Developer: Sunfall Patreon - TFGamesSite
Release Date: 2020-07-26
Last Updated: 2020-07-27
Censored: No
OS: Web browser
Language: English
Corruption, Drugs, Gay, Group sex, Male protagonist, Mind control, Real porn, Sissification, Text based, Transformation, Voyeurism
Bimbofication, Submission
You have heard from your friends father that he believes that your friend is on drugs.
He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!
Though the game has somewhat of a main story, it's really a more open game with several different stories that you can pursue. Currently there is a Male/Female relationship, as well as Male/Male (sissy) and Male/Female (Bimbofication) stories developing. You can also become a sissy yourself and later will be able to become a woman, however those stories aren't really developed much yet. I plan to continue developing this for quite some time, even adding in new cities to visit!

  1. Extract the game (the rar package)
  2. Extract the images (the zip package)
  3. Move the extracted folder images to sit next to the html file in the main folder
  4. Open the html file in your browser of choice

- Updated Felix's story with new content!
- Updated Chloe's story with new content!
- Added a car dealership in downtown Twonton with 4 available cars.
- Added 2 new hairstyles to the salon.
- Added scenes with Felix's panties and magazine at the university.
- Added buffs on the sidebar for having a new haircut, getting a manicure, and getting waxed.
- Adjusted some options with specific femininity requirements to show up greyed out when unavailable rather than being invisible.
- Reduced the energy cost from searching through Felix's room to 5 (from 10).
- Added the current car to the inventory on the Status page.
- Adjusted the inventory to have consumables like drugs near the top.
- Fixed the inventory to be less of a mess.
- Fixed a missionary job scene having the incorrect description.
- Fixed the images on the Status screen from squashing together.
- Fixed Mrs. Morin expecting Felix to be home after he's moved out.
- Fixed Felix magically appearing back at his parent's house to embarrass him with panties/magazine after he's moved out.
- Fixed a text error when searching through Felix's room.
- Fixed the duplicate Casual Guyish outfit in the wardrobe.
- Fixed a new save file not actually having the default outfit equipped.
- Fixed chatting with Liam missing the correct font color for his dialogue, as well as sometimes just being completely blank.
- Fixed almost all of Chloe's story options not having the story icon.
- Fixed some old text formatting issues in the objectives page.
- Fixed some incorrect location images.
- Fixed broken images in the Onegaron drug dealer story.
- Added a hairstyles option to the salon with 8 hair styles (Changing hairstyles also increases Attractiveness for 14 days).
- Added random events to Downtown Twonton, Thretik, and the mountain trail around Thretik.
- Reorganized options so that location interactions are at the top, moving locations in the area are all in the middle, then moving to a whole new area is at the bottom.
- Fixed the salon location image missing the stylist.
- Fixed a bug causing strange spacing in work scenes.
- Fixed text issues for options in work scenes.
- Fixed a bug preventing the player from returning to Zikala's hut.
- Fixed the Cobblestone Inn trying to trap the player forever.
- Fixed missing text effects in several of Winter's scenes.
- Fixed a bug where taking the trinket directly to Gabby when found could cause the storyline to loop endlessly.
- Fixed several issues at the hospital.
- Fixed images when getting the car in town.
- Fixed text errors in the salon.
- Fixed the objectives page using the wrong image for Zikala's story.
- Added the new town area Thretik! Can be visited once you've retrieved the car from the trinket storyline.
- Added a little closing bit for the Club story which leads into the next part in the new town area, Thretik!
- Added new interactions with the PC parents for having over 250 relationship with them.
- Added 2 extra books (just for lore) when searching through books at the library.
- Adjusted and balanced the femininity system to scale from -100 to 100 (instead of 0 to 100) with 0 being neutral, 100 being feminine, and -100 being masculine.
- Adjusted beginner position jobs, now requiring certain femininity or arousal to participate in some events.
- Adjusted the pay from all jobs to be slightly higher.
- Fixed the sex scene with Mr. Morin not properly counting as sex for stat purposes.
- Fixed the Lokai Bracelet affecting arousal instead of femininity in some cases.
- Fixed a pawn shop job scene checking max femininity incorrectly and allowing it to go over 100.
- Fixed Alicia not showing in the location image in her apartment.
- Fixed an issue in which you would sometimes with with Alex instead of Alicia in her apartment.
- Fixed a scene when getting punished by the PC father displaying the wrong clip.
- Added new interactions and story with Winter and increased max relation to 200.
- Added new interactions and story with both PC's parents, increasing both max relations to 300.
- Added random encounters with Felix in town and the city if you are far enough along with his storyline.
- Added an extra possible scene to Chloe's random town and city encounters.
- Finished the Winter date scenes that were still missing text.
- Adjusted the option to have Felix play with a dildo at his university dorm to just having him play with himself and added 2 more random scenes to it.
- Adjusted Chloe's random town interactions to start slightly later in her storyline.
- Fixed sexual activities with Felix in his dorm not properly affecting arousal.
- Fixed several location images using outdated setups.
- Added new scenes when talking with your mother! Build your relationship with her (up to 200) to get closer and learn more about her!
