1. P

    [Ren'Py] [VN] [UPDATE] The Joob-Joob v1.8 [public release]

    Developer: Pixieblink Website: Thread Updated: 2021-01-17 Release Date: 2021-03-12 Censored: Yes (some faces blurred) Version: 1.8 public release OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android Language: English Genre: Horror, Superpowers, Overview: Your father leaves you a photo studio...
  2. Saul

    [RPGM] [Completed] The Dark Lord Rises [v1.0.0] [Tjord]

    Developer: Tjord Blogspot Version: Modded: 0.3.5c; Original (Abanadoned): 1.0.0 Thread Updated: 2020-09-22 Release Date: Modded: 2018-01-19 ; Original (Abanadoned): 2020-06-15 Censored: No OS: Windows Language: English Genre: Overview: As a Renan, young boy with magical talent you'll...