Freedom
Build 10
- Scylla scene.
- Follow up quest with Scylla.
- 3 new locations for the Scylla quest.
- New skills tree upgrades system.
- Main title soundtrack (from AoiichiNiiSan).
- Knight on pike location (in the old docks).
- Ambient music for the knight on pike (from Psychix).
- Hiho updated half body portrait.
- Samara updated half body portrait.
- Hiho and Samara skills icons.
- Ability to equip and unequip your weapon with R.
- Play the game soundtrack from the gallery.
- Edit the characters relationship from the cheats.
- The scenes unlocked are now saved into the save files in addition to globally.
- A few more collectible pinups.
Build 9
- Nailah smut scene.
- Katrina sprite / portrait.
- New companion Calypso with quest / sprite / portrait.
- New big village location (Toreign).
- 3 smaller interior locations in Toreign.
- Ability to skip the prologue in new game.
- Blood effects in combat.
- Merchants and trade system.
- Sell and Buy items UI.
- Goldra sprite / portrait.
- Alistra sprite / portrait.
- Chickens!
- New village soundtrack.
- Ambient track with three variants.
- And two other ambient tracks.
- Gallery portraits randomizer.
- Companions relationship system (currently doesn't affect gameplay but will have effect later on).
- Campfire location (day/night variants).
- 20 new animated foliages types.
- Ability for characters to sit.
- Corpse sprite Thugs and Bandits.
- Includes a save to access the new content directly (PatreonBuild9).
- Iski sprite / portrait.
- Thief guild location where you can find her after, location will later host a vendor as well.
- Hiho quest updated to work with the new location instead of placeholder dialogue.
- Misc bug\typo fixes.
- Fast game loading and reduced memory usage.
- New animated splash screen.
- Includes a save to access the new content directly (PatreonBuild9)

With this comes our first new town-hub outside of Kaldea. There is lots to do in fleshing the location out and exploration, so keep an eye out for changes in future updates. Here are a few of our big points I’d like to mention more in depth:

Gallery Code:
Build 11: what


Win - MEGA

323437_1lfs5a1.jpg 323438_smut2.png 323439_ng_profile.png 323440_hiho_dialogue.jpg 323441_skills.png 323453_combat.png 323458_3.jpeg 323461_Catacombs (1).jpg 323461_Catacombs.jpg 323478_iski-bum.png 323490_LoadingBackground.jpg 323496_hiho.png
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Hey, nice to see us getting out there and in new forums and such! If anyone has any questions about the game definitely ask away! I'll be poking around here from time to time.


We've just released build 17 for PFF!

  • [Patreon] Moira scene with 2 animated CG and 2 still shots.
  • [Patreon] Main quest part 2.
  • 3 pinups to find.
  • 1 new soundtrack.
  • 5 books collectibles.
  • 4 new animated sprites: Corpse trader, 3 captive girls.
  • Bandit Fort 6 locations.
  • Increase characters running speed.

This update brings in the alternative path for resolving the second Main Story Quest we've added in. This is the second part of the quest, which isn't quite done just yet. We've cut out a special boss fight which was planned for the end of the quest with a destructible environment, special abilities, and a whole bunch of little nifty things! But we are holding off to finalize this fight until our combat-rework patch and have added a placeholder boss fight.

This quest will also have a much more overt choice that won't just pay off in the future. The end rewards of this quest depend on whether you hand the fort over to Kaldea or Atlathka. Moira of Alenai. Hint hint ;). The Alenai scene has appropriately been moved to after the quest and as always we have provided a save named Build 17 which takes you to the content of this patch. Again... hint hint!

In the future

Our immediate plans are to expand Hiho's content and add her next companion quest... not only that but Moira will have revisit scenes! With all-new options and dialogue. I will try and do my best to add in more revisit scenes if time permits, I would eventually like to mirror Aurelia and the way every scene plays out shorter but differently when you revisit them. Try the game out if you haven't! We'd love to hear feedback.