- Added the ability to peek on your mom in the shower on days that she's not in the kitchen or livingroom.
- Added several new scenes for finding Chloe in the shower.
- Added new clips to the shower scene for player characters with breasts.
- Added a new accessory to the Pawn Shop and Twonton Clothes Store.
- Added icons to the wardrobe and lockbox options to make them easier to differentiate at a glance.
- Updated instances of sleeping with other characters to properly update stats and variables as if you slept at home.
- Sleeping should now fix relation issues with Gabby, Winter, and the PC Mother.
- Adjusted older scenes with your mother (such as getting caught sneaking stuff from their room) to affect your relationship with her.
- Adjusted the start of the trinket story so that you can immediately take it to Gabby when you get it.
- Adjusted all the shops to take you back to the shop menu after buying something instead of kicking you out.
- Fixed the scene not probably randomizing when visiting Chloe's apartment.
- Fixed the actions for the Pawn Shop secretary job not affecting femininity.
- Fixed a lot of scenes not displaying how much they were affecting arousal.
- Fixed an issue where watching the tape with Felix might not display correctly.
- Fixed an issue with breast expansion not working on older saves.
- Fixed Alicia/Alex's apartment not being accessible when it should be.
- Fixed some of Gabby's actions checking for the wrong relation variable.
- Fixed grammar and typos in a lot of Gabby's scenes.
- Fixed the issue of starting with no clothes.
- Fixed some item descriptions.
- Fixed the mass of blank space on the page when sleeping.
- Fixed some text effect inconsistencies.
v0.8b Bugfix
- Backward/forward fixed
- The trip with Liam is now planned for Monday so that you can actually meet up with him.
- Fixed the new Gabby scenes checking energy incorrectly.
- Fixed the Fuck Gabby and Let Gabby Fuck You scenes not properly affecting your relation with her.
- Added more story with Liam!
- Added more scenes with Gabby and your relationship with her can now be extended to 200 max.
- Added some extra scenes with Liam when you are far enough in his story.
- Added a glow effect around outfits in the wardrobe that have additional effects when worn.
- Added some missing images from Liam's story.
- Adjusted the wardrobe menu to be more compact.
- Fixed some sex scenes in Liam's story at his home missing their clips.
- Fixed some clips at the Chapel job missing/not displaying.
- Fixed an issue with getting the next story part from the Club Drug Dealer.
- Fixed the outfits not showing up properly in the drug dealers' menus.
- Fixed a statement error when speaking with the park prostitute.
- Fixed some story options missing the proper icon.
- Fixed several images being called incorrectly and not showing.
- Added another continuation to the stories with the park and club drug dealers.
- Added 3 new outfits to the Pawn Shop and Clothing Store (6 total) which become available after finishing the new drug dealer stories.
- Added a new icon to represent options that start or progress storylines.
- Updated the Objectives page for the recent additions to Chloe's story.
- Fixed an issue in which Chloe's story may get stuck.
- Fixed the Search for Porn menu missing an image and text.
- Fixed the Help menu trying to trap you forever.
- Fixed a bunch of errors when searching through the books at the library.
- Fixed an issue where ordering alcohol could put your cash in the negative.
- Adjusted some options and text for consistency.
v0.8 Final
- Updated Chloe's story
- Added different masturbation scenes for players with breasts (2 different scenes for depending on size).
- Moondust now slightly increases energy and arousal.
- Optimized the code for alcohol/drug use (thanks to newport_georgeg for this).
- Fixed some of Felix's scenes not counting towards the sex/sexual activities count.
- Fixed the virginity loss not working in a lot of situations.
- Fixed an issue with energy when taking LSD in your bedroom.
- Fixed an error when speaking with Winter.
- Fixed an error when drinking a wine cooler at the bar in Onegaron.
- Updated Felix's story with more content!
- Added a Library to the University in Twonton.
- Added two skills to learn at the library (webcam hacking and photography) that will open new options at certain places and with certain characters.
- Added an option to use the new Webcam Hacking skill on your computer for random scenes.
- Added an option to use your Photography skill at the park for random scenes.
- Readjusted the variables for the Chloe and Felix stories to separate them and prevent issues.
- Added a temporary debug option to the computer in your bedroom to reset Felix/Chloe story progression.
- Fixed an option in the Felix story that could stop you from progressing.
- Updated the Club Six story with more content!
- Masturbating in your room now has different clips based on your femininity (0-24%, 25-49%, and 50%+)
- Updated the Objectives page with the Club Six story to make keeping track of it easier.
- Updated the Help page with information about the drunk, high, and femininity meters.
- Walking into your parents room you may occasionally see your dad's dick.
- Fixed a missing video clip from the altar boy job at the chapel.
- Fixed a bug causing a message to show saying that you made money and lost energy when you tried to work but were too tired.
- Fixed Old Gabby's image when you enter her house.
- Fixed the shady guy's image when you talk to him in the park.
- Fixed an issue with the salon showing that you got a manicure/waxed despite being too masculine or not having enough money.
- Fixed the missing image of Mr. Morin in their bedroom.
- Fixed some unclear wording on the Objectives page.
- Updated Liam's storyline! He'll show up back in town 2 days after the events at his family's house.
- Masturbating now reduces Arousal by 60 rather than straight to 0.
- Fixed a bug in the Club Six storyline when having to guess someone's name.
- Fixed error on the Objectives page.
- Fixed a bunch of broken If statements.
- You can now freely visit the salon on the Outskirts of town to get a manicure or waxing.
- You can now buy LSD and 'Moondust' from the Shady Dealer at Club Six. They can currently only be used in your bedroom or at Club Six.
- Added a new Clean buff from showering that will last for two days.
- Reorganized the way Attractiveness works; It now starts at 0 and is built up by your buffs such as being clean and well rested.
- The inventory on the status screen is now a scrollbox so that the length of the actual page will not increase no matter how many items you have.
- Added two new actions with Gabby after giving her the trinket, one for masculine and one for feminine characters.
- Added a clip for when Gabby previews the trinket for you.
- Fixed the Odd Tape not showing images when viewed by Felix.
- Fixed the spacing of some options at the Outskirts.
v0.6e Final
- Added new promotions to both lines of the Pawn Shop job.
- Added new promotions to both lines of the Chapel job.
- Added new promotions to both lines of the Club job.
- Fixed an issue with the Pawn job promotions not letting you work.
- Fixed missing informational text from some of the promotion work events.
- Fixed some work events that weren't properly affecting femininity.
v0.6e Prelim
- Fixed issues with the Chapel and Club Jobs.
- Added the first two promotions for the Chapel and Club jobs.
- Added the missing text to all of the new Pawn Shop interactable scenes.
- Added missing text to the Pawn Shop promotion scene.
- Fixed bug with number of Club Boy not increasing and unlocking the sex option.
- Fixed the promotion bug at the Pawn Shop preventing you from working after being promoted.
- Fixed errors at Club Six.

- Added two possible jobs to get at Club Six.
- Added a new promotion for both Pawn Shop job positions, each giving more money and presenting brand new scenes.
- Working will now give your work experience which is affected by your job performance (Attractiveness and status effects). Maxing out your job experience will open up the chance for promotion.
- Your job performance is now affected by Attractiveness, as well as certain status effects.
- Added a Job Experience bar to the status screen.
- When applying for the chapel job, you can now see which job is masculine or feminine.
- Fixed the Priest's image which was still using the old image format.
- Fixed some scenes with the Pawn Shop owner that still used the old image format.
- Added a random event to the Town in which you can run into a random man or woman and have sex with them. (Man sex scene is different based on whether you are feminine or not.)
- Created a visual system for the shop rather than just using text links.
- Added a Shemale porn option that you can search after buying the router.
- After having fun with the club boy 3 times, you will now be able to have sex with him.
- Interacting with the club boy is now restricted to once per day.
- Updated the Characterpedia a bit with a few more characters and updating some old information.
- You can no longer endlessly gain femininity by watching Sissy Encouragement porn; it now only affects your femininity once per day.
- Having fun with the club boy now properly affects arousal.
- Fixed errors when having fun with the club boy.
- Fixed a spacing issue on the Status page.
- Added a new sissy character that you can interact with at Club Six. You can unlock him by speaking to the bartender. He currently only has 2 random scenes.
- Added images to the Status screen to show your character's current body type based on femininity.
- Updated the story of your mom and dad with a few more scenes. If you've already done the previous parts, you should be able to Confront your Father.
- The city now has 2 simple random occurrences that may happen as you pass through it.
- Reduced the cost of the Club Six membership card from $1000 to $500.
- Some of the new scenes from 0.6 now correctly affect arousal.
- Fixed the location image not displaying correctly when talking to your dad.
- Fixed one of the new Player Date scenes showing the wrong clip.
- Fixed some typos and grammar in newer scenes.
- Continued things a bit from the scene with your mother giving you leggings. (Go to sleep after that scene, then go into town.)
- Continued the Club Six story a bit more.
- Added 2 small random events to the Outskirts area.
- Added missing images to leggings scenes with your mother.
- Fixed an error on the status screen.
- Fixed the Alex restaurant image not showing.
- Fixed an issue where you would getting stuck talking to your mom.
- Optimized code some repeated functions (like sleeping).
- Option to watch TV removed for the time being (Might come back in the future if I find a use for it).
- Added 2 extra events with Gabby after Previewing the Trinket at her house.
- Added a small story with your mother when at 25% or above femininity.
- Added an image for the Club Six bartender.
- Objectives page brought up to date for Chloe and Felix stories.
- Fixed the images of your mother when talking to her.
- Fixed the image of your mother not showing correctly when coming home with the car.
- Buying Beer and Margaritas in Club Six now works properly.
- Buying Marijuana in the park now works properly.
- New Graphics for the Status Screen have been added.
- New Graphics for the Objectives screen have been added.
- Updated the Player Sissification story!
- Updated Felix's story!
- Updated Chloe's story!
- Plenty of more gifs and images added.
- Fixed an image for one of Liam's scene.

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